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Lakhovsky Multiwave Machine


LAKMWO10 - Low-Cost Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator Experimental Machine
There have been amazing and dramatic accounts of positive results when exposed to the energy of these devices.
negative ion machine

This device has a history of controversy from those who have claimed that its emitted energy field provides healing and restorative properties. While it does emit an energy field, we cannot make any claims as to the medical effectiveness of the device, as it has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is offered here for those who wish to experiment, or conduct their own research.

The Lakhovsky antenna consists of multiple concentric rings each smaller than the other adjacent to it. These rings, when exposed to an impulse of an electrical discharge, generate different frequencies that now interfere with one another, both adding and subtracting harmonics, creating a myriad of wide band radio frequency energy. The mathematics that explains this phenomenon is referred to as the Fourier series of composite wave shapes.

The unit operates from a standard 3-wire 115vac wall outlet requiring less than two amps. The transformer is current limited to 60 ma and center point grounded. Output is several mA and can cause annoying shocks if improper contact is made. Now with protective lexan cover on primary coil greatly reducing shock hazard. Antenna is staged on a 12 x 12" lexan plate. Approximately 2' 6" tall overall and 15 pounds in weight (height from bottom of feet to center of antenna is 21").

The system as described uses our BTC30 Tesla coil generator to energize the multi-wave antenna emitter. Plans show very detailed construction information to make the antenna and retrofit it to our BTC30 Tesla coil.

Information Unlimited does not claim any health benefits from the use of this machine. It is offered assembled for research purposes only.

It is suggested for further data on the effects of this machine that one obtains the Lakhovsky Handbook, sometimes available through online bookstores such as Amazon.com, or to do online searches and use them as a reference point for further experimentation.

 Lakhovsky Instructions

Further Information (this information was created by other sources
and is listed here for reference purposes only):
 Mark Clement, Waves That Heal
Georges Lakhovsky, Radiations and Waves, Sources of Our Life
Radio-Cellulo Oscillator of George Lakhovsky

If you think you have a serious ailment,
please consult your medical doctor first
before using this machine.

Please note that owing to the special nature
of this item, all sales are final and no returns
are accepted, except for repair or service.
Brief Video of our Lakhovsky Machine in Action

You will see from the video that our machine has many breakdowns (spark junctions) between the individual coils. This feature provides the step driving functions to produce the many frequencies that this machine can produce. Without these breakdowns the output frequency would be that off the driving frequency with minimal harmonics. It is the breakdown feature that Dr. Lakhovsky machine is based upon and why it is called a multi-wave oscillator.

We have evaluated many of the more expensive machines and found they do not have these features and produce a corona discharge that produces ozone and not near the multi-wave oscillations that the random breakdowns generate in our coils. We want to pass this along to you as a potential customer alerting you to these features and merits of our machine.

A review of our LAKMWO10: Lakhovsky Multi-Wave-Oscillator from the 'Live Free or Die' State (link opens to YouTube)
LAKMWO10 - The basic machine as shown (including antenna), assembled and ready to use for ... $1595.00
LAKMWO10-ANTENNA - The antenna only (this is included with the assembled machine and does not need to be purchased separately, but is available for individual purchase by customer request) ... $395.00
LAKMWO1 - Paper Plans to build this machine (parts not included) ... $20.00
LAKMWO1-D - Downloadable Plans to build this machine (parts not included) ... $8.00

Overseas customers using 220 volts will require our voltage converter:
TR220/110/300 - Optional 220V/50Hz/300W Step Down Auto Transformer With European Plug ... $59.95

2152-ALL13 - Spectrum Tubes
Individually available for many optical applications; may be used for extending frequency spectrum of Lakhovsky machines
thermag The pure elements / gases under pressure in these tubes is generally used to produce a light for spectral analysis. Brightness of the light discharge depends on the power of electrical energy being supplied to the tube. The nature of gas determines the pure spectral color and usually is of a relatively low band width. All lamps contain metal ends with long-life electrodes. Lamps are about 26 cm (10 inches) long, with 90-100 mm of central capillary. Lamps are intended for intermittent use only at full power, and not for use as a lamp source. These are designed to operate 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF. (They may be operated continuously when used with the LAKHOVSKY machine, as shown in the instructions for that device.) Requires a Spectrum Tube Power Supply (such as our low-cost NEON21 for do-it-yourselfers, or the finished 2154-1, both below) or our Induction Coil 1917-10 to operate, sold separately.
2152-13 - Spectrum Tube, Air (pink-violet) ... $19.95
2152-2 - Spectrum Tube, Argon (violet) ... $19.95
2152-3 - Spectrum Tube, CO2 (blue-white to pink) ... $19.95
2152-4 - Spectrum Tube, Helium (pink-orange) ... $19.95
2152-5 - Spectrum Tube, Hydrogen (blue-violet) ... $19.95
2152-15 - Spectrum Tube, Iodine (multiple colors) ... $19.95
2152-6 - Spectrum Tube, Krypton (lavender) ... $19.95
2152-7 - Spectrum Tube, Mercury (blue-violet) ... $19.95
2152-8 - Spectrum Tube, Neon (red-orange) ... $19.95
2152-9 - Spectrum Tube, Nitrogen (pink) ... $19.95
2152-10 - Spectrum Tube, Oxygen (blue-violet) ... $19.95
2152-12 - Spectrum Tube, Water Vapor (pink) ... $19.95
2152-19 - Spectrum Tube, Xenon (blue) ... $19.95
2152-ALL13 - Spectrum Tubes, A Full Set of All 13 Tubes ... $299.95