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Student Marx Impulse Generator (Downloadable Plans)

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Product Description

This 100,000 volt student marx impulse generator will capture classroom attention and provide highly visible and audible experiments and demonstrations. Great winning science project as well as a low cost approach to this useful piece of high voltage equipment.

Small low-cost tabletop marks impulse generator produces 100,000 Volts at 5 Joules. Generates a bright loud explosive 4" shock wave like discharge. Pulse repetition rate is controllable from 1 to 10 discharges per second. Erected capacitance is 1nf.

These are downloadable plans (also available as paper plans), requiring parts and assembly.
Also available as a kit with plans and all parts included, requiring assembly.
Or fully assembled and ready to use.


Unit operates from a 12 V wall adapter and can easily be battery-powered for portable operation.

There are many applications of this unit, including dialectic testing, materials testing, plasma blaster drilling, EMP generation & experimentation, component testing, demonstration of lightning with optional props, exploding various objects for demonstrations, excitation of laser weapons, powering directed energy beam weapons, laser stabilization of electrical discharges, closed energy plasma toroidal shaped systems for directed energy projection, etc. For flash x-rays you must couple the output to a suitable x-ray tube.

Simple and electrically safe but can produce a painful shock if not used as directed.

Product Videos

Student Marx Generator (00:55)
A low-cost Marx generator that produces 100kV at 5 Joules output per spark, with a variable discharge rate (actual rate depends on setting of the spark gap).
  • Student Marx G...
    A low-cost Marx generator that produces 100kV at 5 Joules outp...

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