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1-40kV 20-70kHz 10-300W Adjustable Power Supply (5-200pfd loads)

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For capacitive (resonant) loads the PVM500-1000 can tune out capacitances from 5-150 pfd at full power output. It can also drive conventional (non-resonant) loads, at a max output of 6kv pk 60ma pk.

Other versions of the PVM500 contain different secondary transformers, suited to different capacitance loads. These secondary transformers may be swapped out for the power supply to work with different capacitive load ranges. See notes below for more information.

PVM500 Plasma Power Generator for Conventional and Complex Loads
Circuitry produces up to 300 watts with independent voltage, current, and frequency adjustment.


PVM500 Instructions
Duty Cycle Writeup
 Changing The Secondary Transformer
Click Here for Transformer Secondary

This reliable and flexible Plasma Driver will power conventional resistive loads such as plasma devices with internal electrodes, or Jacob’s ladders, voltage multipliers, arc generators, neon tubing and other similar devices that do not require resonant operation.

It will also power complex reactive (resonant) loads by tuning out the external capacitance to efficiently drive the resonant load, allowing high real-power operation of gas displays ionizing and igniting, DBD, chemical, ion, plasma, ozone cells, vessels, transducers and other research functions. To achieve an equivalent effect without the capacitance-tuning property of this power supply would require an extremely high output voltage. Instead, this is accomplished by simple resonance and observation of when the meter indicates the point of capacitance cancellation in complex loads. You will find this device highly valuable in this type of research. Output power may be adjusted from 10 to 300 watts, and it runs on standard 115V AC wall power (or 220 volts with optional step down transformer).

May also be used for sputtering, plasma etching, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating, and physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating, electro-chemical reactions, HHO gas production, and many other research functions.

Advanced Circuitry Features:
  ● Independent voltage control from zero to maximum output
         For conventional (non-resonant) loads:
         PVM500-1000 = 6kV 60mA peak (12kV pk-pk)
  ● Independent current control from 5% to maximum output while maintaining voltage setting using duty cycle function circuitry
  ● Independent frequency control from 20 kHz to 70 kHz
  ● Large 3" ammeter monitors AC line current, indicates resonance peaking
  ● Tune out the capacitance that is often a problem found in indirect capacitive coupling to plasma systems
         Capacitance load range depends on secondary transformer:
         PVM500-1000 = best for 5-150pfd capacitive (resonant) loads
  ● Non resonant voltage 0-10kV rms for direct connections to gas vessels with internal electrodes
  ● Excellent for driving many types of complex loads
  ● Maximum output power over 300 watts
  ● Short circuit proof by built-in leakage reactance
  ● 120vac 50/60 Hz input (240 vac versions available with auto step down transformer, below)
  ● Can be used to power the smallest to the largest neon/plasma displays
  ● Measures 7" x 4" x 10" and weighs less than 5 pounds
  ● BNC jack for monitoring frequency output
  ● BNC jack for TTL control

Each PVM500 version can tune out capacitive loads with the inductance of the transformer secondary using the 20 to 70 kHz turning range of the unit. Additional transformer secondaries are available for capacitances up to 50pf, 150pf and >1000pf. If you are not familiar with complex circuitry, you can find data in text books or consult with a qualified tech or engineer. If you have an application problem OR have any questions about the use of this device or, if your cell capacitance exceeds the listed ranges, you may contact us.

Please read all data and downloads which explain the important load capabilities and technical features of these versatile devices.

For all tech data and pricing on available potted and unpotted transformer secondaries output coils.


TR220/110/300 - Optional step-down transformer for international customers operating at 220VAC wall power

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