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Electronic Learning Lab Kits


MX-907 - 200 in 1 Electronics Lab
module Easy-to-read; illustrated; lab-style manual included.

Learn about transistors; transformers; diodes; capacitors; oscillators; basic electronic circuits; and schematic symbols.

Build your own Radio; AM Broadcast Station; Burglar Alarm; Electronic Game; Ohmmeter; Telegraph; Rain Detector; Amazing Sound Effects; and Much More!

With built-in speaker; earphone; meter; seven-segment LED digital display; out-front controls and more! Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

MX-907 - 200 in 1 Electronics Lab ... $129.95

500 in 1 Electronics Lab


These Electronic Science Labs will teach you about electronics from A to Z. With these all-in-one labs; you'll learn about electronic parts; how to read schematics; and wiring diagrams. All this while building up to 500 different projects.

These kits use two quick and easy hook-up methods: Spring Method: Simply slip pre-cut wires and components into special springs for a safe; secure connection. Breadboard Method: Featured in our advanced kits; this system is used by professionals and engineers. Just plug the components and wires into the special breadboard socket holes.

No soldering is required. Everything uses safe battery power - no dangerous AC is required; so it's safe for all ages. Labs come with all components and wires needed to build each project. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED. No prior knowledge is needed to assemble and build these exciting projects. Easy-to-read; illustrated; lab-style manuals take you through each electronic experiment step-by-step.

These are ideal for MIDDLE SCHOOLS and HIGH SCHOOLS.

Learn the basics of electronics and put your knowledge to work creating 500 different electronic experiments; special lighting effects; radio transmitter and receivers; amazing electronic sound effects; cool games and MORE!

Build your knowledge by exploring amplifiers; analog and digital circuits plus how to read schematic diagrams.

Includes transistors; transformers; diodes; resistors; capacitors; phototransistors; LCD; integrated circuits; speaker; earphone; LEDS; LED digit display!

Fact-filled; illustrated; lab-style manual included. Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

MX-909 - 500 in 1 Electronics Lab ... $233.95

THUMBSTADIUM10 - ThumbStadium Electronic Game Kit


ThumbStadiumTM is a 2-player hand-held electronic game that features 4 different games of skill. Easy and fun to build, Thumb Stadium is sure to provide years of entertainment while teaching electronics! Available either fully assembled or in kit form. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Size is approx 2" x 1.5" x 1" Free Assembly Instructions (PDF)

ThumbWarTM -- The object of ThumbWar is simple: press while the other player is pressing. If you do, you get a point.
SlapJackTM -- During SlapJack, Thumb Stadium randomly flashes the center LED red or green. Be the first to press when center is green and get a point. Don't press if it isn't green or the other player gets a point.
Jai AlaiTM -- Center lights up, quickly press to "catch" your color. Press again to "throw" to the other player who has to catch on time and throw back. The time to catch gets shorter each throw.
ReflexyTM -- Reflexy is a one-player game. The object is to quickly press the button that matches the color in the center LED. You go until you miss or are too late. The time to react gets shorter each turn.

Write your own games for Thumb Stadium!
Because it comes with a socket, ThumbStadium also makes a terrific open-source educational/development platform for programming Microchip's 12F629 PIC Microcontroller:
Chip Schematic (PDF)        
Assembly Code (right-click -> save as)        
Linker File (right-click -> save as)        
Include File (right-click -> save as)


THUMBSTADIUM10 - ThumbStadium, Assembled ... $29.95
THUMBSTADIUM1K - ThumbStadium, Kit and Plans ... $19.95

7002-1 - Solar Multifunctional Kit
Highly recommended educational for grammar schools and younger hobbyist.
solar energy

To demonstrate the effect of Solar Power. Kit comes with a mounted Solar Cell 3-1/2" x 3-1/2", with terminals. A motor, a LED, a Rechargeable Battery and an Ammeter are mounted on a base 8" x 4-3/4", each with its own pair of terminals. When the Solar Cell is connected to the base and power generated from the Solar cell, on exposing it to the sun, is given to either one of the components, it begins to function. This demonstrates that Solar Power can be converted to Mechanical Energy, Light Energy, Battery Power and Current.

7002-1 - Solar Kit ... $34.50

SOLPROJ1K - Solar Energy Project Kit
Excellent classroom science project
solar energy

Includes high output solar panel with motorized reciprocating arm mechanism and high speed motor to build many solar projects. See who can build the most ingenious device. 

SOLPROJ1K - Solar Science Project ... $19.95