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Plasma Displays: Globes, Columns, Tornado


The field of plasma, often referred to as "natures fourth state of matter" can range from the simple plasma display globe to the to the complex and high power study of thermo nuclear fusion. A plasma is a gas where the individual atoms have been charged by stripping them of electrons. This charging action can be by using electric, magnetic or thermal means. The otherwise neutral atoms now lose electrons allowing an electrical current to flow. The charged atoms now take on properties that they normally do not have. They are easily influenced by electric and magnetic fields where beams can be shaped and directed to impact atomic nuclei transmuting into other elements.

A discharge through a gas is a form of plasma, example being a simple house hold fluorescent lamp or neon tube. An electric arc such as that from a welder is a form of plasma. A beam of helium nuclei electrically accelerated and then stripped of their positive charges can become a powerful and destructive beam of neutrons. Tritium gas compressed by a high energy pulse and simultaneously illuminated by a megamp electric current may be the candidate for a fusion fire. A nuclear detonation is a form of plasma.

CLPLDISK-BL - Clip on Plasma Disk

Great for attracting attention at bars, clubs, parties, etc.

A wearable PLASMA DISK that dances to the sounds of music and responds to your touch and light impacts. This fascinating device combines micro miniature electronics with the amazing properties of plasma physics to bring you a truly spectacular attention-getting display.

Simply clip onto belt, or put in any other convenient location. Great for parties, discos, dances, attracting attention, and stimulating conversation. Full 2.5" diameter glass display in vivid blue, green, or red/green/blue, operating for hours on two AAA batteries (not included).

CLPLDISK-BL - Blue ... $15.95
CLPLDISK-GR - Green ... $15.95

JARPUMPED - Plasma Tornado, Ball and Desk Lightning Generator, Excellent of Wireless Energy Transmission
Uses rarefied air to produce weird and bizarre properties. No other gases but atmosphere are used in this display. This item is a winning science project!
Plasma Tornado and Ball Lightning Generator
Photo of Energized Air at 1 Torr Pressure


Fascinating demonstration of energy being wirelessly transmitted and actually causing motors, lights and different electrical objects to operate at a distance without wires. This is a winning science project as well as a very useful research demonstration.

The plasma tornado generator is an excellent demonstration of energized electrical plasma. It uses rarefied air pumped down to a vacuum of 1 mm (torr) or less and energized by a high frequency, high voltage power source. Displays range from a purple vortex shaped plasma column extending the length of the vessel to orange saucer shaped disks. Display will vary by pressure and the operating frequency of the power source providing a myriad of weird and bizarre plasma discharges. Outside influences such as a hand or finger will attract or repel the plasma vortexes further adding to the mystique of the device. Fluorescent or neon tube will mysteriously glow without any connections what so ever when bought near the display vessel, clearly demonstrating wireless transmission of energy.

Fluorescent or neon tube will mysteriously glow without any connections whatsoever when bought near the display vessel.

The basic system uses our PVM12 low input voltage adjustable frequency high voltage output driver only requiring connection to one terminal of the display vessel. The other "virtual" electrode is the surrounding atmosphere with the glass walls of the container becoming the dielectric. The system is now modeled as a "lossy" capacitor. The actual rarefied air once energized by the high frequency energy becomes the loss part of the capacitor model.

The driver is short circuit protected but must be connected to the display or other suitable load. Input is 12 volts DC at 3 amps and must be earth grounded for proper operation (you can use a 12V battery for field use, or the 12DC/4AR wall adpater that is included with the PVM12). The PVM12 is described in the high frequency power supply section of our website.

The display vessel is shown as a one gallon pickle jar with a brass metal cap. The cap is shown reworked for connection to a vacuum pump and the high frequency driver for operation. The jar is available on special request fully pumped down and will provide a display that will change over time and is intended for those not having access to a vacuum pump.

* CAUTION Pumped-down jar is under a vacuum and it is strongly suggested to place in a heavy clear plastic bag or meshed bag like what onions are packed in when transporting. If you are using for a public display you may want to enclose in a clear plastic container

JAR - Jar with reworked metal cap ready to connect up vacuum pump ... $59.95
JARPUMPED - Jar vacuum pumped down to .5 Torr, Ready to Use ... $99.95
PTG3 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
PTG3-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00
PVM12 - 10KVAC Ready To Use Plasma Driver ... $189.95

PGL140 - Large Plasma Globes

High Brightness, Museum-Quality

Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System
Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System
Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System
Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System Plasma Globe System
^ Click thumbnails for larger image ^

These spectacular colorful displays provide a dazzling visual effect unlike anything seen before. Fiery fingers of energized light reach out and crash against the inner walls of the globe, creating a myriad of colorful reactions. Made of strong Pyrex® glass approx 1/4" thick, these globes are built to last.

Standard plasma color is blue; but pink and purple are also available. Prices subject to change. Contact us by email or phone (603-673-6493) to discuss any color options.

  • Full Diameter Globes from 14" to 30"
  • Control For Display Texture
  • Reacts to Touch
  • 115 VAC Operation (optional 220 VAC or 12 VDC)
  • Due to the special crafting of these items, please allow 6-8 weeks delivery

Click for Video:

Plasma Globe System
Full Systems w/Stand & Power
PGL140 - 14" System ... $2092.44
PGL180 - 18" System ... $4957.93
PGL220 - 22" System ... $7441.69
PGL240 - 24" System ... $9299.25
PGL300 - 30" System ... $22834.88

Plasma Globe by Itself
Individual Globes For "Do It Yourselfers"
PG14 - 14" Globe Only ... $1857.44
PG18 - 18" Globe Only ... $4492.93
PG22 - 22" Globe Only ... $6926.69
PG24 - 24" Globe Only ... $8659.25
PG30 - 30" Globe Only ... $21994.88
Special Shipping And Handling Is Required For These Items
Please Contact Us For Shipment Pricing, Or Place Your Order And We Will Advise You of Any Extra Charges.

Accessories: Stands and Power Supplies
PGSTAND14 - Plexiglass Stand for PG12, 14 ... $150.00
PGSTAND22 - Plexiglass Stand for PG18, 22 ... $175.00
PGSTAND24 - Plexiglass Stand for PG24 ... $250.00
PGSTAND30 - Plexiglass Stand for PG30 ... $400.00
PVM12 - 30W Driver for PG12 ... $189.95
PVM400 - 150W Driver for 14" to 48" (115vac input) ... $229.95 *
PVM400DELUX - The PVM400 with Additional Features ... $299.95 *
PVM400-220 - The PVM400 with 220vac input ... $229.95 *
*See more details in General Purpose & Professional Neon section.

PLASMA148 - Spectacular Plasma Columns

A New Concept In Display Lighting

(lab stand not included)

A fantastic display of natures 4th state of matter!

These spectacular, colorful displays provide a dazzling visual effect. Fingers of electrified plasma writhe and snake along a length of glass tubing. A myriad of red splashes occur at the inner walls creating a truly amazing sight. Display responds to "touch" further adding to the effect.

Power Supply: all columns require a power supply, such as our PVM400 (not included, sold separately) which is a variable output mode high frequency current limited driver that enables the display to be fully adjusted from a light wisp to intense activity. The PVM400 has a built-in safety shutdown which can turn off the display in case of a catastrophic failure, such as a broken tube, and can be set to shut down even if someone just touches the display. Operation can be from either 120 or 240 VAC lines.

Stands: a stand is not included as these columns are usually put into a custom installation where a specific design or theme is wanted, but stands are available from us if needed.

  • Power supply not included (may be ordered separately)
  • Stand not included (may be ordered separately)
  • Standard color is blue (or specify if you prefer pink or purple)
  • Custom shapes and sizes also available
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

6" Wide Plasma Columns at 5 Feet Tall
(custom stands not included)

Starting in 2015, the plasma color is a new vibrant blue that is at least twice as bright as the previous blue. The normal blue, pink and purple colors are also available for $100 less, but we are confident that you will prefer the intensity of this new color. Standard sizes are 1-6" in diameter (measured by the outer diameter of the columns) and 48" or 72" in length, but columns are also available in custom sizes ranging from 24 to 96" in length, and even different shapes (please call 603-673-4730 or email us to discuss options). Glass is approx 3/16" thick Pyrex®lab glass, and very strong. Stand not included as these are often special installations, but we can provide stands for sale if needed. Prices subject to change. Due to the special crafting of these items, please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Plasma columns are available from 24" to 96" in length, and 1" to 6" in diameter.
A few sample sizes are listed here to give an idea of pricing. Please contact us for a quote with any specific requirements.
PLASMA148 - 1" x 48" Column ... $669.47
PLASMA248 - 2" x 48" Column ... $803.12
PLASMA348 - 3" x 48" Column ... $930.69
PLASMA448 - 4" x 48" Column ... $1336.50
PLASMA548 - 5" x 48" Column ... $2321.28
PLASMA648 - 6" x 48" Column ... $2579.85
PLASMA172 - 1" x 72" Column ... $1004.20
PLASMA272 - 2" x 72" Column ... $1204.67
PLASMA372 - 3" x 72" Column ... $1396.04
PLASMA472 - 4" x 72" Column ... $1930.50
PLASMA572 - 5" x 72" Column ... $3481.92
PLASMA672 - 6" x 72" Column ... $3869.78

Stands and Adjustable Output Power Supplies
PLASMACOLSTAND48 - Stand for 48" Plasma Columns ... $99.50
PLASMACOLSTAND72 - Stand for 72" Plasma Columns ... $125.00

PVM400 - 150W Driver, 115vac input ... $229.95 *
PVM400-220 - 150W Driver, 220vac input ... $229.95 *
PVM400DELUX - 150W Driver, 115vac input with Additional Features ... $299.95 *
*See more details in General Purpose & Professional Neon section.
Plasma Stand
(column & psu not included)

Special Shipping And Handling Is Required For These Items
Please Contact Us For Shipment Pricing, Or Place Your Order And We Will Advise You of Any Extra Charges.

Radiative Base Neon Power Supply
This radiative base power supply wirelessly illuminates small neon pieces. Also works with other gasses like argon, xenon, and spectrum tubes. Proximity Driver for Smaller Displays. Operates On 12 Volts DC. Suitable for Home Installations. Simple to Hook Up And Operate. Low Cost and Highly Reliable
  • Input: 12 volts DC 500mA (Wall Adapter Included
  • Excellent for small gas-filles items and figurines

For the Neon Artist Working With Specialized Gas Displays -- Eliminates Those Unsightly Ground Return Wires

This proximity driver needs no electrodes to power a display. This is a great advantage when attempting to avoid unsightly power return wires used on artistic and specially-designed systems.


GLO-TRON - Assembled and tested ... $69.95  

AUDIOARC30 - Talking and Singing Musical Electric Plasma Arc

Winning Science Project

audio arc

audio arc audio arc

The "Plasma Audio Arc" produces loud and clear sounds through an electrical arc.

Unit includes arc intensity and volume control and operates from 115 VAC wall power. Arc is not electrically dangerous but can cause burns if contacted. It is an excellent project for the more advanced experimenter who desires to build and demonstrate an amazing and winning science project.

Simply connect to the headphone/output jack of any small radio and the sound will be created by the electrical arc in the special included acoustical chamber. There is no conventional speaker involved; the sound is created by the oscillating electric spark, which in turn vibrates the surrounding air to create sound. It's a truly magical experience to see and hear music (or any sound you put through this device) created by pure electricity.

This project will fascinate those who just do not believe that the electrical arc is actually producing this clear and crisp tone, or frustrate them as they try to explain where it's coming from!

AUDIOARC30 - Talking Plasma Electric Arc, Assembled ... $199.95
TR220/110/300 - Stepdown transformer for 220V International Use ... $69.95

PLE30 - Plasma Gun and Leak Detector

Projects high frequency waves capable of igniting lights and producing energy fields without wires or contact! Excellent for testing neon or fluorescent tubes without removal from their sockets.

Plasma energy emitting device is very useful for testing fluorescent and any other gas discharge lamp without removal from the socket. Simply bring the unit near the lamp and note if a glow is occurring indicating lamp is usually OK. Gun is an excellent leak detector for checking otherwise non detectable leaks in vacuum and gas systems.

May also be used for animal control and conditioning where contact will produce a mild shock (use caution!).

Hand held, built in a wand configuration containing batteries (not included) with a telescoping emitter probe.

  • Uses (8) AA Batteries or Wall Transformer
  • Built In A Gun or Wand Configuration
  • 48" Telescoping Output Probe
  • Excellent Science Project
  • Use For Animal Training [Caution]
PLE30 - Assembled ... $99.50
PLE3 - Paper Plans ... $8.00