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Body Energy Charging Machines


BODYENERGY10 - Body Bio Energizing Machine
Transmits fully adjustable pulsed waves of healthy and beneficial wide band electromagnetic energy. New technology studies are being evaluated on the many positive results from customers using these machines. 
body energy machine

The machine provides a wide band of electro-magnetic energy generated by a high frequency resonant transformer. This resonant energy now powers an open plasma discharge along with closed plasma multiwave spectrum tubes providing the beneficial and healthy wireless emissions.

This transmitted energy is purported to stimulate and invigorate the entire body on a cellular and subcellular level to optimize and improve health, awareness, wellness, and athletic performance.

Includes two easy to change heads: our rotating emitter not shown and toroidal transverse emitter.

BODYENERGY10 - Fully Assembled, Ready To Use ... CALL FOR PRICING

2152-ALL13 - Spectrum Tubes
Individually available for many optical applications; may be used for extending frequency spectrum of Lakhovsky machines
thermag The pure elements / gases under pressure in these tubes is generally used to produce a light for spectral analysis. Brightness of the light discharge depends on the power of electrical energy being supplied to the tube. The nature of gas determines the pure spectral color and usually is of a relatively low band width. All lamps contain metal ends with long-life electrodes. Lamps are about 26 cm (10 inches) long, with 90-100 mm of central capillary. Lamps are intended for intermittent use only at full power, and not for use as a lamp source. These are designed to operate 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds OFF. (They may be operated continuously when used with the LAKHOVSKY machine, as shown in the instructions for that device.) Requires a Spectrum Tube Power Supply (such as our low-cost NEON21 for do-it-yourselfers, or the finished 2154-1, both below) or our Induction Coil 1917-10 to operate, sold separately.
2152-13 - Spectrum Tube, Air (pink-violet) ... $58.95
2152-2 - Spectrum Tube, Argon (violet) ... $58.95
2152-3 - Spectrum Tube, CO2 (blue-white to pink) ... $58.95
2152-4 - Spectrum Tube, Helium (pink-orange) ... $58.95
2152-5 - Spectrum Tube, Hydrogen (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-15 - Spectrum Tube, Iodine (multiple colors) ... $58.95
2152-6 - Spectrum Tube, Krypton (lavender) ... $58.95
2152-7 - Spectrum Tube, Mercury (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-8 - Spectrum Tube, Neon (red-orange) ... $58.95
2152-9 - Spectrum Tube, Nitrogen (pink) ... $58.95
2152-10 - Spectrum Tube, Oxygen (blue-violet) ... $58.95
2152-12 - Spectrum Tube, Water Vapor (pink) ... $58.95
2152-19 - Spectrum Tube, Xenon (blue) ... $58.95
2152-ALL13 - Spectrum Tubes, A Full Set of All 13 Tubes ... $766.00

IOD40 - Ion, Charge and Electric Field Detector

Highly Sensitive, Detects Ultralow Background Disturbances

ALL NEW IOD40 hyper low sensitive DC amplifier detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, ultra low static fields, lightning, paranormal entities and other associated phenomona.

This very versatile tool detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, and ultra low static fields This unit is sensitive enough to detect the minute charge produced by just rubbing a piece of plastic and bringing the probe in proximity. It easily measures the electric field during a thunder storm or other high static conditions long before the storm arrives.

Extremely useful for mapping the electric fields associated with high voltage generators. Indicates dangerous "E" fields that may damage sensitive electronic circuits or components. Detects those that can be dangerous to personnel. Detects the presence of weak to strong static charges from lightning, potential corona points and output of ion generators, leaking high voltage insulators and wiring insulation. A very valuable device for the high voltage researcher and experimenter.

Unit is built into a handheld 5" x 3" x 1.75" Plastic box with extendable detection antenna probe. Simple high performance circuitry is powered by a single 9 volt battery that seldom needs replacement.

Detector indicates field strength using an analog meter with a sensitivity control. Includes a potential dangerous high charge field condition by an indicating LED. Switch selects positive or negative charge fields. A response switch allows fast or slow response. A simple external terminal provides a connection point for a grounding lead. Front-mounted RCA phono jack provides a facsimile out for remote monitoring or trigger circuitry for alarms, x/y recorder, etc.

It has been observed that certain paranormal activity is often accompanied by a distortion of the electric field. These changing fields are usually too weak to be detected by conventional detectors. The IOD40 has on several occasions detected unexplained fields in coincidence with other events. At the time of this writing a study is being done at several selected grave sites to see if the distortion in these weak fields can be detected and correlated with other unexplained events.

IOD40 Instructions
IOD40 - Assembled ... $149.95
IOD4 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
IOD4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

ENPROBE10 - Energy Probe
Radiant Energy Probe
and E-Field Detector


Probe detects E fields produced by electrical activity and other unknown anomalies. Unit uses no batteries or other sources of power yet detects very weak and virtually un-noticed energy fields. Unit can also provide a three dimensional output "footprint" of medical healing machines such as LAKHOVSKY coils, High voltage generators, Ion machines, Dangerous lightning levels, Power line E field gradients, High frequency radiation from TESLA coils and similar devices. This probe is used by paranormal researchers as seen on some TV shows.

This device is for detecting strong E fields, like those from plasma globes, tesla coils, ion generators, etc. It is not intended for weak E fields, like those generated by many household items. If you need something to detect household or weaker energy fields, we suggest our IOD40.

The apparatus is electrically balanced and designed in the shape of a wand with a 2 inch brass sphere at its detecting end. The handle is 1" OD x 9" of treated polycarbonate with plated metallic tape wrapped around the ends. A red neon indicator lamp (a standard bulb that should last for years, but can easily be replaced if needed) flashes upon detection and increases as you get closer to the source, or if the source gets stronger.

This handy unit is easy to use and can check the validity of output energy of various healing machines and other radiating products. It is a must-have product for those working in these energy fields.

Probe detects:
  • Potential free energy field locations
  • Electric fields produced by ions sources
  • Dangerous static charges
  • Paranormal and UFO energy fields
  • High frequency radiation
  • Weather phenomena lightning
  • High voltage leakage points
  • Plotting a three dimensional footprint of E-fields of HV sources
  • Detects strange and otherwise unidentifiable sources
ENPROBE10 - Assembled ... $34.95