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Pulse Magnetic Propulsion


ROCKET10 - Electro-Magnetic Pulsed Rocket Launcher
Winning Action Science Project showing the interaction of pulsed magnetics and high moment of acceleration of an actual small rocket. A demonstration quickly stimulates classroom interest.

Our rocket project will capture the attention of both young and old. Safe for the classroom and powered by 12 volts (includes wall adapter), it easily propels the model rocket beyond most classroom ceilings. This is a great classroom participation project stimulating the students to design a vehicle that achieves maximum range as a result of their own ingenuity. You build the rocket body around the motor ring from balsa wood, tooth picks or other common light weight materials. The rocket motor is nothing more than a small light weight aluminum ring. Range of the motor by itself is easily over 100 feet. The launcher section contains the circuitry and all controls to power up the system. To operate you press and hold the CHARGE button and count down until the READY LIGHT comes on, press the FIRE BUTTON and watch it fly.

Device uses LENZ'S LAW to generate the force for propulsion. This force is produced when a conductive non-magnetic ring such as a 1 turn aluminum ring (MOTOR) is closely coupled to another coil usually of more turns. When a fast changing current is applied to the multi turned coil, it creates its own changing magnetic field now inducing a very large current in the 1 turn ring coil. This current now creates its own magnetic field that opposes that created in the multi-turn coil. This impulse of opposing magnetic fields now produces a powerful short lived repulsive force providing kinetic energy to the motor ring.

White "charging" push button charges up the energy storage capacitors.

Indicating neon lamp comes on indicating proper amount of charge is on the capacitors.

Red "fire" push button triggers the launch.

Front panel 2.1 mm dc jack for 12 volt input (wall adapter included).

ROCKET10 - Assembled and ready to launch ... $99.95
ROCKET1K - Kit & Plans ... $69.95
ROCKET1 - Plans ... $6.00
ROCKET1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00