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Amazing, Mysterious, and Novelty Plasma Devices


This page shows some of our AMAZING MYSTERY and Novelty PLASMA DEVICES.

Many are used as attention-getting displays. These are very pleasing to the eye as they produce a myriad of colors that move about and produce beautiful textures and patterns. Our singing plasma device can even produce high quality sound from the plasma arc!

Certain forms of plasma can be made to produce chemical reactions both in living and nonliving material. These reactions can sometimes be an aid to healing and generate materials that otherwise would not be possible. This is only a small sampling of what this mysterious fourth state of matter can accomplish.

JARPUMPED - Plasma Tornado, Ball Lightning, and Energy Transmission
Generator uses rarefied air to produce weird and bizarre properties. No other gases but atmosphere are used in this display. This item is a winning science project!
Plasma Tornado and Ball Lightning Generator
Photo of Energized Air at 1 Torr Pressure

Fascinating demonstration of energy being wirelessly transmitted and actually causing motors, lights and different electrical objects to operate at a distance without wires. This is a winning science project as well as a very useful research demonstration.

The plasma tornado generator is an excellent demonstration of energized electrical plasma. It uses rarefied air pumped down to a vacuum of 1 mm (torr) or less and energized by a high frequency, high voltage power source. Displays range from a purple vortex shaped plasma column extending the length of the vessel to orange saucer shaped disks as pressure is even further lowered. Display will vary by pressure and the operating frequency of the power source providing a myriad of weird and bizarre plasma discharges. Outside influences such as a hand or finger will attract or repel the plasma vortexes further adding to the mystique of the device. Fluorescent or neon tube will mysteriously glow without any connections what so ever when bought near the display vessel, clearly demonstrating wireless transmission of energy.

Plasma Tornado and Ball Lightning Generator

The basic system uses our PVM12 low input voltage adjustable frequency high voltage output driver only requiring connection to one terminal of the display vessel. The other "virtual" electrode is the surrounding atmosphere with the glass walls of the container becoming the dielectric. The system is now modeled as a "lossy" capacitor. The actual rarefied air once energized by the high frequency energy becomes the loss part of the capacitor model.

The driver is short circuit protected but must be connected to the display or other suitable load. Input is 12 volts DC at 3 amps and must be earth grounded for proper operation (you can use a 12V battery for field use, or the 12DC/4AR wall adapter that is included with the PVM12). The PVM12 is described in the high frequency power supply section of our website.

The display vessel is shown as a one gallon pickle jar with a brass metal cap. The cap is shown reworked for connection to a vacuum pump and the high frequency driver for operation. The jar is available on special request fully pumped down and will provide a display that will change over time and is intended for those not having access to a vacuum pump.

**CAUTION Pumped-down jar is under a high vacuum and can be an explosion hazard if broken. It is strongly suggested to place in a heavy clear plastic bag or meshed bag like what onions are packed in. Jar is labeled explosion hazard.

JAR - Jar with reworked metal cap ready to connect up vacuum pump ... $49.95
JARPUMPED - Jar vacuum pumped to .5 Torr labeled as above Ready to Use and See Energized Plasma, Ball Lightning, Plasma Disks etc ... $79.95
PTG3-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00
PVM12 - 10KVAC Ready to Use Plasma Driver with 12DC/4AR - 12V/4Amp Regulated Adapter for PVM12 (115/220VAC Wall Input)... $189.95

PLASMADRILL1K - ALL NEW Plasma Drilling Machine
Drills Ultra Small Clean, Round, Precision Holes. These can be used for many optical experiments and applications.

This useful device is intended for those requiring clean micron-sized holes in non-metallic materials. Great for optic and laser studies requiring microfine holes. Unit as shown will go through a 1/8" thick stack of business cards in one shot.

Also great for experimenters validating dielectric and insulating integrity of certain materials. Use as a demonstration, science or specialty product.

Includes drilling stand, plasma generator and battery holder for 8 AA batteries. Product is sold without protective shielding of high voltage points. Improper contact can produce a very painful shock but will not burn or cause injury. Plasma energy is 20kv at 1/5 joule. The charger used for the plasma driller is our PBK50.

PLASMADRILL1K - Kit and Plans With Assembled PBK50 Plasma Generator ... $99.50
PLASMADRILL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

PLPEN1K - Plasma Writing and Etching Pen
This project is just becoming popular. It allows you to etch very fine designs into any nonconductive surface. A piece of unfinished wood is a fine example where you can actually draw with great precision using the plasma flame in exquisite detail. The device is simple and safe to use and can do many things for those that want to try something new with natures 4th state of matter!


"Burns In" Using a Plasma Arc -- Provides Hours Of Creative and Profitable Entertainment!

This interesting project allows the user to burn precise and very fine lines into paper, cloth, wood, plastic or most other non-metallic materials. The burning mechanism utilizes an electrical plasma produced by a high frequency discharge that forms at the emitting pin of the pen. Power is by built in batteries or an external 12 vdc wall adapter transformer. Once the user becomes familiar with operation, many designs requiring precise engraving will be at his finger tips.

The device is shown built in a tubular enclosure of 6 x 1.5 inches OD. that encloses the batteries and all electronics. The etching section is a pen-sized stylus connected by a length of flexible wire.

PLPEN1K - Kit/Plans...12V/115Vac ... $59.95
PLPEN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $6.00

AUDIOARC30 - Talking and Singing Musical Electric Plasma Arc
Hear the magic of pure and fidelity sound seemingly emanating from clear space. This is a very new concept and has already taken science projects to a new level.
audio arc

audio arc audio arc

The "Plasma Audio Arc" produces loud and clear sounds through an electrical arc.

Unit includes arc intensity and volume control and operates from 115 VAC wall power. Arc is not electrically dangerous but can cause burns if contacted. It is an excellent project for the more advanced experimenter who desires to build and demonstrate an amazing and winning science project.

Simply connect to the headphone/output jack of any small radio and the sound will be created by the electrical arc in the special included acoustical chamber. There is no conventional speaker involved; the sound is created by the oscillating electric spark, which in turn vibrates the surrounding air to create sound. It's a truly magical experience to see and hear music (or any sound you put through this device) created by pure electricity.

This project will fascinate those who just do not believe that the electrical arc is actually producing this clear and crisp tone, or frustrate them as they try to explain where it's coming from!

Audio Arc Instructions

AUDIOARC30 - Talking Plasma Electric Arc, Assembled ... $199.95
TR220/110/300 - Stepdown transformer for 220V International Use ... $69.95