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High Voltage Power Supply and Charger, Adjustable Current Sourced 100kV-400kV

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Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Product Description

With Variable Output and Other Features -- This Is Not A Static Machine, but A Powerful Source of Usable Current.

This High Voltage power supply produces relatively high currents that can be used for experimentation in anti-gravity, BI-FIELD BROWN, force fields, hovercraft research, plasma blasters, drillers, ion motors, propulsion, lightning generation, high ion source, ozone and air purification, electrification, particle acceleration, atom smashing, capacitor charging, general high voltage research, etc.

Two-part system consists of (1) control console attached to the (2) voltage multiplier via an umbilical cable. Circuit includes an over voltage shutdown with full short circuit protection and a voltage indicating analog meter. Basic 115 vac at 60 hz operation runs off standard wall power (220V for international operation requires a stepdown transformer such as our TR220/110/1500 or you may have one on-hand; just be sure it is sufficient wattage for your power supply).

Note: these devices are made to order and require 2-4 weeks build & test time before they can be shipped to you.

  • Adjustable Regulated Voltage up to 400,000 DC Volts with Positive or Negative Output Available
  • Current from 750 to 3000 micro-amps (depending on model)
  • Two Part Construction Consisting of 24" to 48" Cylindrical (to 72" for 400kV unit)
  • Dry Fill Multiplier Tower (Oil Fill Option Available)
  • High Current Spark Switch / Safety Gap
  • High Voltage Indicating Panel Meter
  • Excellent for Capacitor Charging as Short Circuit Operable
  • Adjustable Current over Range of Device Ratings
  • Dry Fill Multiplier Tower (Oil Fill Option Available)
  • Over Voltage Fault Shutdown
  • Optional Designs Available

Availalble with positive (+) or negative (-) output. Please specify before ordering.

Oil Filled Resistive Loads

33MEG - 33 Megohm, 100,000 Volt, 3000 Microamp, 300 Watt Insertable Element
133MEG - 133 Megohm, 200,000 Volt, 1500 Microamp, 300 Watt Insertable Element
OILBASE - Base and stand with terminations for above elements.

Air Cooled Dry Resistive Load with Voltmeter and Potential Support Contact Terminal

HVLOAD100KV2MA - 50 Megohms 100KV 200 Watts
HVLOAD200KV1MA - 200 Megohms 200KV 200 Watts

Higher Powered Devices Available On Request,

Please email us with your requirements for other output values and options.


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