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High Power Magnetic Pulser: Deluxe Model with Timer, Synchronized Light Pulse Circuitry, Sweep Mode For Sleep And Dream Enhancement

  • NEW Design - TDHP40DEL Magnetic Pulser Deluxe
  • TDHP40DEL Magnetic Pulser Deluxe Front Panel
  • Pad Coil 12x12 Flexible Mat - Optional Extra See PADCOIL1212
  • Included - LEDs for Synchronized Light Pulses
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Product Description

The human body functions on electric, magnetic, and chemical energy. Is it any wonder why these devices, using the applications of electricity, magnetism and chemistry, are beginning to be considered as viable candidates for the treatment or prevention of many ailments and diseases, even aging? There is much to be learned from these alternative health devices. Controlled research and study is now being performed by those qualified in these fields to validate the benefits of this new technology.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is now recognized in Canada and much of Europe as one of these products, and most anyone who has used one will attest to its positive effects.

NASA medical researchers have found fast rise time, high peak power, short duration pulses are more effective in pulsed magnetic therapy. Our pulse circuitry does exactly this, generating a high peak power waveform with a fast rise time of less than 50ns. This feature also eliminates wasted power that only serves to heat up the treatment coil, yet allows higher peak power magnetic pulses to be applied to the treatment area.

The TDHP40 pulsers are powerful enough for the trained therapist or researcher, and are also available for individual consumer use.

Range of frequency control includes the beneficial higher frequencies up to 2500Hz, down to 1 Hz including the lower 7-8 Hz natural earth resonant frequency along with the alpha, beta, delta, theta frequencies used for sleep, dream control and relaxation states.

Adjustable power control from 20 micro Tesla to a level powerful enough to make a piece of metal jump! (see video below)


  • Includes 1 Archimedean-wound treatment coil with connecting plugs
  • Dual output jacks for 2 coils allow multi-users, or two-area treatment
  • Patented Polarizing Circuit for Magnetic Polarity Pure™ North or South Pole Pulses
  • Digital readout displays pulse rate, while an analog meter displays Gauss levels of magnetic field strength
  • Continuously adjustable magnetic field strength from 10u Tesla (.1 Gauss) to .05 Tesla (500 Gauss)
  • The 1-2500 pulse rate has both coarse and fine adjustment for precise frequency settings
  • Pulse circuitry generates a high peak power waveform with a fast rise time of less than 50ns
  • Can be used with a wide range of coil sizes and windings, which can be purchased through us, or the user may build his or her own coil design
  • Reference material and instructions included
  • Size 10 x 8.5 x 3.5" @ 3 lbs 4 oz
  • 115/220 VAC operation uses regulated 12 volt wall adapter for safe and simple operation. Consumes less power than a 20 watt lightbulb
  • Built in timer allows 1 to 10 minutes treatments, or may be bypassed for continuous operation
  • Synchronized light pulse circuitry allows for optical coordination with magnetic pulses (if desired) Includes a synchronized output signal for use with LED glasses (the LEDs are included with a connected cable and plug), the user then drills holes in some low-cost sunglasses, secures the LEDs in place with silicone rubber or equivalent for an illuminated pulse that synchronizes with the coil's magnetic pulse.
  • Unique automatic sleep and relaxation mode sweeps you through the alpha, beta, theta, delta frequencies of sleep from an adjustable 10-second to 6-minute full cycle period, with full sweep range in all periods, at a wide range of sweep speeds. You may choose this Sweep feature to auto reset and repeat, or just self-terminate after you hit the land of “nod.”

Magnetic pulses produced electrically often contain a mixture of both NORTH and SOUTH pole directions. This is caused by circuit ringing, and decays over a period of time longer than the intended pulse duration time. Our design uses patented circuitry that nearly eliminates this undesirable effect.


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Many other websites have useful information on Magnetic Pulse Therapy. A few are listed here:
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It is suggested to go to www.magneticpulsers.com to see the many sanctioned features of our design.


Additional Coils Are Available: the TDHP40BAS includes (1) PADCOIL50, but additional coils are available if the user wants to employ more coils, or larger coils. A few coil designs are listed below, otherwise please contact us for any specific requests in different coil sizes or design. For example we can make you a cylindrical tubular coil of any size for other applications, or larger flexible mats, etc. Just contact us with your size requirements and we will send you a quote.
PADCOIL50 - an extra "Standard Coil", approx 4-inch disc coil to be placed on just about any target area ... $49.95
PADCOIL1212 - "Pillow Coil" flexible mat approx 12"x12", to be placed under a pillow or on the body for more coverage ... $195.00
PADCOIL1224 - "Wrap-Around Coil" flexible mat approx 12"x24", able to wrap around larger areas for greater coverage ... $395.00

Product Videos

Theramagnetic Pulser TDHP30 (03:03)
Showing some of the output of our TDHP30 Theramagnetic Pulser (note that this has since been replaced by our TDHP40, which is the same overall design but with a wider pulse range (1Hz-2500Hz), larger power range, faster pulse rise time, and controllable polarity output (north or south).
  • Theramagnetic ...
    Showing some of the output of our TDHP30 Theramagnetic Pulser ...

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Product Reviews

  1. Back to the natural remedies 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2021

    Excellent device for natural method healers.
    Still experimenting, but so far great experience.

  2. I feel much better using it 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2018

    This thing certainly causes sounder sleep but after a month of using it all night long I feel younger & more energetic. I do recommend but wish it went down to 0.1 hz & I wish I could set the hz rate more finely below single hz levels EG 234.6hz. Also I want to know which commercial L&S glasses can be used with it.