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Jokes and Pranks (Electric Man, TV/Radio Joker) by Doc Tesla™


MAGICMAN - The Amazing Doc Tesla™ Magic Energy Man
Great effect where a person can walk into a darkened area, bring his hand near a fluorescent or neon lamp, and cause it to glow. The user can pick up a tube by the glass envelope causing it to eerily glow as if the user is radiating energy. Under some conditions he may cause the effect just going near it!
magicman.gif - 3.20 K

MagicMan Instructions

The assembled Doc Tesla™ Magic Energy Man is built into a 6 x 1-1/2" cylindrical enclosure, battery operated, easily worn, and ready to be used by the wearer.

This product is one of the neatest and coolest items when used for getting attention at a bar or party. You can cause your friends to become electrified. When they touch a glass beer mug it will mysteriously glow, even a small fluorescent bulb. You can actually electrify a second party, sometimes even a third if the conditions are right, and the third-party just by holding onto the second party can actually cause a neon tube to light up. Experimentation is suggested to be able to optimize the capability of the device. Truly an amazing product.

The bizarre high tech phenomenon allows the wearer to light household fluorescent lamp simply by holding in hand. It is even possible to ignite matches, gas burners, grills, etc. Neat concept opens up many exciting ideas and variations to keep your friends (or audience) amazed!

This product when used with any glass neon artifact can provide a lot of magical entertainment. A similar item sold by Spencer Gifts, plasma mug patent number US05270619, is owned by the originator of Information Unlimited Inc.

MAGICMAN - Assembled and ready to use ... $99.95

MANGLER1K - Doc Tesla's™ Mind Mangler Insanity Device!
This crazy gimmick is the best joke of the day. Battery operated circuit is hidden in the targets bedroom. As soon as the lights go out it emits a burst of high pitch sonic energy every 10 or 30 seconds or so. When the target turns on the light the circuit deactivates making it impossible to locate.
MANGLER1K - Kit ... $19.95
MANGLER1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

EJK1K - Doc Tesla's™ TV/FM Radio Joker
ejk1km.gif - 2.84 K Super Neat Prank!
Great joke allows user to disrupt TV picture or FM radio by slight motion of the hand. This device provided "questionable" entertainment during the author's college days. Bar rooms, restaurants and friends who had TVs were always prospective "victims".

Intended Range is 10 to 25 feet from set when connected to cable. If TV or FM is using antenna, range can be several hundred meters!
  • Fits Into a Cigarette Case
  • Tuned By Slight Hand Motion
  • Battery Operated
  • Excellent VHF Testing Signal Source
  • Board Level Assembly
  • Two Available Circuits
EJK1K - Kit & Plans ... $24.95
EJK1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

Pulsed Model with Audio Tone

TJ6K - Kit/Plans ... $39.95
TJ6-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

EMA10 - The Amazing Doc Tesla™ Shocking Electric Man
You charge yourself to a voltage that gives annoying electrical shocks by direct touch, or transfers an electric charge by proximity. Go to a party and move about, mingling with people unobtrusively. Many will unknowingly become charged by proximity, receiving annoying shocks as they later touch each other or metallic objects. A real nuisance but a great gag. Make fine powdery material jump to your hand as if by magic. Touch the rubber bumper of an automobile where fresh dry snow will fly off, as if by magic. Walk into a dark area where there are fluorescent light bulbs, and they will flash dimly.

If the user has any latent telekinetic ability (or wants to make it look that way) this will be greatly enhanced. Make a strip of paper, place on the end of a pencil, position in a block of clay. Find a wooden table, stare at paper, concentrate and cause it to move, proving your ability to cause this motion by mental concentration. This is a great party function, when mastered will amaze those present.

The assembled Doc Tesla™ Shocking Electric Man is built into a 8 x 1-½" cylindrical device with batteries, easily worn and ready to be used. A choice of two power supplies are offered to customize the system.

Great party gag, prank, magic trick or special science project, using 20-30kv high voltage with a very low current for a safe and effective spark or transfer of electricity.

Amaze people when they see actual sparks jumping from your fingers to various objects and igniting torches, grills, gas stoves, etc. In a dark room, bring your hand near a fluorescent light-bulb while still in the socket and watch the flash as your hand is brought closer.

Make paper stick to walls, attract powder, sand, dry snow to your hand showing the power of the electric force fields.

Several users have claimed enhanced telekinetic powers. They set up a pencil stuck in a piece of clay in an upright position. The sharp point is used as a bearing for a folded piece of paper about 1 inch in width and maybe 8 inches long and balanced as a rotor the pencil point. This assembly is placed on a wooden desk and you sit at it covertly placing your foot on a conducting surface as a metal plate or tray under the desk. You now cause the rotor to rotate with the slightest movement of your hand or even nodding of your head. This is one of the most amazing demonstrations of apparent telekinetic properties and can be elaborated on to produce a real attention getting paranormal feat!

A lower voltage unit is demonstrated on YouTube with one of our -20kV power supplies (SS-010SD1-1) for this project. A -30kV higher voltage unit is also available (SS-015SD30N). Both of these operate from 12 vdc.

Makes a great party gag, prank, magic trick or special science project.

EMA10 - Assembled ... $99.95
EMA1K - Kit/Plans ... $69.95
EMA1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00