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High Energy Pulser 10KV

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Product Description

For Research in Kinetics, Underwater Shock Waves, Acoustics, Metal Forming, Intrusion Deterrents, Magnetizing, Explosives Detonation Substitution, Plasma, Materials Testing, and more

The High Energy Pulser is complete and ready to use, a modular design that comes with 3 modules: the can crusher, the wire exploder, and the mass launcher. It also includes plans for the plasma thermal gun. (Check out the video clips below to see these modules in action.)

This is an assembled “high power” 10kV capacitor bank -- a “nominal power” 5kV capacitor bank is also available for a lower cost.


Please note this is a heavy and somewhat bulky item, so shipping may be greater than the website estimate. Please contact us by email or phone 603-673-4730 for an accurate shipping cost, otherwise we will let you know if there is any difference after you have placed your order.


These units operate from 115VAC (standard US wall power). If you are an international customer and require 220VAC, you will need our stepdown transformer with Euro plug (TR220/110/300 $69.95). Please note that this stepdown transformer weighs 8 lbs and may require a shipping charge beyond the website estimate.


This pulser system has some rather unique features, one of which is that charging the capacitor bank requires only the charging circuit, and needs no charging resistors that would otherwise consume power. Such resistors would double the energy required to just charge up the capacitors’ storage energy. This feature does not waste energy, allows the project to be lighter as components can be smaller, and just overall provides a more complete and efficient design of a very useful research and scientific tool, and also special displays for demonstrations of many electrical properties for museums, classrooms, and the like.

Brief video showing Can Crusher,
Wire Exploder, and Mass Launcher



•   8 foot three-wire number 18 line cord must be used with a securely grounded outlet
•   Lossless Inductive Reactance Charging
•   Programmable Energy Control
•   Triggered 3/8" Tungsten Electrode Spark Switch, Up to 16 kilojoules at 10 kilovolts into proper load
•   Calibrated Direct Reading Panel Voltmeter
•   Detailed operation and instructions, schematics and condensed instructions included
•   Safety capacitor discharge probe with power resistor with convenient access
•   Security key switch built in to charger controller to prevent unauthorized use
•   Neon safety lamp on charger indicates when high-voltage lines exceed 90 volts
•   Uses heavy duty rectifiers and a dv/dt protection resistor with high u ferrite cores to direct hv trigger pulses
•   #6 block lugs are used for all high current connections; wire size is 8 to 12 gauge
•   All high current, high voltage carrying leads are sleeved into insulating polypropylene tubing
•   Data is included that shows disconnection methods between controller/charger & storage capacitors for energies over 3000 J
•   Includes 3 modules (CANCRUC10 Can Crusher, WIREXPLOD10 Wire Exploder, and MASS100 Mass Launcher)

The HEP-series pulser is complete and turnkey ready to use with any of the attachments listed here, plus any that you may have for your own research and applications.

For Museums, Attention Getting Displays, Action Science Projects and Serious Research. We can assist in installation and setup. Contact us for details.

Full video showing setup, safety, and operation of every module (40 minutes long)



A complete system (the HEP50 or HEP100) contains 4 subassemblies:
    1) the Charger/Controller
    2) the Triggered Spark Gap Switch
    3) the Capacitor Bank
    4) the Module

1. The Charger/Controller (CHARGE10000V) takes standard wall power and converts it to a high voltage output which is used to charge the capacitor bank. The Charger/Controller has an adjustable output voltage (to prevent exceeding the capacitor bank’s rating, or to test out lower power discharges, for example); it can be set for manual charging or to automatically charge and top off the capacitor bank; and it can be used to fire a remote device (the TRIGATRON10 spark switch in this case).

capacitor bank

The charger/controller is programmable. It can set an adjustable voltage on the storage bank capacitance, and has a programmable voltage setting to maintain the charge at the set value. A front panel analog meter indicates the voltage charge. Controls on the charger allow you to start or stop the charging function. A switch that once the start button is pushed will charge the capacitors to the programmed value and stop. If the charge is not used immediately it will automatically top off the voltage to maintain the programmable charge as programmed. A fire control button allows the user to fire the high energy pulser from a safe distance. This applies 12 V to the igniter of the spark gap switch, causing the discharge action to commence. You will note that the charger section is connected to the main unit by only one high-voltage wire and a solid heavy grounding wire for safety and mechanical integrity. The power cord from the charger in is a three wire cord that plugs into a standard 115 V circuit. It will draw no more than 5 A at any time of the charging cycle. The size of the charger controller is approximately 7-3/4” wide x 4” high x 12” long, and weighs 4.5 pounds.

2. The Triggered Spark Gap Switch (TRIGATRON10) both transfers the high voltage from the Charger into the Capacitor Bank, and discharges the stored capacitor bank energy by way of an adjustable spark gap switch. It is fired with a pushbutton on the Charger/Controller.

triggered spark gap

External connection lugs are heavy duty #6 block lugs with set screws assuring a positive connection. All connection lugs are positioned to help reduce power robbing stray inductance. Input power is via a 3 wire grounded cord set.

3. The Capacitor Bank (CAPBANK50 or CAPBANK100) stores the high voltage energy in capacitors that are designed to release all of this energy quickly, resulting in a powerful energy pulse. This is built on a platform with the Trigger, keeping it in place near the capacitor bank (while the Controller can be operated and fired from a safe distance), with another platform to hold the “Module” in place where the action of the high-energy discharge occurs.

capacitor bank

The capacitor bank is 20” deep x 14” high x 16” wide, and weighs only 33 pounds. All interconnecting leads necessary to mate with the charger section and terminate to the pulser are block lugs with screws that are easily and securely attached.

4. The Module (there are several, and you can make your own) determines what the energy pulse is used for -- 3 modules are included with the system: the WIREXPLOD10 to explode a wire, the CANCRUC10 to crush a can with a magnetic field, and the MASS100 to launch a projectile. These modules allow a single High Energy Pulser to be used for multiple experiments and displays, and you can build your own modules and experiment with different designs.




Complete Turnkey-Ready Systems

HEP50 -- at 5kV and 1100 joules, includes the Controller/Charger (CHARGE10000V), Triggered Spark Gap Switch (TRIGATRON10), and 5kV 1100 joule capacitor bank (CAPBANK50), and 3 modules (CANCRUC10, WIREXPLOD10, MASS100)

HEP100 -- at 10kV and 2200 joules, includes the Controller/Charger (CHARGE10000V), Triggered Spark Gap Switch (TRIGATRON10), and 10kV 2200 joule capacitor bank (CAPBANK100), and 3 modules (CANCRUC10, WIREXPLOD10, MASS100)


Individual Parts and Subassemblies

CHARGE10000V -- the Controller/Charger

TRIGATRON10 -- the Triggered Spark Gap Switch

CAPBANK50 -- the 5KV 1100J capacitor bank with dual platform and module mount

CAPBANK100 -- the 10KV 2200J capacitor bank with dual platform and module mount

100u/5kV -- individual capacitor, 1250 Joules @ 30uF 4500V each (the CHARGE10000V will charge up to 13 of these storage capacitors in parallel for serious high energy, giving over 16000 joules for experimentation!)


Individual Modules

Except for the Mass Launcher (MASS10), these modules can be used with either the 5kV or the 10kV HEP series pulser. Obviously the effects will be much more dramatic with the higher voltage unit. The MASS10 module is not built to withstand the forces used with the 10kV capacitor bank, and could be damaged when operated at maximum voltage.

CANCRUC10 (Can Crusher/Shredder) -- The can crusher demonstrates the powerful mechanical forces created from a pulsed magnetic field. There is no mechanical constriction; all of the action comes from the pulsed magnetic field, making the can appear to collapse as if by an unseen hand. A powerful enough impulse will actually shred the can in half! An excellent demonstration used by many museums. << click for more information >> can crusher
Can Crusher
can shredder
Can Shredder


WIREEXPLOD10 (Wire Exploder / Blast Art) -- Exploding a wire is possible by discharging a large amount of energy into the wire in a very short time period providing a very high peak moment of power. The wire dissipates the charge energy in the form of heat, light and magnetic energy, vaporizing the wire and quickly releasing the stored energy. The powerful pulse of magnetic energy can also induce an electric field in a conducting reflector, producing and directing a powerful EMP pulse. << click for more information >> coil gun


MASS10 (Mass Launcher / Magnetic Cannon) -- An electrokinetic device using a conditioned pulse of magnetic energy to propel a metal object to high velocity. This excellent advanced science project demonstrates several important electric and magnetic reactions. Use with the both the 5KV capacitor bank or the 10KV capacitor bank.  Using the 10KV capacitor bank may cause the module to wear down faster. << click for more information >> coil gun


MORTAR10 (Electromagnetic Mortar) -- This concept originated in our labs and is being assigned a patent pending number. It provides mathematically almost a 70% increase in velocity over the flat Archimedean projectile. Building this module requires machining of plastic and metal pieces; only the assembled version is currently available at this time. << click for more information >> module


EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) -- Requires independent research and development on your own due to subject sensitivity.


PPRO1 (Plasma Thermal Gun) -- Project shows how to electrothermally vaporize a material to accelerate projectiles to ballistic velocities. Requires machining of plastic and metal pieces. Plans only at this time

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  1. amazing machine! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2019

    This remarkable device does everything they say it does. It is loud and powerful and tears aluminum cans in half and throws them to the ceiling. I have ordered extra heavy gauge wire and I have a number of interesting experiments in mind. The components are well made and it has so far been reliable. I am sure it could easily kill 100 people at a time so if you buy one be very very careful and follow instructions to the letter!