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High Energy "Power of the Pulse" 5kV and 10kV Multi-Megawatt Pulser Series

High Energy 5kV and 10kV Multi-Megawatt Pulser
See the "Power of the Pulse" video for action of this device.

Multi-Purpose Megawatt Pulse Generators for Research in Kinetics, Weapons, Underwater Shock Waves, Acoustics, Metal Forming, Intrusion Deterrents, Magnetizing, Explosives Detonation Substitution, Plasma, Destructive Materials Testing, Nanoparticles, Museum and Educational Demonstations, Props and more.

The High Energy Pulser is complete and ready to use with 3 included modules: the Can Crusher, the Wire Exploder, and the Mass Launcher/Electromagnetic Cannon. It also includes plans for the Plasma Thermal Gun and Second Generation EM-Cannon.

Check the "Power of the Pulse" video clips below to see these modules in action.
can crusher
Can Crusher
  can shredder
Can Shredder
  coil gun
Wire Exploder
  coil gun
Mass Launcher /
Electromagnetic Cannon

Complete Turnkey-Ready Systems

HEP50 - High Energy Pulser at 5kV 1250 Joules, includes the Controller/Charger, Triggered Spark Gap Switch, and single Capacitor Bank; also includes the 3 modules Can Crusher, Wire Exploder, and Mass Launcher ... $1995.00

HEP100 - Same as HEP50 but with a dual Capacitor Bank for twice the power output ... $2495.00

These units operate from 115VAC (standard US wall power). If you are an international customer and require 220VAC, you will need our stepdown transformer with Euro plug (TR220/110/300 $69.95). Please note that this stepdown transformer weighs 8 lbs and may require a shipping charge beyond the website estimate.

The HEP50 & HEP100 (above) are assembled and ready to be used -- but the plans are also sold separately, for those who would like to build a high energy pulser from scratch. (Please note that these plans are included with the assembled HEP50 & HEP100 for general reference, so if you are buying an assembled pulser then you do not need to also buy the plans.):
HEP1 - Paper Plans (34 pages of full-color detailed assembly data) ... $35.95
HEP1-D - Downloadable Plans (34 pages of full-color detailed assembly data) ... $20.00

Please note this is a heavy and somewhat bulky item, so shipping may be greater than the website estimate. Please contact us by email or phone 603-673-4730 for an accurate shipping cost, otherwise we will let you know if there is any difference after you have placed your order.


This pulser system has some rather unique features, one of which is that charging the capacitor bank requires only the charging circuit, and needs no charging resistors that would otherwise consume power. Such resistors would double the energy required to charge up the capacitors. This feature does not waste energy, allows the project to be lighter as components can be smaller, and just overall provides a more complete and efficient design of a very useful research and scientific tool.

For Museums, Attention Getting Displays, Action Science Projects and Serious Research. We can assist in installation and setup. Contact us for details.
Power of the Pulse

Product Features

•  8 foot three-wire number 18 line cord must be used with a securely grounded outlet
•  Lossless Inductive Reactance Charging
•  Programmable Energy Control
•  Triggered 3/8" Tungsten Electrode Spark Switch, Up to 16 kilojoules at 10 kilovolts into proper load
•  Calibrated Direct Reading Panel Voltmeter
•  Detailed operation and instructions, schematics and condensed instructions included
•  Safety capacitor discharge probe with power resistor with convenient access
•  Security key switch built in to charger controller to prevent unauthorized use
•  Neon safety lamp on charger voltage output terminals indicates when high-voltage lines exceed 90 volts
•  Uses heavy duty rectifiers and a dv/dt protection resistor with high u ferrite cores to direct hv trigger pulses
•  #6 block lugs are used for all high current connections; wire size is 8 to 12 gauge
•  All high current, high voltage carrying leads are sleeved into insulating polypropylene tubing
•  Includes 3 modules (CANCRUC10 Can Crusher/Shredder, WIREXPLOD10 Wire Exploder, and MASS10 Mass Launcher/EMagnetic Cannon
•  Safety Data is emphasized throughout the instructions for the importance of fully understanding and implementing safe and successful operation

Product Support

Click below for data on individually available subassemblies and modules used in this product, as you may already have certain items on hand and want to build your own pulser.

•  CHARGE10000V: Programmable Charger 5 to 10KV
•  TRIGATRON10: Triggered Spark Switch
•  100u/5kV: Pulse Capacitor at 100ufd and 5kV (2 required for HEP100)
•  CANCRUC10: Module of the Can Crusher/Shredder
•  WIREEXPLOD10: Module of the Wire Exploder
•  MASS10: Module of the Mass Launcher/ElectroMagnetic Cannon
•  MORTAR10: Module of the Second Generation Magnetic Mortar/E-Cannon
•  PPRO1: Module of the Plasma Thermal Gun

Full video showing setup, safety, and operation of every module (40 minutes long)

You Should Know:

The HEP50 at maximum voltage of 5000 V will provide excellent results for demonstrations of the CAN CRUSHER, WIRE EXPLODER, the MASS LAUNCHER/E-MAGNETIC CANNON and other functions.

The HEP100 is higher-powered and set at its maximum voltage of 10,000 V will provide far more dramatic effects, such as shredding the can in the can crusher, firing the kinetic projectiles with much more force and velocity, etc. It is suggested when using this device at maximum power to observe the modules for possible damage more frequently than with the lower powered HEP50. However the HEP100 may also be set to lower voltages to take advantage of less wear and tear on the modules.

Hearing and eye protection should be worn at all times when operating the HEP50 and HEP100.

Below Are Some Modules That Can Be Used With The High Energy Pulsers:

Can Crusher/Shredder Module uses the LORENTZ force to destroy a can

The Can Crusher module demonstrates the powerful mechanical forces created from a pulsed magnetic field. There is no mechanical constriction; all of the action comes from the pulsed magnetic field, making the can appear to collapse as if by an unseen hand. (The more powerful HEP100 can actually shred a can into pieces.) An excellent demonstration used by many museums. << click for more information >>

This stand and coil module is assembled and ready to use. It is included with the HEP50 & HEP100, and can also work with other high-energy pulsers.
Click For Video of the Can Crusher in Action:
can crusher
Can Crusher
can shredder
Can Shredder
CANCRUC10 - Can Crusher Module (this is included with the HEP50/100) ... $49.95 when purchased separately

Wire Exploder Module produces nanoparticles and other weird phenomena

can crusher can crusher

Exploding a wire is possible by discharging a large amount of energy into the wire in a very short time period providing a very high peak moment of power. The wire dissipates the charge energy in the form of heat, light and magnetic energy, vaporizing the wire and producing nanoparticles. The powerful pulse of magnetic energy can also induce an electric field in a conducting reflector, producing and directing a powerful EMP pulse. << click for more information >>

This detonation and containment module is assembled and ready to use. It is included with the HEP50 & HEP100, and can also work with other high-energy pulsers.
Click For Video of the Wire Exploder in Action:
coil gun
Wire Exploder
8000 Volts
coil gun
Wire Exploder
9500 Volts
coil gun
Wire Exploder
10000 Volts
WIREXPLOD10 - Wire Exploding Module (this is included with the HEP50/100) ... $49.95 when purchased separately

Mass Launcher Module Shows the Kinetic Energy of a Magnetic Propelled Object.
A Prelude to Future Weapons.

This electrokinetic module uses a conditioned pulse of magnetic energy to propel a metal object to high speeds, capable of initial velocities exceeding 300 fps. A 4-ounce aluminum projectile can split a 1 x 2" pine board on impact, and lighter projectiles can be fired at considerably higher velocity. This makes an excellent advanced science project that demonstrates several important electric and magnetic reactions, such as how the accelerator coil induces a high amperage current in the projectile that sets up its own magnetic field to oppose that in the coil, causing a repulsive moment of accelerative force on the projectile. (Note: this module should only be used with a 1250J impulse – using this module with greater impulse power may cause premature failure.)

This Mass Launcher module is assembled and ready to use. It is included with the HEP50 & HEP100, and can also work with other high-energy pulsers.
  • Demonstrates Electro/Mag/Kinetic Reactions
  • Lossless Charging/Triggered Spark Switch
  • Demonstrates the LORENTZ Forces
  • Easily Scaled Up for More Serious Research
  • Excellent for "ACTION" Museum Displays
Click For Video of the MASS100 in Action:
coil gun
"Tossed Salad"
coil gun
coil gun
coil gun
Slo-mo Sheetrock
MASS10 - Mass Launcher Module (this is included with the HEP50/100) ... $79.95 when purchased separately

Magnetic Mortar Module/Second Generation ElectroMagnetic Cannon

A more powerful design of the Mass Launcher, the coil is wound in a conical design to increase surface area and repulsion forces. It is secured within a tube that pivots on a trundle assembly to adjust elevation and give the looks of a mortar. The projectile's geometry matches the coil for maximum inductive coupling. Initial velocity is over 400 fps, and we have attained ranges of over 1000 feet, even with less than optimal aero dynamics. This is an excellent advanced college level science project demonstrating several important electric and magnetic reactions.

This is the assembled module only, requiring a high-energy pulser like our HEP50 or HEP100, and it is built to withstand the pulse of the higher power HEP100 platform.

It is built to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks build time, or contact us if you have any questions.

This is a very dangerous project and should only be attempted by experienced and responsible adults. Not only is it a severe lethal shock hazard, but also the projectile can maim or kill a person. The device must be treated as a real gun!

Click For Video of the MORTAR10 in Action:
coil gun
First Firing
coil gun
Slo-mo Sheetrock
This module requires some machining for the aluminum projectile -- please contact us for pricing & availability.

Plasma Thermal Gun: a Different Approach to a Kinetic Device

The PPRO1 Plasma Thermal Gun utilizes the electrothermal energy obtained from vaporizing a metallic material, creating a pressure wave of sufficient magnitude to cause a projectile to accelerate to ballistic velocities. The system shown on our data is a relatively low velocity device within the building capability of most hobbyists. The project may be scaled up for serious research with an obvious increase in high voltage handling and ballistic hazards.

Operation requires a high-energy pulser such as our HEP50/100. Plasma Thermal Gun assembly parts are fabricated by builder from readily available materials. This project is suitable for a science class demonstration if properly supervised by qualified personnel. A constructed system will require proper enclosures and must be installed by qualified personnel if used for public demonstrations and displays.

Plans Only for the Plasma Thermal Gun Module:
PPRO1 - Paper Plans (this is included with the HEP50/100) ... $25.00 when purchased separately
PPRO1-D - Downloadable Plans (this is included with the HEP50/100) ... $10.00 when purchased separately


Capacitor Exploder
Lower cost & less dangerous than HEP series.

Wire and Part Exploder, Magnetizer, Object Accelerator, High Powered Magnetic Pulses

Capacitor Exploder
CHARGE800V (bottom)

This device allows you to determine the explosion point of many components when operated in an over voltage fault condition. This testing and evaluation is very important for components used as supressors, absorbers and many other protective electrical components. Thin aluminum wires actually detonate!

Many objects may be magnetized by winding a coil of the proper turns and wire size over the target object and switching the discharge through this coil.

A very interesting electro-magnetic reaction can be demonstrated of the LORENTZ force. You can easily build a kinetic gun that shoots objects using this reaction to a moderate velocity.

The unit as shown uses a 6300mfd 400 volt polarized electrolytic capacitor. The project contains both electric and explosion shields but is still a very dangerous device and requires high voltage handling skills. The energy storage is 360 joules at 400 volts and has over six times the energy necessary to cause a fatal shock if improperly handled. Obviously, care should be taken when using this item.

The charging circuit is advised to be powered by internal batteries with the electrical system being totally ungrounded. This helps prevent dangerous ground currents but can still cause severe shocks and burns.

The storage capacitor C1 is charged by an ungrounded battery powered inverter such as our CHARGE800V as shown, being powered by 8 AA cell or other larger 12 volt battery. The stored capacitive energy in switched into the target load is via a mechanical contactor tripped by the removal of an insulating piece of plastic. This piece is placed between the spring loaded contacts during the charging period. It is quickly removed causing the contacts to snap together now dumping all the energy from the capacitor into the target load in a very short period of time causing a high amount of peak power to the load.

CAPEXPLOD1K - Kit w/Plans, requires a 400 volt charging source such as the CHARGE800V below ... $69.95
CAPEXPLOD1 - Paper Plans ... $9.00
CAPEXPLOD1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00
CHARGE800V - Electrolytic Capacitor Charger, Ready To Use (charges at a 30ma rate to 800v max from a 12v battery pack) ... $89.95