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Phasor Pain Field Pistol (High-Powered)

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Product Description

This PPP10-HP uses a high-quality high-power Special Issue transducer that provides excellent output. This same item is also available as a lower-cost PPP10 that uses a standard transducer, which still has good output but not quite the punch of the Special Issue tranducers.

Information unlimited now offering SECOND GENERATION extended range ultrasonic pain field guns This product is an improvement of our PPP10 with unique advantages. We now offer the product with an ultrasound focusing lens. This feature greatly intensifies the effect at far field and projects a narrower beam that confines the effect into a smaller area. Our test documentation shows that when the focusing tube is adjusted to the frequency just above human hearing that the sound pressure increases many db. These new improvements more than triple the range. The effect is also noticed on frequencies above and below human hearing providing a significant gain over a wide window of frequencies.

The transducer used now is a special issue unit that has considerably more sound pressure level than the standard unit.

These handheld Ultrasound guns have many uses. They are portable and can flush out rats and other vermin in areas as silage bins, chicken coops, around dumpsters, etc. They can be used as a survey tool for research with animals on the effect of this pain field, and serve to determine whether the user may want a more permanent installation and system to help control his problem. They can also be quite effective on people. Check local laws if exposing to people.

PPP10 Instructions

  • Very high SPL and Directional Pain Field Sonic Shock Waves
  • May be set to an inaudible but intolerable feeling of pain or discomfort
  • 3-1/2"x 6" Barrel Houses Transducers And Electronics
  • Butt Section Houses 8 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Sweep and Frequency Controls adjust for maximum effect on target
  • PPP10 dimensions: 9"L x 3.5"W x 10"H

Range extenders for the ultrasonic products are 2 inch length pieces of tubing 3 1/4 inch OD. This particular length extends the range considerably yet is not that obtrusive to the product. Experimenters may want to increase the length of the range extended tubeto for even further range but at the expense of a narrow field of coverage.

The existing tubing on the basic unit can easily be extended by going to your local hardware store and getting a 3 inch PVC coupling inserting it over the existing tubing and then adding the preferred extended length to the coupling. This will make the unit look a little awkward but if you are looking for a narrow beam long-range item you may try this with different lengths of tubes

This item is assembled and ready to use.
It is also available as a kit with plans and all parts, requiring assembly.
Or as plans (paper or downloadable versions), with parts and assembly required.

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