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Airgap High-Speed Camera Flash

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Product Description

This item is temporarily out of stock. Its status will be updated here -- please send us an email if you would like to be notified if and when it again becomes available.


This Airgap flash is designed for photographers that need a very fast flash. Some of the fastest commonly available xenon flashes have a duration of 1/30,000th of a second. This high-speed airgap flash has a duration of around 1/1,000,000th of a second -- over 30 times faster. This difference lets photographers capture crisp images of high-speed events such as shooting bullets and explosions, which simply aren't possible to obtain with more traditional flashes.

Xenon Flash


Airgap Flash

The result yields incredible images of a sometimes surreal beauty which are otherwise impossible to capture. See this flickr gallery for some beautiful photographs obtained with this amazing flash:

The airgap flash needs to be triggered for the timing of these rapid-motion events to work, so it has been designed to work with the Camera Axe (www.CameraAxe.com) -- other triggers should also work, but we can't guarantee compatability with triggers that haven't been tested.

The flash tube will last between 2000 to 10000 (or more) flashes before needing replacement (the number of flashes is highly dependant on environment, such as heat, humidity, air quality, etc.):

AIRGAPFLASH10-TUBE - replacement flash tube ... $9.95

A video of how to replace the flash tube:

Flash Tube Replacement

Or you can contact us to send us the unit and we will replace the flash if you feel more comfortable with that option.


The capacitor and other components should last indefinitely. But if any parts become damaged, contact us as we are able to repair any issues or replace any parts of this device.

The package for this item includes the airgap flash, a high voltage discharge stick for neutralizing the capacitor if any internal work is to be done, a BNC-to-3.5mm cable for connecting to a Camera Axe photo trigger, a printed copy of the user manual, and the AC power cord.

For more information on this device, please refer to the user manual and videos below:

User Manual


New Airgap Flash


Popping Balloon

Dimensions are approximately 6" wide x 11" deep x 6.5" high (with feet), and weight is about 11 pounds.

Warning: this is a high voltage device. Proper care and high voltage safety precautions should be taken if this device is to be opened.


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