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Telephone Recorders and Transmitters


The Pretender
Excellent way to gracefully get out of those long winded calls from friends or persistent solicitation callers.
Your Escape Clause for Unwanted Phone Calls Need a reason to hang up the phone? The Pretender is your way out of difficult situations. The unit offers four different sounds to get you off the hook fast. When a collection agency calls, a baby cries out in the background. If a stranger is on the other end, make a dog bark or the doorbell ring so it does not seem like you are home alone. When you are too busy to talk press a button for a call waiting sound. These effects can be used individually, or in any combination, to make sure that you are not kept on the phone. In addition to these sounds, the Pretender is equipped with six different settings to distort your voice, helping to make it unrecognizable. The Pretender -- it's real.
  • 4 Different Sound Effects
  • 6 Voice Masking Options
  • Handset Amplifier
  • Battery Powered
  • Works With Single Or Multi-line Phones
  • Direct Telephone Handset Connection
  • Connection: (2) RJ-22 Handset
  • Battery: 3 AA Cells
  • Power: DC 6V
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.
  • Dimensions: 5-1/4" x 3" x 3/4"
PRETEND10 - The Pretender ... $49.95

Multi-Use Telephone Surveillance and Security Device
Otherwise known as the infinity transmitter. Due to its powerful illegal covert uses this item cannot be purchased assembled. It is an advanced project for the serious enthusiast or hobbyist.

The Most Powerful Telephone Surveillance and
Security Product Available for Home or Office

Infinity+ Transmitter
Turn Your Telephone Into An Ultra-Powerful Surveillance and Listening Device! Monitors ongoing events picked up by a sensitive microphone stragetically positioned on the premises.

Telephone Line Grabber
Call your premises and listen to ongoing telephone calls. Also allows you to interrupt for emergencies, etc.

Converts Long Distance Calls to Local ones
Call from anywhere and access on-premise phones to make local calls (does not cheat the phone co.).

Control any Electrical Home Functions*
Such as heating, sprinklers, alarms, lighting -- even have coffee ready.

Room Monitor / Line Grabber / Controller


This unit is excellent for avoiding home break-ins, monitoring the use of drugs or other dangerous activities, listening to on-premise sound and voices, emergency contact to those on existing phone calls, and controlling* up to 16 electrical devices such as lights, TV, alarms, coffee pots, heating, etc. All of this from any phone in the world!

Simple to use: just call your home or office and push a secret tone on your telephone keypad to access.

Shown built on a 4" x 4" printed circuit board that is easily housed and placed in a secure location on the premises.

All parts except pc board and microprocessor (sold separately, below) are available through electronic supply houses.

*Requires optional controller and modules.

Built In Beeping Alert For Telephone Use (May Be Required By Law In Your State, Or May Be Disabled If Legal)

The Ultimate in Home/Office Security & Safety!

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TELCON4 - Paper Plans ... $20.00
TELCON4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $10.00

Telephone Amplifier
Allows you to hear what is being said in the background of the premise being called and other covert applications using the phone.Can be re-purposed for many interesting uses.

This mini and compact Telephone Amplifier significantly increases the volume of any telephone handset or even cellular phone. Ideal for phone conversions in noisy locations and for people with hearing trouble.  Uses 1 "AAA" Battery. Small size (2 X 2.25 X 1.25). Allows overhearing othet background sounds in adjacent area to the person you called.

TELEPAL - Ready To Use ... $7.95

1mi Telephone "DROP IN" Transmitter Project
Clever little circuit leaches power from the telephone line when phone is used and transmit both sides of the phone conversation wirelessly up to 1 mile

Easily connect to telephone line or fits into telephone hand sets (older types). Transmits both sides of conversation to a nearby FM broadcast radio.

  • Tuneable From 80 to 130 MHZ
  • Never Needs Batteries
  • Series Connected
  • Small Size 1"x 1"
Note: see our Beeper Alert System for information on the use of this device.
DROPINK - Kit/Plans ... $29.95
DROPIN - Paper Plans ... $7.00
DROPIN-D - Paper Plans ... $2.00

3mi Telephone Transmitter Project
Connects anywhere on the target phone. Easily connected across the lines. These devices are virtually undetectable and were very hot items some time ago.

Deluxe Version
Automatically transmits both sides of a telephone conversation to a nearby FM radio with crystal clear clarity! Only transmits when phone is being used.

  • Parallel Connected - Does Not Require Disconnection of Phone
  • Battery Operated 6 to 18 Volts
  • Does Not Effect Telephone Performance
  • Works On All Extension Lines
  • Small Size 0.5" x 1.5"

Note: see our Beeper Alert System for information on the use of this device.

VWPM7K - Kit/Plans ... $39.95
VWPM7 - Paper Plans ... $7.00
VWPM7-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

Listen In Phone Attachment Project

Simple electronic circuit lets you pick up any extension phone without the users hearing a click. Great for checking on unauthorized phone use.


Note: see our Beeper Alert System for information on the use of this device.

TP4K - Kit/Plans ... $14.95
TP4 - Paper Plans ... $5.00
TP4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

Phone Activated Relay
Very simple circuit controls a relay that can directly switch a 115 vac appliance as well as lower voltage items such as alarms etc. This was a hot item some time ago

Useful circuit activates when telephone is used allowing control of other devices. Many uses from turning "on" or "off" lights, alarms, sprinklers, radios, recorders, video and voice transmitters etc..

TEL3 - Paper Plans ... $5.00

Beeper Alert System
Usually required in most instances where telephone listening devices are used for legal reasons. Also can be a great prank preying on one’s paranoia.

Multifunctional electronic device hooks to any telephone and produces a beeping sound audible to both parties. Great gimmick for informing unwanted callers or girlfriends that your phone is tapped for some nefarious reason. Use to fake out your buddies that the law is "on to the caper" you all pulled last night!

Also note that telephone monitoring devices without all parties knowledge may require this BEEPING ALERTER. This board level device requires 9 to 12VDC and is connected to phone system via a splitter jack. Circuit allows adjustment of "beep tone" duration and repetition rate. It automatically produces alerting "beeps" when phone is used.


BEEP10 - Ready To Use - Board Level ... $29.95
BEEP1K - Paper Plans ... $19.95
BEEP1 - Downloadable Plans ... $6.00
BEEP1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00