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Neon & Plasma Combo Pack Download

NEONPLASMACOMBO-D - Neon & Plasma Plans Combo Pack

All the neon & plasma plans in one discount combo pack for downloading, containing our newer plans in CAD format for current kits and products. Included are plans not supported directly by kits, however parts and pieces are relatively easy to get and most specialized inventory is on hand. You may see several discounted combopacks containing the same plan. This is because some plans fall into several categories. Nonetheless all the material contained is many times worth the cost.

The plans in this bundle include:

    BL5 - Amazing Blacklight (produces weird phenomenon) ($2.00)

    CL5 - Cold Light Chemical Lamps ($2.00)

    IND5 - Electrode Induction Heater ($4.00)

    MINIMAX7/NEON21 - Neon Transformer ($3.00)

    PFS5 - Touch Resistant Fire Saber Controller ($5.00)

    PLPEN1 - Plasma Writing and Etching Pen ($4.00)

    PTG3 - Plasma Tornado & Ball Lightning Generator ($5.00)

    SABERPLANS - Plasma Fire Saber ($5.00)

    SABSOUND1 - Saber Sound Module ($5.00)

    SABSTAND1 - Saber Recycling Stand ($5.00)

    NEONX10ADJ/GRADRIV1 - Duty Cycle Dimming ($4.00)

    NEOTEST1/PLE3 - Vacuum Leak Detector/Neon & Fluorescent Tube Tester ($3.00)

    plus GCAT1 - General Construction & Assembly Techniques for Kits

NEONPLASMACOMBO-D - Power Supply Plans Combo Pack of All 13 for $47.00 ... $15.95