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Pulsed 3 Volt 10 Watt 904nm Laser

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Product Description

Infra Red Pulsed Lasers

Protective Eyewear Should Be Worn When Using This Class 3B Device

Although the pulse duration is too brief to deliver enough Joules of energy to cause eye damage, protective eyewear should still be worn when using this Class 3B laser device.

This lasers is rated at up to 10 watts of peak power. This level of power only exists for the defined duration of the pulse. If these pulses are integrated for a one second period, you now have the energy expressed in Joules. The advantage of a pulsed system is that the pulses are optically equivalent to the peak power level as rated and can be detected with a suitable detection system that will see them at this power level. The equivalent energy that the laser system now requires is only a fraction and is related to the repetition rate x the peak power x the pulse duration and is approximately equal to Joules.

NOTE: A Joule is a watt second and is "energy". If that energy is released in 1 micro-second as a pulse, the power of that pulse is now 1 megawatt! Note a laser pointer at 5 milliwatts equates out to the pulsed laser being 200 MILLION times brighter!

A very suitable detector for this pulsed laser is our LSD4 Laser Light Detector. (Note that a typical laser pointer is 5 milliwatts or less, which equates to this pulsed laser being at least 5000 times more detectable!) An example of a useful application for these two devices would be a laser property guard security fence around a home or other premise.

All New 3 Volt Pulsed 10 Watt 904 nm Laser

Intended for long-range laser beam home and property alarm systems, target illumination, long-range optical control, covert signaling, etc. Special circuit allows extended operating time from conventional batteries and is very compatible for solar powering.

Unique circuit produces 200 nanosecond pulses/sec at a peak power of 10 watts. This invisible infra red laser power is at 904 nm. And are adjustable in repetition rate of 10 to 250 pps.

These pulses are highly suitable for long range detection yet only require 30 milliwatts of input power when set at a 10 pps rep rate. The current drawn from a 3 volt battery is only 30 ma! Pulses are stable for all ranges of input voltages from 3 to 6 volts. Pulse rate may be set to 200+ pulses/sec but will draw more power.

This feature makes this laser a great candidate for solar powering using a small cell such as that used in a solar powered accent lamps selling for less than $20.00.

Laser is housed in a 1.5” telescoping enclosure that extends to 15” with collimating lens. Out pulses can be detected and processed into a controlling relay using out PGD70 high speed optical detector providing an excellent property protection intrusion guard fence.

Free Download (PDF)

  • 10 PPS: 3 Volts @ 10ma (10 watt 200ns pulses)
  • 40 PPS: 3 Volts @ 40ma (10 watt 200ns pulses)
  • 10 PPS: 6 Volts @ 22ma (10 watt 200ns pulses)
  • 100 PPS: 6 Volts @ 130ma (10 watt 200ns pulses)

Eye Protection: our OLY-LSG-1 laser safety goggles block wavelengths of 800-2000nm, providing excellent eye protection from infrared lasers. Always exercise great caution when using any high-power laser.

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