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355nm Ultraviolet Laser MPL-F-355 Solid State 1-150mw Pulsed

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Product Description

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Ultraviolet Laser
Pulsed, 1-150 milliwatts
Passive Q-Switched

Laser Warning Class 3A Class 3B

All solid state 355nm UV lasers feature ultra compact construction, long lifetimes, low cost, and easy operation. Lasers are used in UV curing, CD carving, laser medical treatment, fluorescing materials, laser rapid modeling, spectrum analysis, chip inspection, physics experiments.

  • Wavelength: 355±1 nm
  • Output power: 1-150 mW
  • Analog/TTL Modulation: 2-30khz
  • Power stability: < 5%, < 10% (rms, 4 hrs)
  • FDA Classification: Class 3B
  • Transverse mode: Near TEM00
  • Operating mode: Frequency conversion of Q switched pulsed laser
  • Rep rate (kHz)
    Controllable Fixed rep. rate, such as 1k, 2k, 3k, 4kHz, with stable laser pulses (stable pulse energy, peak, duration and period). Different rep. rate from 1kHz-4kHz can be obtained by input of external TTL signal.
    Uncontrollable Undefined rep. rate from 4k-10kHz and unstable laser pulses. Suitable for applications only needing high peak power pulses.
  • Warm up time: < 10 minutes
  • Single pulse energy: 0.1 - 15 uJ
  • Pulse duration: ~7 ns
  • Peak power: ~2 kW
  • Beam divergence: < 1.5 mrad
  • Beam diameter: ~2 mm at aperture
  • Beam parameters: Ellipictal (4:1), Beam spot ~2 mm
  • Beam height from base: 45 mm
  • Polarization ratio: > 100:1
  • Point Stability after warm up: < 0.05
  • Residual Infrared light: < 1%
  • Operating temperature: 10-35 C
  • Expected lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • Laser: 211L x 88W x 74H mm, wgt 1.47kg
  • Power: 238L x 146W x 94H mm, wgt 2.88 kg
  • Power: 80-260 vac
  • Warranty time: 1 year

Remarks: Please note that because of the walk-off effect of nonlinear crystals, the beam quality of this UV laser is not as good as that of the 1064/532nm lasers.

Power Supply: this laser comes with an H-FDA power supply. The OEM and LED power supplies are not available for this system.

Power Control: not available for pulsed lasers.

Modulation: not available for pulsed lasers.

Line Optics: for < = 75° spread, add $550. For > = 90° spread, add $600.

Fiber Coupling: MM fiber add $450; SM fiber add $730. (Click Here for More Fiber Coupling Info.) If you need fiber coupling, please call us or let us know in the special instructions of your order.

Eye Protection: our OLY-LSG-3 safety goggles block wavelengths of 190-540nm, providing eye protection against 355nm UV lasers. Always exercise great caution when using any high-power laser.

Price Match: If you find this laser from a retail store for less, please let us know and we'll try to match their price or better!

Note: these laser systems are special-order and may require 4-6 weeks for delivery. All sales final.

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