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Build Your Own HV Capacitor

Suitable for Tesla coils and other HV projects. Contains valuable formulas and information.

GLC1 - Paper Plans ... $6.00
GLC1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

Whirling Spinner for Tesla Coils
Place this spinner on top of your tesla coil (works on core & coil, solid state, and vacuum tesla coils alike) and watch the sparks shoot out of the tips of the spinner as it begins to turn. Since the electrons are mutually repelled from each other, this forces them to travel down the arms and be emitted at the pointed ends, causing this well-balanced rotor to spin at increasing speeds, emanating sparks as it goes.
A fun accessory for your tesla coil!     spinner spinner spinner
BTC3040SPINNER - suited for BTC30 and BTC45 Tesla Coils ... $24.95

Specialized Capacitors for High Power Tesla Coils
These highly reliable capacitors are for museum displays, research, and professional applications where reliability is a premium. There are lower cost alternatives that use MMC and other options for this part, and these less costly choices are perfectly suitable for the hobbyist and experimenter. But when reliability matters, these are the capacitors to use.

These specialized capacitors are made for Tesla coil applications where high frequency and high current operation is required.

Capacitors are constructed with a polypropylene dielectric being specially wound to reduce corona and have a high voltage standoff capability. Capacitors are also designed to withstand the multiple discharges of a rotary gap system of up to 600 breaks per second with a suggested operating frequency of 30 kHz.

(Please note that the "10KV Max" printed on the shell refers to the shell strength: this is the maximum hit the shell can withstand if a high-voltage component were to discharge directly through the shell. But the label on the capacitor shows the maximum operating voltage that the capacitor will safely handle when it is properly connected & voltage discharges through the end terminals as intended.)

Capacitors are enclosed in a high impact PVC tubing and epoxy sealed with axially positioned terminals. Several values are available to match with transformer input. (For example, the .05u/20KVAC provides an excellent combination when used with the readily available 14.4 kvac pole transformer in the 7 to 10 kva range. One capacitor will utilize one half this kva range while two in parallel with utilize the full rating and produce in excess of 12 foot discharges.) We use these capacitors in our tesla coils, such as the .01u/10KVAC-S in our BTC30 tesla coil, and the .014u/20KVAC-S in our BTC40 tesla coil. Many other values are available; please contact us if you need a specific design for a custom coil or other application.

.01u/20KVAC - .01µfd at 20KVAC, 3-½" x 14" cylindrical ... $279.95
.014u/20KVAC-S - .014µfd at 20KVAC, 1.5" x 4.3" cylindrical (used in our BTC45) ... $69.95
.02u/10KVAC - .02µfd at 10KVAC, 2-3/8" x 7-½" cylindrical (used in our pre-2012 BTC40) ... $189.95
.05u/20KVAC - .05µfd at 20KVAC, 6-5/8" x 14-½" cylindrical (used in our BTC70) ... $699.95
.05u/20KVAC-SM - .05µfd at 20KVAC, 2.6" x 5.8" cylindrical (compact version) ... $129.95
.075u/25KVAC - .075µfd at 25KVAC, 5-1/2" x 12" cylindrical ... $659.95
.1u/20KVAC - .1µfd at 20KVAC, 6-5/8" x 22" cylindrical ... $739.95

Toroidal Terminals For HV Uses
Ready to use for Tesla coil and other high-voltage applications. If these will be used for high-voltage DC stacks or multipliers, they will need to be polished to a shiny mirror-like surface (you can do this yourself, or have it done for you).

Our laboratory has the tooling and now offers many sizes of toroidal terminals from 3" to 98". Have a look at our PDF sheet to see other available sizes from 3 to 98 inches!

These are spun aluminum of grade 1100-O (99% pure aluminum), with a welded seam on sizes above 12" that is smooth and cannot be seen. Aluminum wall thickness is approximately 1/16" (so the flat central area is about 1/8" thick, for example).

Excellent for Tesla coils requiring a capacitive terminal, and high voltage DC generators up to 1.5 million volts. (Note that high voltage DC generators require a highly-polished surface to prevent leakage losses, which is contrary to Tesla operation where you want air leakage to make the sparks. High voltage DC generators should also use seamless toroids as these are easier to finish to a smooth mirror-like surface.)

Toroidal terminals used for Tesla coils are for producing a capacitive load that lowers the impedance of the output, consequently giving a hotter and brighter spark. These pieces do not require smooth or shiny surface as do toroids used for high-voltage DC power supplies where smoothness is mandatory to prevent high-voltage Corona leakage.

Quantity discounts available. View free PDF sheet for other available sizes.

Free PDF sheet
available sizes up to 98"
TO8 - For coils up to 250kV, 8"x 2" with ¼" Center Hole (visible seam) ... $53.50
TO12 - For coils up to 500kV, 12" x 3" with ¼" Center Hole (visible seam) ... $89.50
TO18 - For coils up to 750kV, 18" x 4.5" with ¼" Center Hole (no seam) ... $312.50
    TO18N - The 18" toroid (with a visible seam) ... $169.95
    TO18P - The 18" toroid (no seam & highly polished, intended for Van de Graaff) ... $494.95
TO20 - For coils up to 850kV, 20" x 5" with ¼" Center Hole (no seam) ... $369.95
TO24 - For coils up to 1Mev, 24" x 6" Welded with ½" Center Hole (no seam) ... $469.95
TO30 - For coils over 1Mev, 30" x 7" Welded with ½" Center Hole (no seam) ... $645.95
TO36 - For coils up to 1.5Mev, 36" x 6" Welded with 1/2" Ctr Hole (no seam) ... call or email
TO40 - For coils up to 2Mev, 40" x 10" Welded with 1/2" Ctr Hole (no seam) ... call or email
TO68 - For coils up to 2Mev, 68" x 18" Welded with 1/2" Ctr Hole (no seam) ... call or email

Shipping: these are bulky items and shipping may exceed the website calculation for 20" and larger toroids. Please contact us, or we will let you know after your order has been placed if any additional shipping is required.

click to enlarge

Spherical Metallic Terminals
toroids, terminals We now can supply you with spherical metallic terminals for your projects. Not only do these pieces offer aethestic value they also provide an amount of capacitance for enhancing the output of Tesla coils and supply the surfaces necessary for reducing leakage in high voltage dc sources. All have 3/8" mounting holes (not threaded). View free PDF sheet for other available sizes up to 65 inches!
SPH4STEEL - 4" Steel Spheroid, Good Up To 140 kv ... $9.95
SPH2BRASS - 2" Brass Spheroid, Good Up To 70 kv ... $9.95

Aluminum Oblate Terminal
Oblate Terminal We now can offer the high voltage researcher a 14-inch terminal that supports up to 500,000 volts. The 14" diameter (9" across the oblate) has a 3-3/4" hole for mounting onto an insulated column and can be used for the collector terminal of a Van de Graaff generator.
Temporarily unavailable, our apologies for that.

Vacuum Tubes
vacuum tube

Brand new and unused power triode vacuum tubes for our VACTESLA10 vacuum tube tesla coil. (The 833C carbon vacuum tubes can withstand higher operating temperatures than the standard metal-based 833A vacuum tubes.)

This vacuum tube is used in our VACTESLA10 tesla coil, and it is listed here if a replacement is needed, or if you are making your own vacuum tube tesla coil. Dimensions are 8.75" height x 4.5" outer diameter.

Please note: these glass items are fragile and therefore cannot be refunded or returned -- all sales of this item are final. If there is damage upon receipt, you will need to file an insurance claim with the shipping company (approximately 1 in 100 orders are damaged from shipping). Please be aware of these limitations and requirements before ordering this item.
833A - Power Triode Vacuum Tube 833A ... $189.95
833C - Power Triode Vacuum Tube Carbon 833C ... $204.95

High Power IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) 1200A 1700V
Used but tested to full specs. Extras from a US NAVY contract that originally required 500 peices.
vacuum tube

High power 600A 1200V dual switch, or highest power 1200A 1700V dual switch.

Each of the FF600R12KE3 modules contains two 600 amp 1200 volt IGBTs intended for use in a half-bridge circuit (the FF1200R17KE3 has two 1200 amp 1700 volt IGBTs), or use two modules for a full bridge. These devices are full-spec tested units that normally cost well over $1500 each! ($2000 for the FF1200R17KE3) We have a limited amount obtained from an inventory buyout. They can be used for ultra-large TESLA coils, capacitor discharge pulsers, infrasonic ground shakers, segmented rail and coil guns, motor control, power control and many other high-powered applications.

FF1200R17KE3 - High Power IGBT 1200A 1700V ... Call for Pricing

FF600R12KE3 - High Power IGBT 600A 1200V ... Call for Pricing

Siemens IGBT 300A 1200V With diode.
Use 2 pieces in a half or 4 in a full bridge for a spectacular DRSST Solid State Tesla Coil
vacuum tube

Lower power Siemens 300A 1200V single switch. See our FF1200R17KE3 for a more powerful dual switch IGBT.

Free Spec Sheet for BSM200GA120DN12 (note that we sell the BSM300)

BSM300GA120DN12 - High Power IGBT 300A 1200V ... Call for Pricing

60A 600V Semiconductor FET.
Great for medium-power DRSST Solid State Tesla Coils
vacuum tube

60A 600V

Includes mounting hardware.

A good replacement for the discontinued Fairchild HGT1N40N60A4D semiconductor FET. We use 4 of these in our QUASAR60 solid state tesla coil.

IXGN60N60C2D1 - High Power IGBT 300A 1200V ... $32.95

Spark & Safety Gap Switches and Accessories

Fan Cooled Double Gap System
Spark Gap Switch Excellent for Tesla Coils up to 48" Discharges

Intended for Tesla coils up to 15Kv at 180ma. Available with 3/8" machined tool steel or pure tungsten electrodes. Functions at 60 to 100 breaks/second. There are 3 electrodes: the 1 center electrode is 2.5" length; the 2 side electrodes are each 2" length. 115 Vac is required for the high output fan. Ready to use with connection lugs. Size is 5 x 5 x 4". Our BTC40, 50, and 60 use this setup.

Use two in series for a four point gap for Tesla power up to 15kV at 400ma producing up to 15’ sparks. Our BTC70 uses this setup.

SPARK1 - With 2 x 3/8" Tungsten Electrodes ... $149.95
SPARK1TS - With 2 x 3/8" Tool Steel Electrodes ... $59.95

Convection Cooled Single Gap System
Spark Gap Switch Excellent for Tesla Coils up to 12"

Intended for Tesla coils up to 9kV at 60ma. Uses ¼" pure tungsten electrodes mounted on aluminum heat dissipating fins. Horizontal retaining screws provide easier access and adjustment of spark gap width. Base is polycarbonate with mounting holes. Includes connection lugs. Size is 5½" x 2 x 2". Used in our BTC30 giving 14” sparks.

SPARK05 - With ¼" x 1" Tungsten Electrodes ... $59.95

¼" x 1" Pure Tungsten Electrodes
Spark Gap Switch With connecting mounting blocks and terminations, or individual tungsten bars without terminal blocks. Precision machined and faced. Self cleaning and cool running, will not oxidize.
TUNG141EP - Electrode Pair with Terminal Blocks ... $39.95
TUNG141 - Single Electrode (1 rod, no terminal) ... $14.95

3/8" x 2" Pure Tungsten Electrodes
Spark Gap Switch With connecting mounting blocks and terminations, or individual tungsten bars without terminal blocks. Precision machined and faced. Self cleaning and cool running, will not oxidize.
TUNG38EP - Electrode Pair with Terminal Blocks ... $89.95
TUNG38 - Single Electrode (1 rod, no terminal) ... $39.95

3/8" Brass Ball with 6-32 Threads
Spark Gap Switch These solid brass balls are 3/8" in diameter with a 6-32 threaded hole. They can be used as safety gaps to protect expensive components in Tesla coils and other high-voltage devices. Brass is not the best electrode to repetitively discharge reasonably high energy, like that of a Tesla coil spark gap (for such applications we generally use pure tungsten rods), but for over voltage safety gaps and transients for protection circuits, brass works fine.
BALL38 - 3/8" Brass Ball with 6-32 Threads ... $4.95

7/8" Brass Ball with 6-32 Threads
Spark Gap Switch These solid brass balls are 7/8" in diameter with a 1/4-20 threaded hole. They can be used as safety gaps to protect expensive components in Tesla coils and other high-voltage devices. Brass is not the best electrode to repetitively discharge reasonably high energy, like that of a Tesla coil spark gap (for such applications we generally use pure tungsten rods), but for over voltage safety gaps and transients for protection circuits, brass works fine.
BALL78 - 7/8" Brass Ball with 1/4-20 Threads ... $9.95

Faraday Cage
Faraday Cage This is a must for operating your medium to large Tesla Coils near sensitive equipment.
FAR1 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
FAR1-D - By Download ... $3.00

Tesla Coil Tuner

Determine frequency and capacity of your coil without any physical contact!         Click for Free Instructions

TCT30 - Ready to Use ... $79.50

Fully Prepared Secondary Coils

Wound, Coated, and Ready to Use

All coil forms used are thin wall TYPE1 PVC and before winding are cleaned inside and out with a suitable solvent. They are then placed in a special vacuum chamber that will accommodate up to 10 coils (depending on size of course). This chamber is fitted with 10 microwave magnetron's properly spaced to provide homogenous heating to the PVC driving out the moisture with the vacuum system pumping it out. We find this method appears to enhance performance but we have no real documentation to make comparisons with. We feel it's a good start.

The form is then given a coat of polyurethane and wound on our programmable auto feed. Wire used in a heavy thermalize (optional colors of gold, red, green, and blue are available) Several coats of polyurethane each coat allowing to fully dry before the application of the next coat is applied.

BTC30 Secondary Coil

BTC3COIL: 13" high, 3.5" diameter, 1/8 thick low-loss treated PVC. Wound with #24 heavy magnet wire with 443 turns. Inherent resonant frequency is ~500kHz freestanding without terminal.

BTC3COIL-12 - 12" Wound Secondary Coil ... $129.50

BTC40 Secondary Coil

BTC4COIL: 20.5" high, 4-5/8" diameter, 1/8 thick low-loss treated PVC. Wound with #24 heavy magnet wire with 780 turns. Inherent resonant frequency is ~200kHz freestanding without terminal.

BTC4COIL-20 - 20" Wound Secondary Coil ... $179.50

BTC50 Secondary Coil

BTC5COIL: 21.5" high, 4-1/4" diameter, 1/8 thick low-loss treated PVC. Wound with #22 heavy magnet wire with 650 turns. Inherent resonant frequency is ~150kHz freestanding without terminal.

BTC5COIL-21 - 21" Wound Secondary Coil ... $179.95

BTC60 Secondary Coil

BTC6COIL: 33" high, 6" diameter, 1/8 thick low-loss treated PVC.

BTC6COIL-33 - 33" Wound Secondary Coil ... $449.50

BTC70 Secondary Coil

BTC7COIL: 48" high, 8-5/8" diameter, 1/8 thick low-loss treated PVC. Wound with #18 heavy magnet wire with 1020 turns.

BTC7COIL-48 - 48" Wound Secondary Coil ... $999.50

TCC7 Tesla Coil Collection

Several proven and tested designs ranging in size to several million volts. Data is intended for the experienced builder.

TCC7 - Plans ... $10.00
TCC7-D - By Download ... $5.00

Pole Transformer
14.4KV Pole Transformer

Heavy duty 14.4kV (very conservatively rated), 1- or 2-bushing oil filled unit, running on 120/240VAC input. Good for Tesla Coils, up to 20 ft. discharges! Great for many other scientific experiments and industrial applications. Sold only to qualified researchers and labs.


A Hazardous Equipment Affidavit must be signed before these items can be released (see link below).

3KVA14.4KV - 3 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 1 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~250lbs, 42"H x 14.5"D (21" w/attachments)
5KVA14.4KV - 5 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~250lbs, 42"H x 14.5"D (21" w/attachments)
7.5KVA14.4KV - 7.5 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~250lbs, 42"H x 14.5"D (21" w/attachments)
10KVA14.4KV - 10 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~330lbs, 42"H x 14.5"D (21" w/attachments)
15KVA14.4KV - 15 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~460lbs, 34.5"H x 18.5"D (24" w/attachments)
25KVA14.4KV - 25 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~570lbs, 37.5"H x 16.5"D (23" w/attachments)
50KVA14.4KV - 50 KVA 14.4 KV Pole Mount 120/240 1PH 2 Bush AL Wire ... call for pricing
            ~870lbs, 48"H x 25"D (31" w/attachments)
Please contact us for current pricing and availability, or for any other questions on these items.

High Voltage 60Hz Transformers
for Tesla Coils, Capacitor Chargers, etc.
Current limited transformers are excellent for small Tesla coils up to 1 KW using stationary spark gaps. 115 vac 50/60 hz input units can be series or parallel connected for 220 volt operation and a large combination of output voltages and currents.

Current-Limited HV Transformer at 30ma and 6KV
6kv 30ma transformer

6kv 30ma transformer

Centerpoint grounded secondary, current limited, encased unit with screw terminals. All connections are internal: remove cover to access, then push out a metal chad according to your location preference for running the input and output wires. This transformer is excellent for small table top Tesla coils. Dimensions: 10.75" (12.5" at feet) x 4" x 6.5” with a weight of 17lbs.

Please note: this transformer has the 6KV 30mA output required by our BTC30 tesla coil, but it is physically too tall to fit into the base area. The height of the BTC30 base area could be increased, however that is a modification you would need to undertake.

Shipping weight may exceed the website estimate -- we will contact you if any additional amount is required.
6KV/30LEC - 6kV 30mA non-GFI Transformer with Switch only ... $69.95
6KV/30LEC-RB - 6kV 30mA non-GFI Transformer with Switch and Reset Button... $69.95

Current-Limited HV Transformers at 60ma and 15KV
15kv 60ma transformer

15kv 60ma transformer 15kv 60ma transformer 9kv 60ma transformer

We have purchased tooling for and now have our own 15000 volt 60 ma current-limited transformers. These are brand new, factory-fresh transformers specially made for Tesla coils (and also work with many other high-voltage applications), and are only available through us. Center-point grounded, they DO NOT contain the bothersome ground fault interrupter (GFI) that makes other transformers difficult to use for Tesla coils and other scientific applications. However, this means they do not comply with the UL 2161 ground fault interrupt necessary for neon sign installations, and it is dangerous and illegal to use these transformers for luminous tubes such as neon lighting. (See our conventional neon transformers for this application.)

These transformers also include a built-in radio frequency filter on each output for use in Tesla Coils and other similar circuitry, and only require a 300-1000 ohm 25 watt resistor, included with purchase, in series with the outputs (initially these resistors were placed in the potting with the RF filter, but we found that they operated a little too warm for our liking, so they are run externally for better heat management). Two of these transformers can be connected in parallel, and if more than 2 are run in parallel for larger coils an external suppression circuit (such as our SUP10) is advised.

These Transformers are excellent for other high-voltage functions as well.

Operates from 115 vac, and up to 6 are easily parallel connected for higher power operation. Six units connected in this way can produce 15000 vac rms at 360 ma. This is enough power to make a large Tesla coil easily producing 10+ foot arcs (such as our BTC70). May also be connected for 7500 volts at 720 ma.

All units are open circuit tested at 1.2 x 120 vac for six hours before shipping. The 15KV/60MA units are 10.75x6.4x5.25" at 42 lbs. (Note that shipping weight is approximately 52 pounds and may exceed our website's estimation -- our shipping department will let you know if it is more, or please contact us by phone or email if you would like to know in advance.)

A secondary protection circuit schematic designed by the late DC Cox of Resonance Research is included and must be used for larger Tesla coil applications of more than 2 transformers, to protect the high voltage secondary from high frequencies, current, and voltage transients. (See the PDF schematic here.)

This protection circuit is also available as a kit, or fully assembled (SUP10).
suppression circuit

Contact us for volume purchasing.

Note: these non-GFI transformers are NOT to be used with luminous tubes such as neon lighting. It is dangerous and illegal to do so.

15KV/60MA-TC - Transformer (includes BTC5 plans) ... $349.95
SUP1K - optional HV Suppression Circuit, Kit and Plans ... $120.00
SUP10 - optionalHV Suppression Circuit, Assembled ... $199.50

Energy Probe

Radiant Energy Probe and E-Field Detector

Probe detects E fields produced by electrical activity and other unknown anomalies. Unit uses no batteries or other sources of power. Unit can also provide a three from TESLA coils and similar devices. This probe is used by paranormal researchers as seen on some TV shows.

This device is for detecting strong E fields, like those from plasma globes, tesla coils, ion generators, etc. It is not intended for weak E fields, like those generated by many household items. If you need something to detect household or weaker energy fields, we suggest our IOD40.

The apparatus is electrically balanced and designed in the shape of a wand with a 2 inch brass sphere at its detecting end. The handle is 1” OD x 9” of treated polycarbonate with plated metallic tape wrapped around the ends. A red neon indicator lamp (a standard bulb that should last for years, but can easily be replaced if needed) flashes upon detection and increases as you get closer to the source, or if the source gets stronger.

Probe detects:
  • Potential free energy field locations
  • Electric fields produced by ions sources
  • Dangerous static charges
  • Paranormal and UFO energy fields
  • High frequency radiation
  • Weather phenomena lightning
  • High voltage leakage points
  • Plotting a three dimensional footprint of E-fields of HV sources
  • Detects strange and otherwise unidentifiable sources

This handy unit is easy to use and can check the validity of output energy of various healing machines and other radiating products. It is a must-have product for those working in these energy fields.

ENPROBE10 - Assembled ... $39.95

Tesla Books
Free Choice of any Plan with purchase of book where mentioned -- either type in your plans at the "special instructions" in step 4 of checkout, or contact us after you place your order and we will email your plans to you.


tesla coils plans parts kits Tesla Coil
Invented by Nikola Tesla back in 1891, the Testa coil can boost power from a wall socket or battery to millions of high-frequency volts. In this booklet, the only systematic treatment of the Tesla coil for the electrical nonexpert, you’ll find a wealth of information on one of the best-kept secrets of electric technology, plus all the facts you need to build a Tesla coil on any scale. How Tesla built it. How you can from off-the-shelf parts. What is a beer-bottle capacitor? A well tuned coil is harmless but can perform amazing tasks. A look at low-draw high-frequency lighting, ozone generation, electrotherapy, electrochemistry, radio transmitting. Also includes an introduction to the megapower Tesla coil called the magnifying transmitter. 26 illustrations.
PLTESC1 - Tesla Coil, With Free Plan Choice ... $15.50
tesla coils plans parts kits Tesla: The Lost Inventions
Our other classic. Many thousands sold. Here are the suppressed inventions of Nikola Tesla all in one place in clear English and in 42 illustrations. Tesla was famous at the turn of the century for inventing the alternating current system still in use today. But his later inventions, documented in some 30 U.S. patents between 1890 and 1921, have never been utilized as Tesla intended despite their obvious potential for advancing in fundamental ways the technology of modern civilization. Disk-turbine rotary engine, spark-gap oscillator, high-frequency electric transportation, the Tesla coil energy magnifier, high-frequency lighting, the magnifying transmitter, a radical high-power radio, wireless electric power, and the free- energy receiver. 42 illustrations.
PLLOSINV1 - Tesla: The Lost Inventions ... $7.75
tesla coils plans parts kits Radio Tesla
In clear English, and a minimum of math, this booklet details Tesla’s radical radio technology. Early elemental radio devices, like Tesla’s and others shown here are fascinating because they remind us how powerful radio technologies can be so simple and accessible. Modern radio took a lot from Testa, but what did it ignore? Tesla’s high-voltage, sudden-pulse disturbances of low frequency conduct over distance as effectively as through copper wire. His wireless power works on the very same principles. Also, spark reconsidered, grounding rediscovered, low frequency revived, lament on solid stale, underground radio, license-free radio, the suppression of amateur radio, carrier current radio, radio-free energy. Who owns the ether? 66 illustrations.
PLRADIO1 - Radio Tesla ... $7.75
tesla coils plans parts kits Tesla: The True Wireless
By Nikola Tesla (1919), edited by Trinkaus. In Tesla's own words and in 20 illustrations, this is the inventor's final published statement on how radio, at the radical, really works. What is the true wireless? Tesla says the orthodox Hertzian radio we've been taught is a "fiction." He insists that the amount of energy that can be transmitted is "billions of times greater" than conventional radio would allow. Can we transmit electric power to our homes and workplaces without wires? Can the unsightly and fragile grid come down? Tesla says Yes. This article of 1919 has been completely reset and redesigned for clarity. Includes an introduction by Trinkaus, explanatory notes, and information sources. 21 illustrations.
PLTESWIRE - Tesla: The True Wireless, With Free Plan Choice ... $13.65
tesla coils plans parts kits Magnetic Amplifiers
By the U.S. Navy (1951), edited by Trinkaus. First came the vacuum tube, then the transistor, right? Not really. In between there is another lost entity. Electronics engineers of the 1950's believed the rugged little magnetic amplifier was going to replace the fragile vacuum tube in all its functions under abasic mag amp megacycle. Originating in the USA but adopted and developed by the Nazis for the V2 missile, the mag amp after WWII found a clique of boosters among US electronics engineers. This document, unusually passionate and well written for a military tech manual, is their promotional brochure. Evident today only in some motor-control and power-supply regulator applications, the mag amp not only can regulate but can magnify, modulate, switch, pulse-generate, invert, convert, multivibrate, phase shift, and multiply. Mag amps require zero maintenance, can be made indestructible and EMP-proof, and can handle up to 200,000 amperes. Modulate your Tesla coil with a mag amp. This booklet has been completely reset and redesigned for economy and readability. Also see: Magnetic Amplifiers Bibliography. 43 illustrations.
PLTESMAG - Magnetic Amplifiers ... $7.75
tesla coils plans parts kits Magnetic Amplifiers Bibliography
By the U.S. Navy (1951). A supplement to Magnetic Amplifiers. The zealous authors of Magnetic Amplifiers appended this exhaustive 500-entry compendium, which lends itself to separate publication. Most of the citations are of patents you can still easily access. There are also citations of scientific and engineering journal articles, of military documents, and of procedings of the Institutes of Electrical, Electronics and Radio Engineers. Entries range all the way from the year 624 BC to 1951. A must for further research into the lost technology of the magnetic amplifier. Or you can just enjoy perusing these citations for a glimpse into a world of electronics now forgotten.
PLTESMAGB - Magnetic Amplifiers Bibliography, With Free Plan Choice ... $12.75
tesla coils plans parts kits Proceedings of the First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference and Exposition
Conference papers by speakers on Tesla’s inventionns and history, including Dr. James Corum “Tesla’s Development of RF Power”, Dr. Meyl “Tesla’s Scalar Longitudinal Waves” and Dr. Valone’s “Electrotherapy with Tesla coil design.” Power Point slides of Dr. Paul Werbos, Dr. Mark Neveu, Jeff Behary, Dr. Rauscher. 200 Pages.
PL121 - Proceedings of the First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference and Exposition, With Free Plan Choice ... $37.95
tesla coils plans parts kits Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Energy System Report
The details of earth ionosphere transmission of electrical power with papers by Dr. James Crum, Andre Waser, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Robert Bass, Melvin Steinberg and Xu-Yu Wang. Become an expert on longitudinal waves with the best scientific information available today on this practical energy discovery. 60 Pages.
PL827 - Nikola Tesla's Wireless Energy System Report, With Free Plan Choice ... $22.95
tesla coils plans parts kits Harnessing the Wheelworks of Nature: Tesla’s Science of Energy
A complilation of essays, papers and technical briefings on the emerging Tesla Technology and Zero Point Energy engineering that will soon change the entire way we live. Physicist and author Dr. Valone compiles this highly illustrated, fascinating and technical volume on the coming world of super-science envisioned by Tesla over 100 years ago! Thomas Valone has a Ph.D. in physics and is a well-known speaker on new energy, Nikola Tesla, anti-gravity and free energy. He is the director of The Integrity Research Institute in Washington D.C. and is the author of several other books including Electrogravitic Systems and The Homopolar Handbook. 340 Pages.
PL117 - Harnessing the Wheelworks of Nature, With Free Plan Choice ... $24.95
tesla coils plans parts kits HAARP
The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the U.S. Government. Jerry Smith gives us the history of the HAARP project and explains how it can be used as an awesome weapon of destruction. Smith exposes a covert military project and the web of conspiracies behind it. HAARP has many possible scientific and military applications, from raising a planetary defense shield to peering deep into the earth. Smith leads the reader down a trail of solid evidence into ever deeper and scarier conspiracy theories in an attempt to discover the whos and whys behind HAARP, and discloses a possible plan to rule the world. At best, HAARP is science out-of-control; at worst, HAARP could be the most dangerous device ever created, a futuristic technology that is everything from super-beam weapon to world-wide mind control device. The Star Wars future is now! Topics include Over-the-Horizon Radar and HAARP, Mind Control, ELF and HAARP, The Telsa Connection, The Russian Woodpecker, GWEN & HAARP, Earth Penetrating Tomography, Weather Modification, Secret Science of the Conspiracy, more. Includes the complete 1987 Bernard Eastlund patent for his pulsed super-weapon that he claims was stolen by the HAARP Project.
PLHARP1 - HAARP Project, With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
tesla coils plans parts kits The Occult and Ether Physics
Pentagon Aliens author Lyne says that there is a Secret Physics with a different set of rules hidden away from us earlier in this century by a powerful elite who fear that technology based on it will strip away their power and wealth. Chapters on: The Occult Ether Theory and Electro-propulsion; Wireless Transmission of Energy; Teslas Teleforce Discoveries; J.J. Thomsons Electromagnetic Momentum; Ether and Ponderable Matter; Rotatory Motion and the Screw Effect; Teslas Dynamic Theory of Gravity; Teslas Secrecy; The Atomic Hydrogen Furnace; more. 106 pages in a 7 x 10 paperback.
PLOCCULT1 - The Occult and Ether Physics, With Free Plan Choice ... $15.95
tesla coils plans parts kits Earth Rising the Revolution
Begichs latest book-an expose on technological advances which may reshape the destiny of mankind in the next millennium! The book contains extensive documentation from government, academic and major media reports. Chapters include: Where it all Began; The Mind Has No Firewall; Star Trek & Star Wars; What Ever Happened to Star Wars?; Liquid Mirrors; Wireless Energy; SuperDARN; Power for the Lasers; High-Power Microwave; Blinding Lasers; Electromagnetic Pulse Guns; The Big Test Pool-The U.S. Military; The EMF Effect; Human Photons; Bio-Terrorists; The Future of War; Black Budgets; RF Weapons; Acoustic Weapons; Holography; Weapons of the Mind; Eyes in the Sky; Roving Wiretaps; Weather War; New Weapons of Mass Destruction; more. 296 pages in a 6 x 9 paper back.
PLEARTH1 - Earth Rising the Revolution, With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
tesla coils plans parts kits Angels Do Not Play This HAARP
According to the authors, the U.S. government has a new ground-based "Star Wars" weapon which is being tested in the remote bush country of Alaska. This new system, based on Nikola Teslaís designs, can disrupt human mental processes, jam all global communications systems, change weather patterns over large areas, cause environmental damage and more. The military calls this atmosphere zapper HAARP for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which targets the electrojet-a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky and down into the polar icecap. The device will be used to X-ray the earth, talk to submarines, more. 233 pages in a 6 x 9 paperback.
PLANGELS - Angels Do Not Play This HAARP, With Free Plan Choice ... $24.95
tesla coils plans parts kits Earth Rising 2
A jam-packed treatise on technological advances which may reshape the destiny of mankind in the new millennium! The book contains extensive documentation from government, academic and major media reports. Chapters include: Begich/Boggs Disappearance and the FBI;, HAARP Update and Missile Defense; Chinaís Electromagnetic Weapons Developments; Cell Phone Radiation; Electromagnetic Non-lethal Weapons; Surveillance Technologies and Privacy; Sonar, Dolphins and Whales: Hammering the seas; more. Sequel to Earth Rising. 296 pages in a paper back.
PLEARTH2 - Earth Rising 2, With Free Plan Choice ... $24.95
Free Energy And Propulsion Video
Physicist Tom Valone presents a slide show lecture on these concepts at a 1995 convention. 70 min. VHS tape.
VIDFREE - Free Energy And Propulsion Video, With Free Plan Choice ... $29.95