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Paranormal, Aura, Psychic Energy, Telekinetic and the Unexplained


Strange & unexplained thermal, electric, magnetic and gravity tremor activity has been reported detected by several of our sensing devices in known areas where psychic and paranormal phenomena is believed to be active. Below are devices that appear to detect some of this unexplained activity.

BHT60 - Thermal Anomaly Detector
Highly Sensitive, Detects Warmth to Difference of .001C

Battery operated directional device indicates small changes in the thermal fields that sometimes accompany stationary and moving paranormal phenomena. This unit can detect the heat left by your handprint when removed from the contacted surface for several minutes. Activity is noted via an alarm or flashing lamp on the panel. A sensitivity control allows adjustment of the meter range. Unit detects moving and stationary activity.    > Click for more information <

BHT60 - Field Detector, Assembled & Ready to Use ... $159.95
BHT6K - Field Detector Kit, with Plans & All Components ... $119.95
BHT6-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

MGD10 - Magnetic Field Distortion, Sunspot, & Tremor Detector

See the earth's magnetic field distort under the influence of solar activity. Detects moving metallic objects such as UFOs. Predicts earthquakes, power outages, communication blackouts and other weird phenomena. Battery operated two part device consists of remote sense head with built in nanoamp preamplifier. Control box contains output jacks for X & Y recorder, signal meter, audible alarm and all programming controls.   > Click for more information <

MGD10 - Assembled & Tested Unit ... $269.95

HT90P - Ultrasonic Receiver

Battery operated directional device detects sounds beyond the range of human hearing, with narrow band tuning from about 23 to 27 kHz, allowing you to hear and pinpoint mechanical, electrical and biological high-frequency sounds such as leaking gases, air, water; corona leakage; motor frictional sounds potentially including bearing wear breakdown noises; bats, insects, and other sounds of mother nature; a hunter's aid for high frequency sounds made by animals traveling through dry woods or even wet grass -- even beading water! There are countless applications for this unit.
> Click for more information <

HT90P - Assembled with Headsets, Dish, & Microphone Mount ... $349.00
HT9KP - Kit & Plans with all parts and headsets, requiring assembly ... $194.95
HT9-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

IOD40 - Ion, Charge and Electric Field Detector

Hyper low sensitive DC amplifier detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, ultra low static fields, lightning, paranormal entities and other associated phenomena. Very useful device in warning of approaching dangerous storms.    > Click for more information <

IOD40 - Assembled ... $149.95

DARK10 - Detects Strange Miniscule Changes in Light Levels

Battery operated directional device indicates small changes in the light levels often attributed to paranormal activities. Unit contains a sensitivity control, audible and visual alarms.

DARK10 - Darkness and Shadow Detector, Ready to Use ... $99.95

MINIMAX70 - Kirlian Photography

Explore the amazing and mysterious phenomena where many objects produce a glowing electrical "AURA". Operates from 115VAC or batteries.

KIRL1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
KIRL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
MINIMAX70 - 7kv 10ma HV Corona Power Supply For Kirlian Experiments ... $39.95
14DC/1G - 14V 1A grounded wall adapter to drive HV power supply ... $19.95

TKE10 - Telekinetic Enhancer
Mystify and amaze your friends by creating motion with no known apparent means or cause.
tkeloop.gif - 2.59 K A neat electronic device that uses no direct electrical or mechanical connections, no special gimmicks, yet can produce motion and other effects. Excellent for science fair projects, magic shows, party demonstrations, to amaze & confound your friends, or even for serious research and development of this strange and amazing psychic phenomenon.
> Click for more information <
TKE10 - Assembled and Tested ... $99.95
TKE1K - Kit With Plans & All Components ... $69.95
TKE1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $7.00

ENPROBE10 - Energy Probe

Probe detects E fields produced by electrical activity and other unknown anomalies. Unit uses no batteries or other sources of power. Unit can also provide a three-dimensional output "footprint" of medical healing machines such as Lakhovsky coils, high voltage generators, ion machines, dangerous lightning levels, power line e-field gradients, and high frequency energy radiation from TESLA coils and similar devices. This probe is used by paranormal researchers as seen on some TV shows..    > Click for more information <

ENPROBE10 - Assembled ... $39.95