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Anti Gravity Hovering Craft Lifter

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This project demonstrates a very important and interesting, but not well known, property of electrical energy. It is now possible to cause direct motion, movement and positive lift making it a viable candidate for vertical propulsion, hovercrafts, hoverboards and future space travel.

Experiment in the Science of Levitation

Click for video
(courtesy of Tim Ventura,
American Antigravity)

GRA80 or GRA10
(The Lifter)

Emitter Wire

12V Wall Adapter

(You build)

This item has been an award-winning science project for over a decade. It is very popular in high school grades 8-12, College, museums, and even has been featured on TV, one show being MythBusters (season 4, episode 26) who built our kit in 2006 and filmed it hovering.

Units are duty cycle pulsed sources of safe high voltage at a low current. The resulting phenomenon of this specific electrical reaction produces a thrust, generating the effect of "anti gravity". It has already proven itself in outer space as a highly-efficient thruster, where it is used as a propulsion method for satellites and deep-space probes.

This item is assembled and ready to use. The GRA10 basic lifter is just like the GRA80 deluxe lifter, but without a case, power meter, or fuse.
It is also available as a kit with plans and all parts, requiring assembly.
Or as plans (paper or downloadable versions), with parts and assembly required.


The project starts with a small craft and can be scaled up to power a larger 14" x 14" craft:

1. You start by building a 6" craft that levitates without any visible means (you must provide the simple materials for this craft, such as foil, glue, and balsa wood from a hobby shop). The triangular shaped craft is typically built 6" to a side, and you can make a larger craft up to 14" when you get your first one correctly flying. It is very important that the craft is built exactly as shown in the plans for best performance.

2. We offer two ion power drivers that can be used for this project: the GRA10 is a lower cost unit that is built on an open frame without an enclosure or meter to keep the cost down. The GRA80 is enclosed in a box with a meter on the front that displays the voltage output. Apart from those differences, both ion drivers are exactly the same and provide the same output, producing all the power necessary to generate levitation. Both versions include a special stainless steel ion wire (enough to make several craft), and a special grounded 12V 5A power supply for 115VAC (standard wall power) operation. If wall power is not available, a 12 volt battery may be used which simply involves connecting directly to the input jack of the ion driver (a mating cable is included for this function).

If more information is needed, a free download (600MB) is available containing many videos and other valuable information on assembly and flying hints of different sized and shaped craft that require simple construction and use readily-available low-cost materials.


Extra Ion Emitter Wire For Serious Anti Gravity Craft Builders

This thin 2-mil stainless steel wire is the best we've found to reduce lossy corona and provide maximum thrust and lift. Your GRA-series lifter comes with 10 feet of this wire, but we also provide it here if you need more. Very strong for its diameter. You can try other types of wire, such as thin copper filament, but we have found that they just don't have the electrical or weight characteristics to work efficiently. To calculate how much wire you need, trace the outer dimensions of your craft, and remember to include the inner structure if you're building a large craft. Available in 10-foot and 25-foot spools for those wanting to experiment with larger antigravity craft designs.

WIRE2MIL10 - 10 Feet Stainless Wire
WIRE2MIL25 - 25 Feet Stainless Wire

Portable Power: 12V Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
You can power your Ion Driver with a bulky and heavy car battery, or use this more-portable battery to provide 12V at 7AH. Fully rechargeable. For science projects where 115VAC wall outlets are unavailable.
BAT12/7 - Rechargeable 12V battery at 7 Amp-Hours (6 x 2.5 x 3.7"), will run a GRA lifter up to 2 hours
CHARGER12 - 12V Trickle Charger For BAT12/7 battery, Charges in ~24 Hours
GRACABLE - optional 3' #20 wire with 2.5mm mating plug to connect to GRA80 front panel jack

Attention -- For Those Wanting to Build & Experiment with Larger Craft up to 6 feet, we now offer our 50kV Adjustable and Regulated Power Supply:

large craft    large craft    large craft

This power supply is intended for serious experimentation in anti-gravity research, EMP, lossless capacitor charging and other related applications. Caution as painful shock hazard.

Two-part regulated and adjustable voltage system consists of (1) the control console attached to (2) the voltage multiplier via an umbilical cable. Circuit includes an over-voltage shutdown with full short circuit protection and a voltage indicating analog meter. Basic 115 vac at 60 hz operation runs off standard wall power (220V for international operation requires a 300 watt stepdown transformer).

HVPSD50KV(+) : 50KV@6mA, Positive Output, Ready to Use

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Product Reviews

  1. GRA10- HV power supply 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th May 2020

    Awesome product, fast shipping and came with a CD -rom packed full of other good and interesting data. I plan to buy other HV stuff in the future from Information Unlimited.

    Thanks again!
    Doug B.