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Triggered Spark Gap Switch

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Product Description

The Triggered Spark Gap Switch discharges the stored capacitor bank energy by way of an adjustable spark gap switch. It can be manually fired with a pushbutton switch, or set to auto-discharge at a specified voltage. An extension wire allows the operator to stand 10 feet or further away if safer manual ignition is required.

The manual discharge of a high-voltage capacitor bank occurs when a small current is applied across the electrode spacing (the spark gap switch contacts). This small current produces enough ions across the gap to cause the high-voltage energy stored in a capacitor bank to be released across the spark gap in a very short period of time, creating a massive pulse of power into the target load.

This spark gap may also be used in a self-breakdown mode. This is where the spacing between the main discharge electrodes (the spark gap) is adjusted so that the stored energy in the capacitor bank will automatically discharge once it reaches a certain breakdown voltage without the need for the trigger pulse. Make sure that the capacitor energy bank has been short circuited and discharged every time before you stick your fingers into the spark gap!

This self-breakdown adjustment is recommended only for those who know what they're doing with high-voltage equipment. It is not suggested for those with limited experience.

Danger: do not exceed 10000 Volts or allow the capacitors to charge beyond their voltage value.


External connection lugs are heavy duty #6 block lugs with set screws assuring a positive connection. All connection lugs are positioned to help reduce power robbing stray inductance. Trigger switch input power (not to charge capacitors, just for the trigger switch) is 12V DC at 100mA.


•    Triggered 3/8" Tungsten Electrode Spark Switch, Up to 16 kilojoules at 10 kilovolts into proper load
•    Uses high u ferrite cores to direct HV trigger pulses
•    #6 block lugs are used for all high current connections; wire size is 6 to 12 gauge
•    All high current, high voltage carrying leads are sleeved into insulating polypropylene tubing
•    Data is included that shows disconnection methods between controller/charger & storage capacitors for energies over 3000 J

Built-in trigger circuit initiates discharge by a 12 volt DC level.

This Triggered Spark Gap Switch is used as part of our HEP50 and HEP100 High Energy Pulser systems (plans for building these systems are included with the TRIGATRON10).

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