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HHO "Hydrogen Bomb" (Downloadable Plans)

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Product Description

Action Science and Fun Project Possible From HHO Gas

Construct and experiment with your own "hydrogen bomb" right in your back yard! Use the energy of the most abundant and lightest element found in the universe to generate energetic explosive forces. These forces can power a mortar, rocket or even a cannon. You can generate a flash and blast of energy that is much more impressive than a class B firecracker (which are now illegal in most states anyway). These blasts can wake up the neighborhood for blocks around with an explosive force only limited by the container size and amount of HHO gas used (use caution when detonating the larger charges). You will even be able to bring back the old fourth of Julys just like our grandparents used to enjoy. But be careful in your experiments, as we don’t want water classified as a dangerous chemical!

These are downloadable plans, requiring parts and assembly.


Video of the HHOBOMB1 in Action:
HHO Bucket
HHO Bucket

Now at last the ultimate all action science project using only “harmless” water for the energy source!

This project can be dangerous and is intended to be supervised by qualified school, university or adult personnel. The blast effects can cause damage and injury.

Unfortunately we have no control on the amounts of the gases used, on the blast containers, nor can we enforce our safety recommendations. We therefore can only warn the experimenter to use the small amounts as shown in plastic baggies, and treat the kinetic devices with the respect you would give real weapons. The experimenter must also be aware of the fact that this is the most efficient form of released chemical energy per given weight of any explosive or fuel. Hydrogen when mixed with oxygen must be treated with the precautions of an explosive -- it is a highly potent form of energy and must be handled with caution at all times.

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