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Hydrogen Production (All New for Fuel, Guns, Weapons, etc.)


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Our highly efficient time variant pulsed controllers produce a wide range of frequencies with duty cycle variable on/off ratios. This feature allows the use of high voltage without the inherent Joulean heating effect, to create this fascinating substance with a very high energy density.

What you'll need for complete systems to produce HHO

For a pressurized system which is recommended for demonstrations of the explosive power of this gas as used in some of the peripherals that are offered on this page.

1) The completed HHOREACTOR10 ..................... $695.00

2) The completed power conditioner HHOPC10 ...... $399.50


For a non-pressurized more efficient system for actual fuel for engines, torches, etc

1) The HHODRYCELL ......................................... $495 to $1495 depending on model

2) The completed power conditioner HHOPC10 ...... $399.50

You will have to make your own bubbler systems as shown in the instructions.


HHOPC10 - Power Conditioner
High Output Hydrogen HHO Power Generator and Conditioner Preferred For Turnkey Operation of Most Reactor Systems
HHO Conditioner

Generates just under 3 pounds pressure/minute into the 80 cubic inch reservoir of our HHOREACTOR10, or roughly 1 quart (at 1 atm pressure) of HHO gas production in a little over 4 minutes. We have run our lab model HHOREACTOR10 to 80 pounds for integrity testing, but this should not be duplicated as this is essentially a small bomb when filled with this much HHO gas!

The HHOPC10 power conditioner allows adjustment to control the width to dwell time of the direct current pulses for maximizing HHO gas production. This feature matches the input power to your reactor cell eliminating overheating and maintaining good production efficiency. A temperature sensor prevents the system from overheating.

Produces 30 amp chopped pulses from 12 to 30 vdc input. Will operate from a 12 volt automotive battery for fuel supplementation.

HHOPC10 Instructions

Click for video of HHOPC10 in action (driving an HHOCORE10)

HHOPC10 - HHO Power Conditioner, 12V DC Input, Assembled & Ready to Use ... $399.50


This "wet" reactor cell (the entire core is immersed in water) is for pressurized fills. It is to be used with extreme caution, owing to the inherent danger of HHO gas. The complete cell is not available assembled because of the danger if used incorrectly. But the core (HHOCORE10) is available assembled and is the most difficult part of the HHOREACTOR cell assembly.
HHO Reactor

The reactor is where the electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen gas occurs. It is a watertight and airtight container that holds the reactor core (wired to the power source), the water, and the created H2 and O2 gases, and feeds these gases to your hydrogen science project.

The amount of HHO gas generated depends on the size of the reactor (specifically, the core) and the amount of electrical energy put into it to drive the hydrolysis.

The generated HHO gas can be used for our Action Science Projects (HHO cannon, H-bomb demo, HHO pistol, etc.) and as a fuel supplement for gasoline engines. Optional high output current conditioner with thermal feedback control.

These instructions show how to build a reactor that can produce copious amounts of H2 and O2 gas simultaneously, from ordinary water. This combination when ignited can produce a substantial explosion or be used to power engines, torches, rockets, launch projectiles, etc. One advantage of this energetic reaction is that the byproducts are pure water. This eliminates pollutants such as those given from other sources of chemical energy like coal and oil. Another advantage is that the energy yield per molar weight is the highest possible by chemical reaction. This is why it is used as a rocket propellant. And yet another advantage is that this energy source is completely, 100% reusable and recyclable, with only electricity being required to convert water into H2 and O2 gasses, and their recombination releasing energy and converting them back into pure water. Of course it takes more energy to split the water than the energy given when it recombines.

  • A pressure gauge is shown for indicating cell pressure.
  • A large volume is built into the cell for storage of the HHO produced.
  • Electrical connections are supplied and mate with our HHOPC10 power conditioner.
  • Standard gas fittings are used with emphasis on details of bubbler systems to prevent flashback.
  • An electronic thermal detector is built into the unit and shuts the power conditioner off should the reactor get too hot.
  • The core is available assembled, making the overall reactor much easier to build.

As mentioned, the drawback is that it takes more energy to produce the gases from water than the energy released upon recombination of the gases back into water, but this is true of all types of energy conversion. (To overcome this disadvantage would be the "holy grail" of the energy problem.) Fortunately for us and our planet, these chemicals are in their natural state in their stable and non-explosive form of water, and it is going to be very difficult to defy nature to obtain over unity. One viable approach to make hydrogen fuel with electrolysis is to use nuclear power for producing electricity, supplying virtually unlimited amounts. If we develop a very efficient reactor, we could use this energy to make large amounts of pollutant-free hydrogen fuel for all our transportation needs, greatly reducing our CO2 output that contributes to global warming, as well as acid rain and other associated environmental and health problems from the burning of fossil fuels.

HHOREACTOR1 - Paper Plans (45 pages, 46 color pictures) ... $15.00
HHOREACTOR1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $8.00

Specialty parts are available through us if they cannot be acquired locally:
ENC1HHO - Clear Lexan Tube for Cell Enclosure ... $35.00
LADDERS - Stainless Steel Strip 18" x 0.5" x 0.05" ... $10.00
TUBESS1 - Stainless Steel Tube 11" x 1" OD x 0.065" Wall ... $15.00
TUBESS75 - Stainless Steel Tube 11" x 0.75" OD x 0.065" Wall ... $12.00
PLUG31829 - Threaded Plug 3" Sked 40 ... $14.95
ADPT30330 - 3" Thread to 4" Slip ... $14.95


HHOCORE10 - Reactor Core
Assembled HHOCORE10 INSERT With Electrodes for those without mechanical building skills or the time to build it
Hydrogen wet cell, HHO Core Hydrogen wet cell, HHO Core
Hydrogen wet cell, HHO Core
Hydrogen wet cell, HHO Core - end view

This is the device in which the electrolysis occurs, where liquid water is converted (split) into H2 and O2 gases using electric pulses. Whereas the Reactor Cell (HHOREACTOR1) is only available as plans that must be built, we can offer the Core pre-built to save you many hours of assembly.

This Core was designed in our labs and is the result many hours of calculations followed by many more hours of testing. Maximum performance is obtained when used with our HHO Power Conditioner (HHOPC10). The Core is made with quality materials to guarantee maximum output (the stainless steel is grade 304, the grade best-suited for this type of use due to its high oxidation resistance).

The core is easily enclosed in the HHO Reactor Cell and represents 90% of the assembly of the entire reactor cell.

HHOCORE10 - HHO Core, Assembled ... $249.95


HHODRYCELL - Reactor Core
dc20 transformer

This HHO Dry Cell is a variation on producing hydrogen gas from the standard HHO wet cell. We call it a "Dry Cell" because the electrified plates are not entirely immersed in water, and therefore require a lower amperage to generate HHO gas. It can more easily be made with a greater surface area and is thus capable of producing HHO gas faster, however it has a lower maximum pressure output.

Please note that both the kit and assembled versions are built on request and can take 6-8 weeks to manufacture.

HHODRYCELL6K - Kit with 6 stainless steel plates, includes plans & all components ... $995.00
HHODRYCELL60 - Assembled, built on request, contact us for details ... $1195.00
HHODRYCELL9K - Kit with 9 stainless steel plates, includes plans & all components ... $1295.00
HHODRYCELL90 - Assembled, built on request, contact us for details ... $1495.00
HHODRYCELL1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
HHODRYCELL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $8.00


Hydrogen-Powered Action Science Projects
Fun Experiments Demonstrating The Power of HHO Gas

Now at last the ultimate action science project using only "harmless" water for the energy source. Build A Homemade Hydrogen-Powered Bomb, Mortar, Cannon, Pistol, etc. Requires Qualified Supervision as Ignition Will Produce the Effects of a Startling Velocity!

Some notes: this data shows dangerous uses of an explosive gas. It is mandatory that a qualified person supervises these experiments. You will very quickly realize the potential for injury or worse if you do not know what you are doing. This data is excellent for controlled and exciting demonstrations of very sound scientific principles.

Hydrogen and oxygen are produced by simple electrolysis that "used" to be taught in elementary school. The methods shown were very inefficient and only produced enough material to show an orange flame when ignited. Thanks to pioneers like STAN MEYERS and others, ground work was laid to produce hydrogen faster and more efficiently. Larger amounts produced over a shorter period of time allow more ease in performing experimental research and other useful functions.

Using hydrogen to fuel automobiles is the objective of major research currently being performed by many companies as well as individuals.

Hydrogen when burnt combines with oxygen producing water and heat. The problem is that the chemical energy of burning can not exceed the amount of electrical energy that is required to convert the water into the individual gases. Nuclear produced electricity in turn used for electrolysis could provide a viable method for eliminating the nasty by products obtained from fossil fuels.

We now offer the instructions and hardware to construct a small generator capable of allowing you to experiment with several amazing and interesting hydrogen powered projects.


HHOIGNITOR10 - Safety Ignitor
Necessary for all HHO or hydrogen-powered projects requiring ignition from a safe distance.

You will need this trigger to ignite (from a safe distance) the HHO gas mixture that drives our hydrogen action science projects, or any of yours that you design & create.

It consists of 4 parts:
1) The control box which has a safety arming switch and a push button fire control switch. An LED indicator alerts the user that the system is armed. The control box also houses the batteries.
2) The interconnecting cable is sufficiently long (about 25-30 feet) to provide ample separation between the HHO device and the operator. If you need more distance, simply add a wiring extension.
3) The 20kv ignitor module is connected closely to the actual device.
4) Lastly, about 2-3 feet of high voltage output wire and a grounding lead are connected to our HHO projects.

Basic Ignitor Schematic

Video of the HHOIGNITOR10:

HHO Ignitor

HHOIGNITOR10 - Ready to use ... $79.50


HHOBOMB1 - "Hydrogen Bomb"


Video of the HHOBOMB1 in Action:
HHO Bucket
HHO Bucket

Construct and experiment with your own "hydrogen bomb" right in your back yard! Use the energy of the most abundant and lightest element found in the universe to generate energetic explosive forces. These forces can power a mortar, rocket or even a cannon. You can generate a flash and blast of energy that is much more impressive than a class B firecracker (which are now illegal in most states anyway). These blasts can wake up the neighborhood for blocks around with an explosive force only limited by the container size and amount of HHO gas used (use caution when detonating the larger charges). You will even be able to bring back the old fourth of Julys just like our grandparents used to enjoy. But be careful in your experiments, as we don't want water classified as a dangerous chemical!

But do not get your neighbors or the proverbial worry worts into a tither. The project only demonstrates the potential chemical energy from water. This energy is easily released from ordinary water, yes only ordinary water is used to produce these extremely "attention getting results" ! Fortunately a real thermonuclear bomb derives energy from the nuclear strong forces. This action requires intense energy usually as that of a fission bomb. This is necessary for generating the temperatures required to overcome the intense Coulomb forces encountered in trying to force the hydrogen nuclei to fuse into helium. This is where the strong forces come into play releasing oodles of giga giga joules. Technically all elements up to but not including iron can fuse under certain conditions of mega-temps releasing giga giga joules of energy...kind of scary when you think about it! (Note it takes the energy of a supernova to produce the elements beyond iron!) So this project only demonstrates the potential chemical energy from the covalent bonds of water.

HHOBOMB1 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
HHOBOMB1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00


HHOHOW1 - Hydrogen Howitzer


HHO Howitzer

HHO Howitzer Target HHO Howitzer Target HHO Howitzer Target HHO Howitzer Target
Target damage on 3/4" plywood at 50 meters using a plastic projectile.

We have designed and built a device capable of firing a 50mm projectile over 500 meters using ordinary tap water. The howitzer section is built from materials available from hardware stores. The design as shown was done by one of our more creative technicians and could be a museum piece. The howitzer has many extras as seen from photos including a laser sight. The design of the actual barrel, chamber and firing mechanism must be followed, but that of the remaining assembly can be at the builder's discretion. Plans include photos, schematics, and drawings to complete this fascinating and fun project. Materials for the cell (to generate hydrogen) and actual howitzer are readily available. However you may individually purchase them precut and ready to use from our facilities. They are listed on the parts list of the HHOHOW1 plans.

Video of the HHOHOW10:
HHOHOW1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
HHOHOW1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $8.00

HHOPISTOL1 - Hydrogen Pistol
HHO Pistol Build a hydrogen powered pistol that fires a 30 caliber projectile at a moderate velocity...purposely kept down as this could easily be classified as a dangerous firearm using water! The actual pistol section is built from materials available from hardware stores. The design as shown was done by one of our more creative technicians. The design of the actual barrel, chamber and firing mechanism must be followed but that of the remaining assembly can be at the builder's discretion. Plans include photos, schematics, and drawings to complete this fascinating and fun project. Materials for the actual device are readily available. Can puncture metal/steel cans and over ¼" of plywood.
HHOPISTOL1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
HHOPISTOL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00