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Laser Plans Combo Pack Download

Laser Plans Combo Pack

All the laser plans in one discount combo pack for downloading, containing our newer plans in CAD format for current kits and products. Included are plans not supported directly by kits, however parts and pieces are relatively easy to get and most specialized inventory is on hand. You may see several discounted combopacks containing the same plan. This is because some plans fall into several categories. Nonetheless all the material contained is many times worth the cost.

The plans in this bundle include:

    COLMIN1 - Laser Pointer Range Extender

    CVL1 - CLASS IV Copper Vapor Laser ($4.00)

    CWL2 - Continuous Wave IR Laser and Collimator ($4.00)

    CWL5 - SemiConductor Burning Lasers ($5.00)

    DYE1 - CLASS IV Tunable Dye Laser ($4.00)

    HNM3/4 - Helium Neon Laser Voice Modulator ($3.00)

    LABURN2 - 20W Burning Laser Ray Gun ($12.00)

    LAG1 - CLASS IV Argon Multi Colored Laser ($4.00)

    LAGREEN1 - Green Laser Ray Gun ($3.00)

    LAGRN1DP - Green Laser to 300mw (with CWL5 plans) ($4.00)

    LAGUN4 - 100W Pulse Laser Ray Gun ($12.00)

    LBT1 - Light Beam Transceiver ($4.00)

    LC3 - CLASS IV Poor Man's CO2 Burning Laser ($4.00)

    LC7 - Burning, Cutting CO2 Laser ($7.00)

    LGUN1/3 - High Powered Visible Red Diode Lasers ($3.00)

    LHP1 - Simulated Pulsed Visible Laser ($5.00)

    LN1 - CLASS IV Nitrogen Laser ($4.00)

    LLR3/4 - Laser Optical Receiver ($5.00)

    LPROJ1 - 5mw Red Laser Beam Science Project ($2.00)

    LPROJGR1 - 5mw Green Laser Beam Science Project ($3.00)

    LWB9 - Laser Window Bounce Listener & Voice Comms ($12.00)

    PGD4 - Laser Property Guard Fence ($5.00)

    LSD3/4 - Laser Property Guard Fence ($4.00)

    SSL7 - IR Pulsed Laser ($7.00)

    MODUL1 - Test Tone and Voice Modulator ($3.00)

    LDT1 - Laser Electronic Target ($3.00)

    plus GCAT1 - General Construction & Assembly Techniques for Kits

LASERCOMBO-D - Laser Plans Combo Pack of All 27 for $126.00 ... $40.00