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Privacy Policy

Information Unlimited will never sell or disclose any customer information, including your e-mail address. We've been in business since 1974, and we've never sold or given away customer information. Only appropriate personnel will view your information in regards to inquiries about your orders or account.

Information Unlimited's website uses cookies to process orders, and records visits to our web pages. The information tells us where our visitors are coming from, and charts their flow through our site. In addition, it records the server name, IP address, type of web browser, and time of visit. This information is commonly available and recorded by nearly every website on the net, and does not include any personal information about you.

Conversion Tracking is also used, which is a temporary cookie that expires after a short time. This tells us if any search words or advertisements have resulted in actions on our website, which we use to help us identify beneficial ads and search terms. No customer information is recorded or attached to this cookie whatsoever -- it is used only to help us keep track of useful search phrases and advertisements.


Security Policy

All orders are encrypted by industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your information, and our order system is fully PCI-compliant, providing you with the best protection available in the industry.


Product Policy

WARRANTY unless otherwise specified, all products have a standard 30-day limited warranty. Longer 90-day, 6-month, or 1 year warranties are noted where applicable.

include all necessary data to construct a working device.

may be obtained by ordering the plans first. The cost of the plans will be credited toward the cost of the kit or item.

contain instructions and all parts needed to build an operating device; many include PC boards. Kits must be assembled (which may include soldering, mechanical assembly, etc.) by the customer.

CANCELLATIONS you MUST CALL and speak with a live representative to cancel an order. Leaving a message with our answering service or sending an email are not acceptable forms of order cancellation, and all such methods, whether they are received by us or not, will not be accepted as a proper notice to cancel orders. Emails can be diverted to junk mail, or they may be in a stack of emails that can take hours or days before they are able to be read, so email is not a reliable option for order cancellation. Please call us, and someone will be able to talk to you generally between 8am to 6pm EST.

Technicians are available Monday through Friday at 603-673-4730.

Special Orders

Special orders generally require a 50% up-front deposit, with the balance due before shipment to the customer. Some orders may require a greater up front amount due to high component costs, and we will inform you of such cases.

Payment must be by credit card, company check, or wire transfer, with the final determination to be decided by Information Unlimited. Terms cannot be allowed on special order purchases.

Purchaser agrees that “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” unless the product is defective as determined by the manufacturer. If a product is defective, and after it has been returned to the manufacturer and the manufacturer states that the product is defective, a refund will be given to the purchaser if a replacement is not available and the return is handled before expiration of warranty.

Under certain circumstances an additional amount may be charged to the customer if the item ordered receives customs charges, or any extra shipping charges are incurred. An itemized explanation of these charges can be given to the customer, if requested.


International Orders

International orders over $500 require payment by wire transfer. Please contact us with your request, and we will give you our bank information and any other details required.


Terms Used

ASSEMBLED & TESTED: products are built by qualified technicians and are guaranteed for 30 days, unless otherwise noted.

(AOR) products are available built, but we ask that you contact us in advance to discuss cost and terms.

products are available for those with mechanical skills who prefer not to build the electronics.


Dealer/Quantity Buyer Programs

are available for volume purchases of our products. Specific information on quantity discounts can be made by a request in writing on your company letterhead. You may also call or fax for this information or any other questions.


Schools and Institutions

are entitled to discounts and automatic product updates. Call for further information.


Our Patented Products

and ideas are available for manufacturing and marketing ventures. Most have proven lucrative, generating products for the consumer and profit for the promoter.


Rental Items

Please be extra careful with rentals while you have them. Rental items must be returned in mint, like-new condition -- anything less than this will incur extra charges, depending on the degree of wear & tear on the item.



Unless otherwise indicated, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Further, International customers are responsible for all duties, tarrifs, taxes, and any other fees that their local government may impose.


Hazardous Equipment Affidavit (H.E.A.)

Some devices are potentially dangerous, and these require a release of liability before they can be sold. For such devices, please sign our Hazardous Equipment Affidavit and return it to us by fax or email. It is available for download at the product's description (where applicable), or it can be downloaded here:



Warning And Disclaimer:

Some of our products may involve the use of materials and substances that are hazardous to health and life. Do not attempt to implement or utilize the information contained herein unless you are experienced. Although all possible measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. Neither Information Unlimited (the company) or any member of its staff is liable to damages or injuries, misinterpretation of directions, or misapplication of information.





All requests for returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Returns are not accepted on plans, parts, components, books, glass and neon products, attempted kits, laser systems, or special orders. The customer pays all shipping costs. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge; any damaged items will be more, depending on item and cost of repair.

  • Before returning an item, customer must obtain an RMA number by calling us at 603-673-6493.
  • The return must include the RMA number and a copy of the invoice showing proof of purchase.
  • Return number must be on the outside of the box, and also on the invoice.
  • Items must be packed correctly and well-protected. The customer is liable for any damage incurred due to insufficient packing, up to and including the full cost of the item. If in doubt, use extra padding.


There will be no return on attempted kits, we will offer to build the kit for the customer and charge him the difference between the kit and the completed item plus any additional costs for replaced items.


Must be returned for repair or replacement before being considered for credit. You pay shipping to us, we will evaluate the item and repair or replace, and we will then pay shipping back to you. Please note that it may take up to 30 days for repair or refund.


The tabletop laser systems are special-order due to your selection of parameters, so be sure your choice of laser is correct as these items cannot be returned. (This does not include handheld lasers or basic laser diodes.) The tabletop laser systems have a 1 year limited warranty and can be repaired should a fault occur. Please refer to your invoice; if your purchased item falls in this category, your invoice will show "All Sales Final."


Full payment is required on night vision equipment; we cannot provide financing. Orders are non-cancellable: once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled. There are no returns on night vision viewing equipment except for repairs, due to the possibility of their being used only once (for evidence gathering, single-purpose use, etc.) and then returned after the single-use objective is achieved. These items have a limited 2-year or 1-year warranty, as noted in their description.


There are no returns or exchanges for items that are "Built To Order" or "Assembled At Customer's Request" or "Assembled At Customer's Order." These items can still be sent in for repairs or adjustments, of course. It is suggested to download any available data on these items first, to be sure they meet your requirements.


If the item is returned after 30 days from the date of purchase, or if item is received without an RMA number, the item will not be refunded and will be returned to the customer.


A credit memo may be issued to a customer in lieu of a refund. If the credit memo is used to purchase another item, the 25% restocking fee will be waived. If the customer returns the 2nd item, a restocking fee will be charged both on the first and the second order.