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Plasma Power Generator 7kv 10ma (Downloadable Plans)

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Product Description

These low-cost, high-voltage sources operate from a 12 volt battery for field use, or a wall adapter for normal 115 vac use (not included, but sold seperately if needed). Virtually indestructible circuitry is open and short circuit protected and will withstand reasonable amounts of EMP. Output is end point grounded and is at a high frequency of 25 to 35 khz. This higher frequency allows easy conversion to high voltage DC sources using voltage multiplier stacks. The direct high frequency output can be used to power plasma and gas discharge (neon) display tubes, and will work with the ANIMATOR40 control module for programmed pattern outputs. All models include appropriate input and output leads for easy terminations.

These are downloadable plans: 6 pages of diagrams, schematics, and instructions, requiring parts and assembly.
It is also available assembled and ready to use.
Or as paper plans with parts and assembly required.


This device provides a 7kV open circuit 10ma short circuit output that requires 12-14VDC @ 1 Amp input. Open frame with potted transformer. 5 X 1-1/4". Easily generates 30kV at 0.5ma with our MULTI50 multiplier. Also used in our HOVER (experimental hovercraft), KIRL1 (kirlian photography), and PLPEN1 (plasma burning and etching pen).

Circuit design is virtually 99% efficient and is a real advantage for solar and battery power where every watt counts. Board level layout is 5 x 2" and is simple to use. 12" input and output leads with dimming control. Uses our 12DC/1.5 wall adapter (below) and draws 1.5 amps when operated at full output. For field use, it will run from any 12V battery with at least 1.5A output. Dimming control will reduce current to less than 0.1 amps and allow operating from solar cells or batteries.



Suggested Wall Adapters for 115VAC Use:
12DC/1.5 - 12vdc/1.5 amp 115 vac Wall Adapter
14DC/1G - 14vdc/1amp Adapter with Grounding Pin for Single End Displays
* Use this 14V wall adapter if the NEON21/MINIMAX70 transformer is going to be used for a single ended NEON GAS display for special effects: this is where the neon tube is powered with only one wire and the return of the energy is via the capacitance of the gas and the surrounding air eventually going to earth ground. This mode positively requires the use of our 14DC/1G, a 3-pin internally grounded wall adapter for this capacitive ground current to return back to the power supply source.

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