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60mA 15KV Current-Limited Transformer for Tesla Coils

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Product Description

We have purchased tooling for and now have our own 15000 volt 60 ma current-limited transformers. These are brand new, factory-fresh transformers specially made for Tesla coils (and also work with many other high-voltage applications), and are only available through us. Center-point grounded, they DO NOT contain the bothersome ground fault interrupter (GFI) that makes other transformers difficult to use for Tesla coils and other scientific applications. However, this means they do not comply with the UL 2161 ground fault interrupt necessary for neon sign installations, and it is dangerous and illegal to use these transformers for luminous tubes such as neon lighting. (See our conventional neon transformers for this application.)

Purchase of this item includes our BTC5 plans.

Shipping: this item's weight is approximately 52 pounds and may exceed our website's shipping estimation -- our shipping department will let you know if it is more, or please contact us by phone or email if you would like to know the shipping cost in advance.


These transformers also include a built-in radio frequency filter on each output for use in Tesla Coils and other similar circuitry, and only require a 300-1000 ohm 25 watt resistor, included with purchase, in series with the outputs (initially these resistors were placed in the potting with the RF filter, but we found that they operated a little too warm for our liking, so they are run externally for better heat management). Two of these transformers can be connected in parallel, and if more than 2 are run in parallel for larger coils an external suppression circuit (such as our SUP10) is advised.

These Transformers are excellent for other high-voltage functions as well.

Operates from 115 vac, and up to 6 are easily parallel connected for higher power operation. Six units connected in this way can produce 15000 vac rms at 360 ma. This is enough power to make a large Tesla coil easily producing 10+ foot arcs (such as our BTC70). May also be connected for 7500 volts at 720 ma.

Units are 10.75 x 6.4 x 5.25" and weigh 42 lbs. All transformers are open circuit tested at 1.2 x 120 vac for six hours before shipping.

A secondary protection circuit schematic designed by the late DC Cox of Resonance Research is included and must be used for larger Tesla coil applications of more than 2 transformers, to protect the high voltage secondary from high frequencies, current, and voltage transients. (See the PDF schematic here.)

This protection circuit is also available as a kit, or fully assembled (SUP10).
suppression circuit

A release of liability is required before purchase can be finalized -- please contact us to have it faxed or emailed to you, or simply download it by this link:

Please contact us for any volume purchasing requirements.

Note: these non-GFI transformers are NOT to be used with luminous tubes such as neon lighting. It is dangerous and illegal to do so.

Shipping Protection: please note that we run a bead of silicon around the base of the ceramic insulators, as we have found this to be the most reliable method of protecting them during shipment. Without this, the ceramic insulators can sometimes break during shipment at their narrower point where they enter the metal enclosure, so this bead of silicon is necessary to have in place. You may remove the silicon if you wish, although it adheses well to the metal and ceramic (which is how it protects the ceramic insulators during shipment), so it may take some detailed work to get it all off. Easiest thing is to just leave the silicon in place, as it is also an insulating material and will not effect the transformer's performance.

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