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Thank you for creating the HV250 25Kv power supply! I bought the kit many years ago and have had just the best time with it, from making electrets, Bifeld-Brown experiments, ion blowers, charge experiments, electrostatic ant removal etc.




Considering the small size of my order I am very grateful that you guys still go to the trouble to take care of my custom like you do so I am most grateful as I do not believe I could get these items easily elsewhere – excellent care and service.




We've had some better than expected results for the biology experiments we were doing using the jet as is with the PVM400-220.




So fast it took 1 day from my order next day delivery awesome
 will be making more orders to come

Brian D.



Thanks again for all your help, your company has always been stellar to deal with. It's refreshing.




OK thanks!  I am very happy with the personal responses and could not ask for more!




It is really nice to know that there is someone who answers questions this fast in your company for future reference!





I must begin by telling you how awesome your website and the products you offer are. I can't find this stuff anywhere else. THANKS!





Thanks for posting the instructions and other information about your products. Your website is wonderfully informative in ways and to an extent that almost no other retailer is.

Paul J.




I first learned of you in the back of Popular Science magazine in 1985 as my interest was anything to do with high voltage and Tesla. Coming home from school to find a catalog from you and Lindsay publications was like Christmas to me. Keep up the good work!

Robert M.




I have built a magnetic cannon based on your design and it is awesome!!!!!





you guys are freaking awesome. Was in over my head trying this. I'm use to snapping modules together and stuff. Thanks a bunch!





Thank you for the part and response. The kit project was an interesting test and enjoyable. And it worked when done.

Monte D.





I recently ordered a stun gun kit from you...great website and products and hope to do a lot more buisness with your company. Many thanks

Benny D.





I recently purchased a PVM12 and have been very impressed, great little unit!






Hi. Just wanted to say thanks. I purchased the high output Ozone Generator kit a few months back. Finally had time to assemble it and tune it up. Works great. A very awesome project.


If I had the money, I would buy everything you have! Love the site.


Nick B.





I wanted you and your colleagues to know that the BTC30 arrived safe and

sound at my lab, and it already has been of great use in our work.

Back-story: It provides the 'trigger' to initiate arcing between test

articles which are charged using a much-lower-voltage capacitor bank, only

22KV or so.


Your folks packed it superbly, and it was properly tuned for good

performance "right out of the box." Just thought you would want to know

how well your BTC30 is performing in this unusual service. Put me down

for a testimonial!


Johnie S.





Your company's customer service is excellent which I appreciate greatly.






Thank you for having such plans and operational items available, I think that you are the only place to get such unique items.

James V.





I'd like to thank you for your great company, Information Unlimited.


It is a pleasure to do business with a company like yours.You stand behind your products, and are concerned about customer satisfaction.


I must say your salesperson was a delight to work with , very polite, knowledgeable about your products and also concerned about customer satisfaction.


I would not hesitate to recommend I.U. to my friends and family, and woud definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks Again








I know we will be doing business again. I like your website, VERY INTERESTING STUFF!!!


Les K.





Thanks much I got them. Love your website makes the little boy in me run wild.






Thank you sir. You guys are the coolest!



Cyrus H.





Thank you, these plans are proving a boon for our test setup.



Frank M.





Thank you! What an awesome site you guys have. I'll be sure to pass on the good word.


Josh E.





I love Information Unlimited. It's the website that laughs in the face of "don't try this at home" :-)

David G.




Plz do me a favor, and DO NOT let the government push you guys around and take away your right to present science fair-quality informations that makes my creativity flourish!

W. S.





Thank you for your mail sir.

Unfortunatelly is very hard to find in my country all I need to make this device. Was just curiosity. Such a device is a nice piece in a fizic laboratory school but what can I say....is hard to build such a device here. Anyway your site is one of the most interesting on the net,congratulations

M. Fatu





Demo went great. If you have any sample lesson plans or demonstration ideas I would love to do another demonstration for the class.


Merry Christmas

F. M.





Thanks! The first time I paid there was an error message that led me to believe payment had not occurred so I tried again using a different account (It had been a while and sometimes security codes change, etc…). Given the low cost I was not going to worry about it but I sure appreciate the customer service!


Warm regards,






Thanks so much for the refund, I know $4 isn't that much but it's the attention to detail. Keep on rockin' bro!








Thank you very much. I have manged to download the plans.

I made a mistake as I thought the plan for use on the Motor Car was different, hence the double payment.


I appreciate you honesty & integrity to refund me the second purchase.


Its been a pleasure to deal with you.


All my best,

Henry T.





Thanks for the refund... I've made a larger order and look forward

to doing business with you in the future.


Sincerely, Bruce P.





You guys are awesome. Thanks for the great customer service! I'll continue to support your business!

Naomi A.





Thank you for sending the file to me again. I had downloaded the file from a link your system sent me earlier.

Thank you all for comming up with all kinds of cool gadgets and sell for very reasonalble price!






It is AMAZING to do business with such a great, honest, group of people! Project is due monday, I will keep you posted. Thanks!

Terry H.





Thanks for the quick response. I received the plans and am quite pleased with them.

Robert C.





Thanks very much! That level of thoughtful service is much appreciated!!


Best regards,

Dr. Daniel





It’s always nice to deal with a web-based company that delivers as promised.

Dave A.





I have the BTC30 Tesla Coil--it's awesome and the reason I'm looking for info about bigger ones--and I'd like to build a Tesla receiving transformer to work with it.


Thanks, and I love all of the products I've purchased from you thus far,


Phil B.





Thank you, I appreciate your help. I'm a long time admirer of your site. So many projects, so little time. ;)


Walker K.





Thanks, I got them. I downloaded your free PDF Catalog and I have to say you have some pretty cool stuff in there. You will probably be getting plenty of future orders from me. Thanks again.






Thanks for this message; it's nice to hear a personal touch from a company! I'll be buying more :D






Its a pleasure of being your customer -

In conjunction with a forum for posting project logs,

tidbits of advice and perhaps various tournaments,

I would be tempted to return and participate in

board discussions...







PS: thanks for the help on our singing tesla coil. It works really well. We got 120” arcs with half power.






Thank you very much for resolving this dispute. I am very pleased with

your customer service and will likely purchase other plans from you in

the future. I have already recommended your site to another person.


Thanks -Adam





Thank you very much you guys rock i always look forward to ordering cool [stuff] from your site !!!! By the way you guys ever build a tesla turbine i would buy one!!!!!!!






I was able to download them both, and I appreciate the swift response. These look like quality plans, and I plan on coming back!

Mike H.





Amazingly good service! Good job. Mike





Thank you!!!! I know a lot of companies would have treated me differently seeing as it was my mistake! Looking forward to doing business with amazing1 again!

-Dylan M.





Thanks for the prompt assistance. :D






Top service, thanks very much.






Thanks so much. You have gone above and beyond for someone who was ready to blame you for my mistake.

I must say I was really happy to find your site and all that you offer. To find out that you are a really good guy is frosting on the cake. You have a new loyal customer [who has yet to really buy anything].

Sincerely, John





Thanks for the great customer service! I really appreciate the individual attention from an internet-based company; I'll certainly continue to frequent your site.






Thank you for yo ur excellent customer service. I indeed did have problems receiving the SSL7 laser plans, and tried to make a second transaction. Thank you very much for refunding the second purchase. I am really impressed with your fantastic rapport.



John B.





Thanks very much for the quick action! It's this kind of service that me more likely to buy again!


~ Cliff





Thanks for the follow-up. I will be ordering other plans as well. It is also reassuring that someone is aware of the activity between the customers and the company. Especially if the downloads failed and the plans are sent via email.


Thanks again!






Information Unlimited provides a direct source for some of the geatest cutting technology for research and development, without red tape, available in our country. From plans to assembled equipment, Information Unlimited/Scientific Systems provides an immediately satisfying source for the more than casual hobbiest.


As a "Hi-tech girl" I'm not going to allow my disdain for [PP] to hinder the services you provide.


My regards and thanks to you and your company.



Laura B.





Thank you for the refund, that shows you are a stand up company and

stand behind your products! I will make sure to leave a good review

on my forum site for you, along with a backlink for your site.


Thanks again,

Chad S.





I typed in the wrong e-mail when setting up my account and battled to get it fix that's why I ordered 3 times.Thanks a lot for the refund, I really didn't thought that I will get that $6 back.



Leon E.


P.S It is service like that makes you guys stand up above the rest. I will definitely make use of your site in the future.





Thank you very much for your feedback and for promptly following up on my purchases.


At first I was concerned that it might be difficult to get a quick response when I sent an

online email to get support, but now I deeply impressed.


Thanks to your help, I was able to automatically receive an email an email with a download

link when I made the additional two purchases.

I was able to successfully download these plans as well, and soon after I made the purchase.


Thank you very much for your excellent help and support!


Best regards,

Doug W.



Thank you very much again for such an amazing costumer service, wish all the best for your business.




Just wanted to let you know that I put the Firetron power supply in my

light this last weekend and it worked perfectly. No excess heat or brightness.

I do appreciate you help getting this light sorted out for me as I missed it's

warm glow in the back of my shop.......... I definitely booked marked your site

for future references.......


Thanks again.....




You guys have been very helpful, I thank you so much! I will recommend you to everyone !