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Canine Controller Range Extenders with Remote Control

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Product Description

Sonic field burst generator conditions dogs to stop barking. Directional device picks up the dogs bark, processes it, and turns on the sonic field burst generator pointed in the offending animal's direction. The animal now experiences a very uncomfortable sound much like a person would find from the scratching of chalk on a black board. Eventually the animal associates this sound to occur only when he barks thus conditioning him to stop.

SPECIAL NOTE: In some circumstances the owner is more to blame than the actual animal. The unit may be easily tuned to a frequency that the owners themselves find uncomfortable rather than their pet. Unit is directional and can easily be aimed at the target area.


Two part system can be operated from internal batteries, external 12 vdc or 115 vac via the included wall adapter transformer.

Light weight unit can be placed strategically wherever it may be necessary to pick up the bark and provide an effective sound pressure level to condition the animal or his owner.

The device discriminates from other sounds using filters, counters and sound conditioning circuitry. Internal adjustments allow selection of the number of barks occuring within a given time frame before triggering the sonic field generator. An internal adjustment on the time that the sonic field generator remains "on" once triggered is also selectable. An external trigger level control provides the necessary setting to activate from the bark yet not be so sensitive that it triggers from ambient sounds conducive to the area.

The sonic field burst section contains four high output polarized piezoelectric transducers arranged in a 2 x 2 highly directional array. The frequency of the output is adjustable from an audible 5 kHz to an inaudible 25 kHz. This range of frequencies allows controlling the dog or in certain instances adjusting to the lower frequencies to give the owners some annoyance. The frequency of the burst, sweep function and main power switch are all externally accessible. The sweep function causes the output frequency to continually change between two limits. The rate of this change is the sweep function control and may be disabled.

The Remote Control (RC) allows operation from over 300 feet away, where for example this device could be concealed in an area you want to rid of animal and/or human intruders, and then activated unobtrusively and undetected from a distance when you notice congregation in the area. Or home intrusion can be prevented from anywhere in the house by remotely turning on this system to discourage or deter a situation. The receiver draws power from the system, so separate batteries are not required. The keychain transmitter operates like an automobile remote starter and will last for thousands of start/stop cycles with its replaceable battery. The small size of the transmitter allows it to be easily carried with you at all times, so you are always ready. Instructions included. capacitor


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Unit measures 7.5" x 7.5" x 4.5". Suggested effective range will vary, but can be up to 100 feet in favorable conditions.

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