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Dog and Rodent


This page describes methods of controlling animal pests

Including barking dogs, rats and rodents, moles, and other bothersome pests all without traps or dangerous poisons.

This modern technology is safe and effective when used as directed.

The Canine Controller
Top-of-the-line product that we have for the control of barking dogs and sometimes their uncooperative owners. It is a very universal device having the option of automatic bark detection and also features a radio controlled option which gives the user total control of turning the unit on or off at his discretion from a remote location up to 300 feet. May also be used for control of garden pests and rodents.

Sonic field generator conditions dogs to stop barking. Directional device picks up the dogs bark, processes it, and turns on the sonic field pointed in the offending animal's direction. The animal now experiences a very uncomfortable sound much like a person would find from the scratching of chalk on a black board. Eventually the animal associates this sound to occur only when he barks thus conditioning him to stop.

Two part system can be operated from internal batteries, external 12 vdc or 115 vac via the included wall adapter transformer.

Light weight unit can be placed strategically wherever it may be necessary to pick up the bark and provide an effective sound pressure level to condition the animal or his owner.

The device discriminates from other sounds using filters, counters and sound conditioning circuitry. Internal adjustments allow selection of the number of barks occuring within a given time frame before triggering the sonic field generator. An internal adjustment on the time that the sonic field generator remains "on" once triggered is also selectable. An external trigger level control provides the necessary setting to activate from the bark yet not be so sensitive that it triggers from ambient sounds conducive to the area.

The sonic field burst section contains four high output polarized piezoelectric transducers arranged in a 2 x 2 highly directional array. The frequency of the output is adjustable from an audible 5 kHz to an inaudible 25 kHz. This range of frequencies allows controlling the dog or in certain instances adjusting to the lower frequencies to give the owners some annoyance. The frequency of the burst, sweep function and main power switch are all externally accessible. The sweep function causes the output frequency to continually change between two limits. The rate of this change is the sweep function control and may be disabled.

CANINE10 Instructions

The Remote Control (RC) allows operation from over 300 feet away, where for example this device could be concealed in an area you want to rid of animal and/or human intruders, and then activated unobtrusively and undetected from a distance when you notice congregation in the area. Or home intrusion can be prevented from anywhere in the house by remotely turning on this system to discourage or deter a situation. The receiver draws power from the system, so separate batteries are not required. The keychain transmitter operates like an automobile remote starter and will last for thousands of start/stop cycles with its replaceable battery. The small size of the transmitter allows it to be easily carried with you at all times, so you are always ready. Instructions included. transmitter

Unit measures 7.5" x 7.5" x 4.5". Suggested effective range will vary, but can be up to 100 feet in favorable conditions.

SPECIAL NOTE: In some circumstances the owner is more to blame than the actual animal. The unit may be easily tuned to a frequency that the owners themselves find uncomfortable rather than their pet. Unit is directional and can easily be aimed at the target area.

- 2nd Gen High Power Version with 4 special transducers and range extending tubes for high intensity output ... $494.95
- Paper Plans ... $20.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $9.00

* The assembled versions include a Rental option, which allows you to evaluate the device for $75 for 30 days, to see if it suits your requirements.

Kits with remote control require the customer to attach the receiver to the device. Assembled units with remote control have the receiver already attached and fully ready to operate.

Pest and Rodent Eliminator Emits Complex Waves of Ultrasound
Uses no harmful chemicals to keep members of the rodent family out of areas where they are not wanted.

The Attack Wave PestrepellerTM is a user friendly and environmentally friendly way to combat rodents. This device utilizes automatic wave variation, minimizing the chance that pests become immune to the sound. It attacks the auditory and nervous systems of rodents. This pressure causes them to abandon their food sources and shelters. Does not harm dogs and cats, but should not be used in the presence of hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils or other rodent pets.

  • Inaudible to humans
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3-3/4" x 3-1/3"
  • Weight: 5.75 oz
  • Power Supply: DC Adapter (included)
  • Frequency: 30,000 to 65,000 HZ
  • Sound Pressure: 110 dB
  • Approx. Effective Angle: 260 degrees
  • Effective Area: 4,000 - 5,000 Sqft
- Assembled & Ready To Use ... $49.95

Mutt Minder
Control unruly dogs often encountered while biking, walking etc
mutt minder

Animal Control

Miniature electronic device intended for potential vicious dog and animal protection. May discourage human encounters. Also used for field research work. Complex sonic shock waves are internally adjustable for maximizing on target subject. Operating frequency is 18-19kHz (right at the edge of human hearing). Sweep mode intensifies effect. Effective range of up to 25 feet.

  • high sound pressure level
  • directional pain field sonic waves
  • 4" x 3" x 2" Shirt pocket sized
  • Operates on a 9 volt battery
- Ready to Use ... $114.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Paper Plans ... $4.00

Ultrasound Pain Field Guns for many uses.

Ultrasound Guns offer portability using to flush out rats and other vermin in areas as silage bins, chicken coops etc. They can be used as a survey tool for research with animals on the effect of this pain field and serve to determine whether the user may want a more permanent installation and system to help eliminate his problem.

ALL NEW 2nd GEN Long Range Ultrasound Pain Field Guns with Higher Power Output
These units use special issue transducers and tuned resonating tubes and are classified as a second level of effectiveness


PPP10 Instructions

Information Unlimited now offers our SECOND GENERATION extended range ultrasonic pain field guns. This product is an improvement of our PPP10 with unique advantages. We now offer the product with an ultrasound focusing lens. This feature greatly intensifies the effect at far field and projects a narrower beam that confines the effect into a smaller area. Our test documentation shows that when the focusing tube is adjusted to the frequency just above human hearing that the sound pressure increases many db. These new improvements more than triple the range. The effect is also noticed on frequencies above and below human hearing providing a significant gain over a wide window of frequencies The transducer used now is a special issue unit that has considerably more sound pressure level than the standard unit.

  • Very high SPL and Directional Pain Field Sonic Shock Waves
  • May be set to an inaudible but intolerable feeling of pain or discomfort
  • 3-1/2"x 6" Barrel Houses Transducers And Electronics
  • Butt Section Houses 8 AA Batteries
  • Sweep and Frequency Controls adjust for maximum effect on target
  • PPP10 dims: 9"L x 3.5"W x 10"H
  • PSP60 dims: 8"L x 7"W x 11"H (front plate about 7"x5"x1.25")
  • The PSP60 is an enhanced PPP10 design with nearly 3 times the output power, and also has a jack to plug in an adapter for running on wall power (includes 12DC/2AR wall adapter).


PSP60 Instructions

These handheld Ultrasound guns have many uses. They are portable and can flush out rats and other vermin in areas as silage bins, chicken coops, around dumpsters, etc. They can be used as a survey tool for research with animals on the effect of this pain field, and serve to determine whether the user may want a more permanent installation and system to help control his problem. They can also be quite effective on people. Check local laws before exposing to people.

ALL NEW Long Range Ultrasound Pain Field Guns with High Power Output

They are classified as a second level of effectiveness

- High-Power version ... $154.95
  The PPP10-HP uses a focusing tube and a high-quality Special Issue transducer with excellent output.
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
- Very High Sound Pressure Level, Fully Assembled, with 12V 2A wall adapter (includes Rental option) ... $409.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $5.00


Radio Controlled Squirrel and Pest Shocker

This squirrel and pest shocking system is available in three modes of operation.

The First Mode

Requires only the PSHK10 shocker module where you use the internal batteries consisting of eight AA cells inserted inside of the unit. You secure the shocker module at the base of the feeder pole using a strap or some other removable means. The green wire of the shocker is connected to earth ground on the shocker pole. You control the system by simply using the toggle switch on the rear of the module. This option allows the unit to be either on or off at your discretion. It does however require you to manually control the system.

The Second Mode

Similar to the first mode, but instead of batteries the 12V wall adapter is used, and the unit is controlled by an AC switch or simply unplugging the 12V wall adapter. This mode has the option of being left on all the time without worrying about batteries, as batteries are not used in this mode.

The Third Mode

The shocker is wirelessly controlled with our RC10 radio control unit. Simply plug the wire from the RC10 into the shocker (the RC10 can be powered by batteries or 12V wall adapter). Now you can control the system remotely, from up to 300 feet away, with a small key chain transmitter.

Shocking Device

CAUTION:  Shock hazard if not used as directed. May require installation and basic electrical skills.

- RC controlled squirrel shocker system ready to use ... $129.95

For proper installation the metal pole must be used as the NEGATIVE CONTACT and a small surface for the POSITIVE CONTACT that must be insulated from the metal pole. The positive contacts can be two metal strips mounted on insulating plastic blocks. Now what happens as the squirrel comes up the pole he is making the negative contact, and then his front paws to continue his journey up the pole contact the insulated metallic strips on our insulating blocks and the poor little thing gets a shock and jumps off.

Our above explanation is for the way the system must be set up to protect the birdfeeder from the squirrels climbing up the pole. Now squirrels also get access to the birdfeeder in other ways, they can jump quite high and get right to the goods. It is going to be up to you to use your own ingenuity in setting up the shocking contacts for other situations that may arise. One thing you must be very aware of is not to rig up the electrodes they can get the birds because that's going to defeat the purpose of the whole project but normally the birds will not make contact with the pole and any of the energized electrodes simultaneously that must occur with a squirrel that will have much more of a tendency to do so.

There are many other ways to rig up the contacts noting the positive contacts that must be insulated. Your methods are dictated by the way the animal gets access to the actual feed goods and we cannot cover every eventuality but the demonstration an explanation of what we presented here should give you the information you need at least to try other methods for these other situations.

For the positive contact points you may use several pieces of wire from 8 to 12 inches or whatever you think will work in your application. Each end of these wires should be attached to an appropriate piece of nylon string. Now the nylon string insulates the wires and serves as a method to stabilize and secure them in place. The wires are all connected together at some convenient point to connect the high-voltage output of the shock unit. Each wires should be spaced around the feeding station so that as the squirrel climbs up the pole he's going to have to make contact with one of them.

Animal ChaserTM Auto Detecting Pest and Dog Controller
Low cost unit intended for annoying pests up to 40' using ultrasound.

The Animal Chaser keeps unwelcome guests from your property. When an animal enters the large area covered by the infrared sensor, the Animal Chaser produces a sound that is very unpleasant to cats, dogs, and even racoons but inaudible to the human ear. The unit switches off automatically when the animal has left the area for extended battery life.

  • Easy to install
  • Weather resistant
  • Battery powered
  • Built in test button and LED indicator
  • Patented design
- Assembled & Ready To Use ... $29.95

Rid-A WayTM Rat Router
This unit was designed 30 years ago by our company for a large pest-control company called SON-A-RAY. Several years later it was also used by a company called MSA industries. It was one of the first ultrasonic units that was developed with deafness immunity. This feature prevented the resident rodents from getting immune to the ultrasound. This unit was sold by the thousands until the EPA had a restriction on the sound pressure level of 105 dB. Since then that restriction has been removed but at that time it limited sales tremendously.
rat20 System produces highly effective complex time variant variable pulses of acoustical ultrasonic energy that most rodents cannot tolerate. Simple to use and safe to the environment.
  • 3" x 2" x 4" Galvanized Box
  • 115 VAC Operation
  • Operates At Inaudible 25 khz
  • Effective Sound Ouput ~125db @ 30cm
  • Pulsing Neon Indicator Lamp
- Assembled ... $79.95 (3+ @ $59.95ea)
- Kit/Plans ... $49.95
- Paper Plans ... $8.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

High Powered Pest And Rodent Control System
System produces highly effective complex time variant variable pulses of acoustical ultrasonic energy that most rodents cannot tolerate. Simple to use and safe to the environment. This unit can be adapted to be used for driving squirrels from bird feeders, pests from gardens and also keep annoying dogs away. It has been sold by the name GARDEN GUARD, PROTECTO-PLANT and ANTI DOG FORCE FIELD.
ror30.jpg - 4.64 K Controls most rodent species using safe and harmless to humans "ULTRASOUND" driving them out of homes and protected areas. Versatile system includes a central console control unit that feeds up to six remotely located satellite stations, each capable of protecting up to 5000 square feet. Stations may be connected up to fifty feet using low voltage speaker wire eliminating many installation costs. Uses patented deafness immunity programmed sweepfunction.
  • 120db Each Station.
  • Output Adjustable For Effect.
  • Test Switch With Controls.
  • System "ON" Indicator Lamp.
  • Includes Wire And Brackets For Four Satellite Stations.
- Ready To Use System With Four Satellite Stations And Hardware ... $329.50
Requires Some Simple Installation