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Spectrum Tubes

spectrum tube The pure elements / gases under pressure in these tubes is generally used to produce a light for spectral analysis. Brightness of the light discharge depends on the power of electrical energy being supplied to the tube. The nature of gas determines the pure spectral color and usually is of a relatively low band width. All lamps contain metal ends with long-life electrodes. Lamps are about 26 cm (10 inches) long, with 90-100 mm of central capillary. Lamps are intended for intermittent use only at full power, and not for use as a lamp source. These are designed to operate 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF. (They may be operated continuously when used with the LAKHOVSKY machine, as shown in the instructions for that device.) Requires a Spectrum Tube Power Supply (such as our low-cost NEON21 for do-it-yourselfers, or the finished 2154-1, both below) or our Induction Coil 1917-10 to operate, sold separately.
2152-13 - Spectrum Tube, Air (pink-violet) ... $58.95
2152-2 - Spectrum Tube, Argon (violet) ... $58.95
2152-3 - Spectrum Tube, CO2 (blue-white to pink) ... $58.95
2152-4 - Spectrum Tube, Helium (pink-orange) ... $58.95
2152-5 - Spectrum Tube, Hydrogen (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-15 - Spectrum Tube, Iodine (multiple colors) ... $58.95
2152-6 - Spectrum Tube, Krypton (lavender) ... $58.95
2152-7 - Spectrum Tube, Mercury (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-8 - Spectrum Tube, Neon (red-orange) ... $58.95
2152-9 - Spectrum Tube, Nitrogen (pink) ... $58.95
2152-10 - Spectrum Tube, Oxygen (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-12 - Spectrum Tube, Water Vapor (pink) ... $58.95
2152-19 - Spectrum Tube, Xenon (blue) ... $58.95
2152-ALL - Spectrum Tubes, A Full Set of All 13 Tubes ... $766.00


7kv open circuit at 10 ma short circuit output, requiring 12-14vdc 1000ma input (we can supply the adapters if needed).

A bare-bones power supply only, for those wanting to build their own spectrum tube housing. Open frame with potted transformer 5 x 1-1/4". Excellent for small plasma globes and other gas filled figurines. Powers up to 12' display tubes, "luminglass" plates and other small gas filled objects.

NEON21 Instructions

NEON21 - Transformer (without adapter) ... $34.95
If you need a power supply, our 12-14 volt 1 amp wall adapter with grounded third pin eliminates the external ground wire often necessary for larger single ended displays:
14DC/1G - Wall Adapter for NEON21 ... $19.95
NEON21/115 - NEON21 Transformer + Adapter ... $49.95

spectrum tube power supply This power supply provides safe and reliable operation for 1 spectrum tube. The unique design supplies a voltage that prolongs the life of the spectrum tubes. Specially designed sockets eliminate electrical shock hazards. The unit operates at 120V @ 60Hz. (Tube not included).

Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz (wall power)

Output Voltage: 5000V without spectrum tube. 1000V @ 10mA with spectrum tube.

Dimensions: 13 3/4" (H) x 4 5/8" (W) x 3 1/2" (D)

2154-1 - Spectrum Tube Power Supply ... $154.95