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5kV-35kV DC Universal Power Supply, Dual Mode, Voltage Controlled, Pos (+) Output

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Product Description

• Adjustable Up to 35,000 Volts
• Normal Operating Current Can Be >1mA
• Includes Current-Reducing Lead that Limits to 200uA Output for Almost Shockless Operation
• Can also serve as a Low Capacitance Charger and Voltage Integrity Tester

In "normal" operation this is a highly reliable and versatile power supply for many high voltage laboratory and research applications. Great for ion sources, creating electric fields, object charging, EMP generators, electro kinetic and pulse magnetic systems. Can also be used to charge small energy HV capacitors such as ceramic discs, doorknob capacitors and similar types.

A "safe mode" of operation is achieved by using the included shock-reducing lead which limits current to 200uA, allowing for high voltage output with a minimal shock hazard. This mode is useful for safe studies in cold plasma (where many interesting experiments produce visual and seemingly amazing displays), ion generation, corona, stable electric fields, and other low-current experiments and applications. This low current reduces possible painful electrical shocks if improper contact is made with the output, allowing the power supply to be suitable for use in schools and by the younger hobbyist. This low current mode also provides a convenient way of testing capacitors and multiplier circuits to verify performance before potting is done, preventing costly rework.

This is a voltage-regulated power supply; see the HV350CC for our current-regulated version.


  • Adjustable output up to 20kV at 1 milliamp / 35kV at 700ua / open circuit voltage may exceed 35kV at loads < 700ua.
  • Front panel adjustable voltage control with voltmeter, with a panel lamp to indicate “in or out” of regulation.
  • Output is voltage regulated through the output current range.
  • 2 HV output leads are included: a shock-reducing lead for safe operation, and a normal lead for full power operation. Easily switch between them by plugging in to the output connector.
  • Open- and short-circuit protected.
  • Output is end-point grounded for convenience.
  • Unit is powered by an included 3-wire grounded 12VDC 5A adapter (runs on 110-240VAC wall power for both US and international use)
  • Small and light weight, approximately 10"L x 7.5"W x 3.1"H. Made of an ABS Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Highly reliable device can be used for powering ion sources, antigravity lifters, object charging, EMP experimenting, electro kinetic and pulse magnetic systems. Excellent for many laboratory and research applications.
  • This unit has been approved by our testing labs to be around younger students and hobbyists. Nevertheless, qualified adult supervision is suggested.


HV350REG/SAFE Instructions

HV350REG/SAFE Further Information


This item is assembled and ready to use with a positive (+) output.
It is also available as a kit with plans and all parts, requiring assembly.
Or as plans (paper or downloadable versions), with parts and assembly required.


Optional 12V Battery:

BAT12/7 - Rechargeable 12V, 7AH battery for field use, 6 x 2.5 x 3.7"

Note: NEVER power 12V electronics from 12V battery chargers, as the chargers can operate up to 20V and may ruin your circuitry. Battery chargers should only be used to charge batteries, never as power supplies.

Product Videos

35kv Power Supply HV350REG/SAFE (09:40)
Our 35kV power supply, showing the operation in "safe" mode and "full power" mode.
  • 35kv Power Sup...
    Our 35kV power supply, showing the operation in "safe" mode an...

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Product Reviews

  1. Works well for my lab experiments! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th May 2020

    It works so much better with a DC Power supply connected to supply the 12Volts input power to the device. The 12v*5A power supply that came with it quickly pooped out. I'm using a $86 power supply from Amazon "DC Power Supply Variable, Eventek 0-32V 0-10.2A"

    Just don't exceed the 3Amp fuse limit and make sure you keep this HV device cold if you have repeated arcing or discharges, otherwise the power transistor will overheat in the device (though you can replace that too).

    I love that the system is easily repaired/modifiable if needed.

    My only disappointment is the high voltage wire is a bit on the short side, and the banana plug doesn't quite cover the connection to the box, so sparks can jump if you don't properly separate/insulate things. I've ended covering that with electrical tape, though its probably better to get some 'real' high voltage insulation tape for that.