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Phasor Pain Field Generator & RC (4 Transducers) (Downloadable Plans)

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Product Description

This Matrix unit is designed as directional sources of concentrated pain field energy. It can be used to protect areas as gun rooms, garages or where a concentrated effect is necessary. Law enforcement installs multiple units on the roof of vehicles discouraging potential unruly gathering of problem people. Connect to other intrusion detectors, video systems, and home security systems for concentrating pain field effects.

Produces a power field of time variant ultrasonic shock wave energy. The frequency range is adjustable from 10kHz to 25kHz, producing extremely high sound pressure levels. Can be mounted to vehicles for potential crowd control applications. Easily moved lightweight and self-contained for portable operation in the woods, etc. Excellent for keeping out two and four legged pests from gardens, unauthorized areas, etc.

A similar device, licensed under a different trade name, is used in the UK to break up groups of unruly people.

These units are deterrents. They can be used with detection systems that will detect an intrusion of a person or an animal or any other threat. We have selected a sound pressure level and a strength that we feel is safe to use and liability-free. This means you can use it feeling comfortable it will have a deterring effect on the intrusion and yet at the same time will not cause injury to the intruder where you could be liable. You might want to check your local laws, as some states unfortunately favor the rights of the perpetrator far more than the homeowner or law-abiding citizen. Even though these products will not cause injury, they could create a situation in a highly politically correct atmosphere, so it is always good to know your local environment. We can only warn you of this, and it has not yet happened (knock on wood).

Hearing protection recommended when in use.

These are downloadable plans, requiring parts and assembly.


  • Extremely High SPL Matrix Output
  • Can interface with other intrusion detectors, video systems, home security systems, etc.
  • Maximum effect occurs when set for inaudible feeling of intense pain
  • Frequency adjustable from 10kHz to 25kHz
  • Intensity can range from "alarm" to an intense pain field effect
  • Adjustable Sweep Rate greatly enhances effectiveness
  • 12VDC internal batteries (8 "D" cells) or external 12VDC rechargeable batteries will operate for hours (batteries not included)
  • 12VDC wall adapter (included) for 115VAC operation
  • Accessible controls
  • Built-in long range radio control with key chain transmitter for activation
  • Remote Jack for external triggering by sensors or pushbutton
  • Size: 8" x 8" x 5"


The Remote Control (RC) allows operation from over 300 feet away, where for example this device could be concealed in an area you want to rid of animal and/or human intruders, and then activated unobtrusively and undetected from a distance when you notice congregation in the area. Or home intrusion can be prevented from anywhere in the house by remotely turning on this system to discourage or deter a situation. The receiver draws power from the system, so separate batteries are not required. The keychain transmitter operates like an automobile remote starter and will last for thousands of start/stop cycles with its replaceable battery. The small size of the transmitter allows it to be easily carried with you at all times, so you are always ready. Instructions included. capacitor

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