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Mechanical Devices




40-200 - Gyroscope
Demonstrates the concept of inertial guidance used in determination of the stabilization of moving objects. Items are precision made.

Explore the mysteries of inertial guidance, compasses and stabilization. Runs up to 3 minutes with little wobble because it's precision machined. Dynamically balanced 6 cm steel rotor, near-frictionless Teflon stay bearings. The gimbal cradle with cone bearings pivots to hold the spinning gyroscope in place. Includes: plastic base, molded rocker with gimbal, pull cord & handle, weights, hook, instructions.

Temporarily unavailable, our apologies for that.

582-10 - Gyroscope Kit Demonstration

To demonstrate and teach the principle of a Gyroscope. All metal construction except for plastic bases. Consists of 2 plastic bases, 4" diameter, one flat and other with a rocker, to experiment on, as to what happens when the base is moving. The Gyroscope is mounted in a metal ring 3-&frac12" dia, Gyroscope wheel 2-¼" dia. Comes complete with spinning cord. Total height 7.5".

582-10 - Newtonian Demonstrator ... $23.50

710 - Crook's Radiometer
Shows photons causing a positive mechanical reaction to light proving that light is also photons with mass as well as electro-magnetic waves.

Invented by William Crooke in the 1860s, this device demonstrates the conversion of light energy into mechanical energy. The vanes in the evacuated glass bulb are Black and White in color. The dark vanes absorb the rays and the light vanes reflect the rays. This is a great way to study how light energy is converted into mechanical energy. The stronger the light, the faster it spins. It measures approximately 5" by 3".

710 - Radiometer ... $16.95

DCMOT - Electric Motor Kit

DCMOT new.gif - 10124 BytesEasy to build motor performs at high speeds. Great conversation piece or science project. Operates on 3 to 6 volts. All parts included.

Temporarily unavailable, our apologies for that.