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Let us solve your electronic transformer and glass display design problems.

Take advantage of our low cost electronic transformer engineering design and manufacturing programs for your special neon requirements. Our portfolio includes companies such as NASM, Anheuser Busch, Star Trek Productions, Sharper Image, Miller Brewing, Coors Brewing, ADAC Automotive, Corning Glass, Barton Beers, Cerveceria Malteria, Cambrinus, Heilman Brewing, The Integer Group, Schwinn Cycling, Stroh, and others.

Product technology has been developed generating numerous patents currently in use by I.C.E. Amusements, Bertonee Ventex, Fallon Luminous, Rocus, Doncorp, Spencer Gifts, Photronics, Strattman Design, Fufong, Global and many others.

Our offshore manufacturing facilities are quality first, cost second, and can deal with volumes both large and small. Experienced glass benders can quickly and economically fulfill your volume display requirements, fabricated and pumped to your specifications.

Our engineering services specialize in both low and high voltage animation systems with an emphasis on special effects. Designs range from small hand held to large complex neon displays.

Services also include a low cost program where you may send your display to our labs where it can be fitted to an appropriate electronic transformer.

If you have any further questions on our services, please call at 603-673-4730, or fax request to 603-672-5406.


Robert Iannini