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Neon Transformers: Conventional UL2161 & non-UL


This page shows our conventional neon power supplies that run from wall outlets

(for 12 volt operation, see our 12V/Automotive section). They have been well-proven in the field. The XL1035 was designed by the owner of Information Unlimited and licensed to several major companies, with most still in operation today after 15 years.

These transformers are built for conventional neon signs used for point-of-purchase, in-house displays windows of businesses, shops, restaurants, bar rooms, malls, department stores – any place anything is sold or advertised. Also great for home use to power personal neon signs and displays.

We No Longer Offer "Buy In Bulk And Save"

Neon Display Transformers

XL1035 - Our High Powered UL 2161 Approved Conventional Line Drive Neon Solid State Transformer
High Voltage, High Frequency Power Supplies

This transformer was designed and patented by the owner of Information Unlimited. It was the only design that UL passed on the first submission for the 2161 regs at that time! It was used by the four largest beer and ale companies and is still used today with the amount of over 300,000 pieces in service since its inception.

  • Patented circuitry eliminates mercury migration and restores most darkened displays
  • Patented ground fault safety shut down
  • Includes preset level dimmer switch
  • Many in service for almost 15 years!
  • Size 5-1/2 x 5 x 2-1/4” flame retardant box
  • With pull chain switch
  • 8’ feet 3 wire heavy duty cord
  • 24” GTO flexible output leads
  • Weighs 2 pounds

These current limited and balanced output transformers are excellent for all size neon displays tubes up to 80 feet. Patented circuitry uses our ground fault safety shut down for safe operation. This unit is a high brightness transformer with an honest 10,000 volts open circuit at a short circuit current of 45ma, operating from 115 VAC and drawing 2.3 amps when fully loaded.

When we first built this transformer, we decided to test it with the largest sign we could find at the time, being a fully loaded Harley Davidson display. When first turned on, we noticed the sign's white and green areas had a lot of mercury darkening. As the sign warmed up, the darkening was mostly gone within several hours. We then took some measurements, and found the voltage at 13200(!) and the current 45 ma. The wave shapes were integrated using Simpson rule for verification. The input AC current was over 2 amps. We ran the sign for a week and it totally cleaned up.

XL1035 - 10kV UL2161 Transformer ... $69.95
10-49 @ $59.95ea.  50-99 @ $49.95ea.  100+ @ $44.95ea.

CPI-6-35 - CPI Full Feature UL-Approved Neon Transformers
Highly Reliable With Several Models to Choose From at 6KV, 10KV, and 12KV Output
CPI 6035

CPI 10-35


CPI is recognized as the leading manufacturer of quality neon transformers, and Information Unlimited is proud to be their East Coast distributor.

These current limited and balanced output transformers are excellent for all size neon display tubes up to 79 feet (see tube load chart, below). Patented circuitry uses ground fault safety shutdown for safe operation. These are high brightness transformers with an honest 6000, 10000, and 12000 volts open circuit at a short circuit current of 35ma (or 42ma for the EZ12). Operates from 115 VAC (220V also available for international use) drawing from 0.6 to 1.5 amps when fully loaded.

Fully enclosed in a plastic flame-retardant box with pull chain switch, 6-foot 3-wire power cord, and 24" GTO flexible output leads. Temperature rated for continuous operation up to 60°C (140°F). Guaranteed patented circuit eliminates mercury migration and actually restores most darkened displays to normal.

  • Adjusting load sensor auto-adjusts to display length
  • Overload Protection / Auto shutdown feature
  • Can be mounted directly to metal
  • Complies with all FCC regulations
  • Reduced energy consumption with active power factor corrections < .9
  • No mercury migration
  • 24" GTO cable; 6 foot power cord; on/off pull chain
  • For Indoor Use Only
  • Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (rise above ambient of 36 F)
  • 6-35 Dimensions: 5-9/16" x 2-9/16" x 1-9/16", 1.5 lbs
  • 10-35 Dimensions: 9-9/16" x 2-9/16" x 1-3/4", 2.5lbs
  • EZ12 Dimensions: 9-9/16" x 2-9/16" x 1-3/4", 5.0lbs
CPI General Installation

How Neon Works
TUBE LOAD CHART [deduct 1 foot for each pair of electrodes]
  Neon (Clear/Fluorescent Red)  :  Mercury (Clear/Fluorescent)
Tube Dia. (mm)
Length w/CPI-6-35
Length w/CPI-10-35
Length w/CPI-EZ12
34' : 40'
57' : 67'
67' : 79'
23' : 36'
40' : 45'
55' : 62'
19' : 23'
34' : 40'
45' : 55'
17' : 20'
29' : 33'
39' : 46'
16' : 18'
26' : 31'
35' : 42'
11' : 12'
18' : 23'
29' : 35'
9' : 10'
16' : 18'
26' : 31'
8' : 9'
13' : 15'

CPI-6-35 - UL2161 6kv 35ma Transformer ... $69.95

      CPI-6035 - non-UL version ... $69.95


CPI-10-35 - UL2161 10kv 35ma Transformer ... $77.95

      CPI-10035FL - non-UL with Flashing adjustment ... $77.95

      CPI-10035DM - non-UL with Dimming adjustment ... $77.95

CPI-EZ12-42 - UL2161 12kv 42ma Transformer ... $89.95