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Spy Kits

The following section features our spying and covert products.

Shown are six electronic bugging kits that are offered with instructions on how to build these effective covert miniature spying transmitters for voice and telephones. Unfortunately products of this nature are not legal when used to listen without one party being aware. So if you are going under cover check all applicable state and federal surveillance laws to ensure compliance. The amateur builder will find these kits easy to assemble and very rewarding for the performance obtained.

Included in this section are plans kits and modules on how to make a laser window bounce listening system that is more of an advanced product but very rewarding.

Also available is a video camera disguised as a working wristwatch with built in color camera with audio and recorder, a real truly powerful covert device.

COMBOX - Spy Kits of 6 Wireless Transmitter Projects
Super value includes all the parts for six kits as shown below. These learning kits require assembly and soldering. Excellent for schools. When Properly assembled kits are fully functional

Super Value Sale! CAUTION: Check all applicable state and federal surveillance laws to ensure compliance

6 Wireless Transmitter Projects

(THESE ARE KITS - Assembly and Soldering Required)

Wireless Transmitter
  • Super Sensitive, Ultra Clear, 1 Mile+ Voice Transmitter
  • 1 Mile+ Telephone Transmitter
  • Telephone "Drop In" Transmitter, Line Powered - No Batteries
  •  Tracking/Homing Beacon "BEEPING" Transmitter
  • Transmitter Rebroadcasts Video Or Audio Outputs
All 6 above kits are bulk packed with all parts plus FREE Info Data Pack on "Helpful Hints" using wireless devices.Transmitters use tuneable FM band (UHF for Video) and are miniaturized.
COMBOX - All Parts for all six projects ... $49.95
COMBOP - Paper Plans... $10.00

This section offers plans, parts kits and finished electronic modules for the advanced electronics assembler to build his own LASER WINDOW BOUNCE LISTENING SYSTEM.

Laser window bounce listening systems are available complete and ready to use with the latest technology cost upwards of $30,000 and are not available to the average person but only to law enforcement. These systems shown here will not offer the same performance obviously as a $30-$40,000 system however properly assembled they can be a very useful tool for many applications. Not only are they useful for covertly detecting voice communications behind a closed window but they can also be used for listening to high-voltage insulators on transmission lines, cooling pipes used in nuclear reactors, and many other mechanical things that are difficult and dangerous to get to.

One of the approaches offered here is a simplified low cost system. It can be used to demonstrate the concept and is suitable for an advanced science project. It can also be used as a long range optical voice communication link

Build Long Range Laser Window Bounce Listeners

lwb.gif Remarkable concept where you listen to sounds picked up from a reflecting surface illuminated by a laser. These light reflections, or scatter, are reproduced back to the original sound by our special optical receiver.

Assembled laser and receiver modules may be placed on video tripods and temporarily aligned for limited performance demonstration systems. They may also be enclosed as shown in the instructions for use as a field worthy device with a potential range of up to 500 feet. May also be used as a long range laser voice communicator with a range usable to 10 miles line of sight with the proper optics. Low cost audio surveillance science project or useful device for listening to power line faults, over pressured pipes, etc.

The plans for this device show 3 systems ranging from a low cost science project to a long range infra red surveillance system, and also include the LVC1 long range optical voice communication system.

Further LWB9 Operational Information

LWB60 - Science Project Demonstration System
Effective for up to 100 feet. Available as a kit or assembled working modules. Shown below are the assembled module you get.

A more basic, but fully functional, system for proof of concept, science fairs, and use over shorter ranges. Options for upgrading the optics to focus the outgoing beam, and gather and refocus the incoming signal, would allow this system to be used over longer ranges. Includes laser diode module, LLR30 optical receiver, and full instructions. You supply the individual video tripods or other mounting platform. Ready for set up and use!

Temporarily unavailable, our apologies for that. Please check back later this year for a revised & updated version of this item!

LWB90 - Assembled Electronic Modules for a higher performance system.
These modules are intended for the advanced assembler who may use his own ingenuity and resources to construct a complete fully functional field worthy system.
laser module Up to 500'
Invisible Red High Performance System

You supply and build a mechanical enclosure to house our CWL20 infrared laser for the illuminator and our LLR40 voice filtered optical receiver with basic collection lens to gather the returning signal.. Also includes a visible red laser module and test tone oscillator for initial system alignment and aiming when in actual use... (See descriptions of CWL20 and LLR40 for further information about these components.) Includes plans and full instructions for use. An optional modulator for an optical voice communicator is included but not used for the laser listener system.

Temporarily unavailable, our apologies for that. Please check back later this year for a revised & updated version of this item!
Items Below are used in the Laser Window Bounce Series, and are Individually Available. These Devices By Themselves Have Other Uses and Applications.

LLR40 - High Performance Optical Receiver

Detects ultra low level voice modulated light waves. Use for laser window bounce with our invisible IR laser #CWL series or for long range optical communication. Built in voice filter with many amenities. 9 volt battery operation with cushioned headsets easily mounts to video tripod. Features low noise GaAsFET preamplifier. Includes external light bias control, EXT10 extender and condensing lens, HS20 cushioned headsets with individual volume controls and LWB9 plans showing how to make 3 laser window bounce systems.

  • Cylindrical Enclosure
  • Easily Retrofits To Tripod
  • Includes Headsets
  • 9 Volt Battery Operation
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
LLR40 - Assembled Optical Receiver, Ready to Use ... $199.95
LLR4K - Optical Receiver Kit & Plans ... $149.95
LLR3/4 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
LLR3/4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

LLR30 - Low Cost Experimenters Optical Receiver

Similar in operation to our more expensive LLR40 series but without optics, headsets and low noise front end.

LLR30 - Low Cost Optical Receiver, Ready to Use ... $99.95
LLR3K - Low Cost Optical Receiver Kit & Plans ... $69.95

CWL20 - Continuous Wave InfraRed Laser and Collimator

Illumination source for night vision, target designation controller and laser bounce systems, long range optical voice communicators, etc.

30mw @ 980nm, Battery powered with focusing lens and collimator in 1x8" cylinderical enclosure. Simple retrofit to test tone and voice modulator circuits. Protective eyewear suggested when viewing direct reflections experiments!
  • 30 mw@980 nm
  • 1 milliradian Divergence
  • Input 3 volts@ 60ma
  • Includes x7 Collimator
  • Class IIIB Compliant
  • Cylindrical 8" Length
  • Available As Kit or Assembly
Class IIIB
infrared, infra-red, lasers
CWL2 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
CWL2-D - Paper Plans ... $4.00

LBT1K - Light Beam Transceiver

Two way optical communicators provide crystal clear performance when properly aligned. Can achieve ranges over 1000 feet! Excellent winning science project. The "minimal kit" includes the harder-to-find circuit boards and optics for this project (other components must be provided by you); the complete kit includes all parts.

LBT1K - Kit/Plans ... $199.95
LBT1K-1 - Minimal Kit (plans, pc boards, and optics only) ... $69.95
LBT1 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
LBT1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

MODUL1K - Test Tone and Voice Modulator Modules

Board level circuit is used with our diode lasers to produce a test tone, simplifying window bounce systems. Also modulates lasers for voice communication projects. Operates on a 9 to 12 volt battery with sensitive FET mike and level control.

MODUL1K - Test Tone and Voice Modulator Kit ... $29.95
MODUL1 - Paper Plans ... $6.00
MODUL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00
HNM3K - Test Tone and Voice Modulator Kit For Helium Neon Lasers ... $29.95
HNM3 - Paper Plans ... $6.00
HNM3-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00