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Laser Ray Gun

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Product Description

A Futuristic Concept!

A prelude to a weapon of the future - the technology is here! Now Available - hand held, battery operated, 500 joules of pulse energy produce an intense burst of light capable of burning holes in most materials.

This item is assembled and ready to use.
It is also available as a kit with plans and all parts, requiring assembly.
Or as plans (paper or downloadable versions), with parts and assembly required.


Pulsed high power laser system is hand held and battery operated. Device is labelled as a class 4 laser product and meets all NCDRH requirements. It uses a 3"x1/4" Nd:Glass rod with integral mirrors as the lasing medium. Design is intended as an advanced science project or serious laser demonstration product.

Output is 1 to 3 joules at a 500 usec pulse width equating out to a 6000 watt pulse! This is sufficient to blast small holes in the hardest of metals once the beam is properly focused. Balloons can be popped from a distance or you "sharp shooters" may want to try a hand at popping some flys!

System is designed for very low duty cycle use eliminating the need for large batteries and cooling means. Normal operation from built in batteries is usually 20 to 30 seconds between shots. Good quality alkalines will supply 100 to 200 charges, while our LI-ION batteries, which can be recharged hundreds of times, will be almost limitless.

Construction utilizes readily available parts and materials. The cavity is shown using a simple yet effective two part ellipsoid reflector that can be fabbed in most home shops. The electronics uses our unique "loss less charging" where optimum efficiency is paramount. This electronics module is available wired and tested eliminating much of the assembly time. Energy storage capacitor bank and pulse forming inductor are also individually available.

The assembled version includes the FLMP3 flashlamp and NDGL laser rod.

The kit version does not include the FLMP3 flashlamp or the NDGL laser rod, for those who may already have these items (or if you don't have them, you may order them individually from us).

A basic single collimating lens is included with both the assembled and kit versions, or our LENSLAG1 is available if greater precision and transparency is required.

It is suggested for further information to purchase the paper plans. These contain a HAZARDOUS EQUIPMENT AFFIDAVIT that must be signed and dated before we can allow purchase of the hardware. Plans can be credited to product purchase.


  • Input Voltage: 12VDC @ 1.5AMPS, 20-30sec. Charge Time
  • Rod: 3 x 1/4" Nd:GLASS With Integral Mirrors
  • Output: 1-3 Joules @ 1.06 Microns Infra Red
  • Storage Capacity: 270 Micro farads @ 2 KV
  • Flash lamp Energy @ 1000 Volts: 135 Joules, @1500 Volts: 300 Joules
  • Single Collimating Lens
  • 50 to 75 Shots from standard-quality internal AA Batteries before replacing, or use our LI-ION batteries for up to 250 shots before recharging
  • Certified Class 4 Laser Product
Burning Laser Eye Protection: these laser safety goggles block wavelengths of 800-2000nm, providing excellent eye protection from infrared lasers.
- laser safety goggles 190-540 + 800-2000nm

The Purchase of Plans Is Creditable to the Hardware Purchase

Additional Components Available, If Needed:

FLMP3 - 3" Flashlamp, Xenon filled
   (included with both the assembled LAGUNSYS and kit LAGUN4K)
NDGL - 3" x 1/4" Laser Rod Nd:Glass 6% doped with mirrored ends, full spec and brand new >1J
   (included with the assembled LAGUNSYS; but not included with the kit LAGUN4K)
LENLAG1 - 1" Diameter, 4" Focal Length, Anti-Reflective Coated @ 1 Micron
   (not included with either the assembled LAGUNSYS or kit LAGUN4K)

All Major Parts And Modules Also Individually Available

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