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Laser Plans, Projects, Kits, Fiber Optics

Assorted Glass Lenses
red lasers

25 lenses including ACHROMATS, double convex positive, concave negative lens, WWII infra-red bomb site lens, miniscus, eye pieces, etc. These lenses, if purchased at todays prices, would cost well over $500.00! All pieces individually available in quantities.

LENS25 - Assorted Lenses ... $49.95

High Powered Visible Red Diode Lasers
Equivalent Color Temp >1,000,000 deg K!
Range Viewed by Target in Excess of 25 Miles!

Build in a concealable handheld battery operated system as shown.

High brightness visible red beam Illuminates low level clouds. Projects a pencil thin beam for miles. Great special effects, optical intimidation, target designation.

Universal battery or 115vac operation. Available as functional modules or complete hand held in a gun configuration. Includes range extending adjustable optical coliminator. CLASS 3B.

red laser gun
LGUN1K - 10mw 650nm Laser Kit & Plans ... $149.95
LGUN1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
LGUN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00
LM650P10 - 10mw@650nm Module Only (CLASS 3B) Includes our LGUN1/3 plans ... $59.95

Green Laser Beam Science Project
with long range adjustable collimator for changing beam diameter
green laser science project

class 3a class 3b

A real easy to construct green laser capable of many applications and optical experiments. This laser, unlike the red devices produces a visible ray rather than just a dot at the impact point. Green laser light is much brighter to the human eye due to its peak response being in the green region. Output power is still at the relatively safe CLASS IIIA value, as are the currently available red lasers, but now is almost 15 times more visible. Kit contains all electrical and optical parts to make along range collimator allowing ranges in excess of miles.

DANGER: THIS PROJECT, WHEN USING CLASS3B LASER MODULES (above 5mw), REQUIRES THE USE OF PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES POINT AT PEOPLE! Class 3B laser modules include the instructions necessary to bring into FDA compliance for sale in the USA.

Safety glasses are available, but this generally should not be an issue at the lower power ratings.

LPROJGR1K - 5mw Green Laser Beam Science Project Kit & Plans (CLASS IIIA) includes LM532-5 module ... $69.95
LPROJGR1 - Paper Plans ... $6.00
LPROJGR1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00
Individual Modules (for replacement, upgrading to more-powerful beam, making from plans, etc.):
GM-CW02-5 - 5mw Green Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $39.95
GM-CW02-10 - 10mw Green Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $49.95
GM-CW02-20 - 20mw Green Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $59.95

Red Laser Beam Science Project
green laser science project

A real easy to build laser for the beginner. Capable of many experiments from laser window bounce to basic optical experiments. Battery operated and fully CLASSIIIA compliant. Kit includes 3mw 650nm module, two lenses for colliminator, switch, battery holder, and hook up wire.

class 3a
LPROJ1K - 5mw Red Laser Beam Science Project Kit & Plans (CLASS IIIA) includes LM650P3 module ... $49.95
LPROJ1 - Paper Plans ... $5.00
LPROJ1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00
Individual Modules (for replacement, upgrading to more-powerful beam, making from plans, etc.):
LM650P3 - 3mw@650nm Red Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $24.95
LM650P5 - 5mw@650nm Red Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $29.95
LM630P3 - 3mw@630nm Red Laser Module Only (CLASS 3A) ... $39.95

Simulated Pulsed Visible Lasers Using Ultrabright LEDs
Simulated Pulsed Visible Laser

Use for blinding video surveillance cameras, ultra bright light beacon, night time identification, trail marking, neat "flashing in the woods" prank, nearby or distant motion freezing, long range optical control, and light beam alarms. Includes four colored diodes and optics.

Battery operated multicolored electronic circuit generates adjustable rate light pulses. Directional use is highly visible for miles. Omni directional use for up to a mile. Built into a 12 x 1.5" tubular enclosure with 4 "AA" battery holder is mounted, hung or just placed in any convenient location. Includes RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE ultrabright LEDs. Easily weatherproofed and operates for 1000 hours on internal batteries.

Kits are available bulk packed for schools and volume purchases.

LHP10 - Assembled and Ready To Use ... $59.95
LHP1K - Kit & Plans ... $44.95
LHP1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
LHP1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
Ultrabright 5 mm LEDs (15 Degrees, Clear)
All LEDs are $2.00 each, or $1.50 ea. when ordering 10 or more.
LA1RHP - 15000 mcd red ... $2.00
LA1GHP - 34000 mcd green ... $2.00
LA1YHP - 13000 mcd yellow ... $2.00
LA1BHP - 11000 mcd blue ... $2.00
LA1WHP - 34000 mcd white ... $2.00
LA1IRHP - 904nm 85mw/sr infrared ... $2.00

Green Laser Ray Gun
green laser gun

Shoots a highly visible ray of green light!
Easily Concealable with range over 10 miles!

Hand held battery system up to 20 milliwatts of continuous optical power. Use for serious special effects star pointing, optical intimidation and experimentation. Includes a colliminator for ultra long range effect.

LAGREEN1 - Green Laser Ray Gun, Paper Plans ... $10.00
LAGREEN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

Make A Green Laser Pointer Up To 500 Times Brighter Than "Standard" Laser Pointers!

  • Diode Pumped Solid State
  • Up To 300 mw Output
  • 532 nm Green
  • Battery Operated
  • High Efficiency
green.jpg - 4.33 K
LAGRN1DP - Paper Data Pack - Information on "How to Build", includes CWL5 plans ... $20.00
LAGRN1DP-D - Downloadable Data Pack - Information on "How to Build", includes CWL5 plans ... $4.00

Laser Property Guard Fence

Protect Your Home & Family!

Intruder Triggers Alarm When Laser Beam Is Broken

Build your own laser perimeter protection and control system to cover up to 1000 feet (a little over 1 square acre), or use multiple systems to cover larger areas. This system can be set to trigger any number of deterrent or warning systems (such as our PAIN FIELD GENERATOR deterrent). This laser guard system includes a laser, collimating lenses, three front-surface mirrors, optical receiver with audible buzzer, and visible LED and external function control relay. The PGD4K version requires assembly of the laser receiver and transmitter. The PGD40 version comes with these modules assembled. Both require electrical and mechanical installation skills to setup the laser guard system on your property.

8/2/2018: This product is being refined & redesigned. Please check back for updates!
PGD4 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
PGD4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Infrared High Peak Power Pulsed Laser Diodes

These diodes produce a 200 nanosec maximum pulse width. All diodes are full spec and unused. All purchases include our SSL7 pulsed infrared laser plans showing operational circuitry and applications. We stock this laser product as a kit, fully assembled or you may purchase the individual parts.

infrared, infra-red, lasers
  • 904 nm
  • 10 amp threshold, 40 amps max.
  • 200 nanosec pulse width
infrared, infra-red, lasers, systems
LD650 - 10-15 Watt TO18 Package ... $39.95
LD780 - 20 Watt 2 Diode Array TO5 ... $59.95
LD164 - 50 Watt 2 Stack 100x400um 75a 50w peak in a TO5 pack ... $69.95
LD1630 - 50-80 Watt TO5 Package ... $299.95

Contact the factory for quantity discounts at 1-603-673-6493

High Speed PhotoDiode Detectors
infrared, infra-red, lasers

These high-sensitivity low-capacitance diodes detect the short, fast rise time pulse emitted from our Infrared laser diodes (LD650, LD780, LD164, LD1630). Excellent for long range intrusion alarms, laser radar detection, analytical instruments, optical measurements, etc.

Free S1223-01 Specs Download (PDF)     Free S1336-5BK Specs Download (PDF)

S1336-5BK - High Speed SI Detector for Laser Diodes ... $43.50
S1223-01 - High Speed PIN Detector for Laser Diodes ... $24.50

CLASS IV Laser Plans

Poor Man's CO2 Burning Laser!
Build a relatively high powered laser from homemade parts. Eliminates glass blowing and complicated machining. Shows many low cost alternatives and approaches. Generates over 10 watts of burning energy. Great advanced science project. Can be built for less than $100.00.
LC3 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
LC3-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Argon Multi Colored Laser
Build the highly visible multicolored lasers used in light shows, rock concerts, cloud writing, etc. Different colored beams are possible by selective tuning using an optical prism.
LAG1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
LAG1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Tunable Dye Laser
Fascinating multicolored visible light lasers are truly amazing. Plans show how to build these devices capable of generating pencil thin beams of variable colored light for miles.
DYE1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
DYE1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Nitrogen Laser
Economical gas laser produces 100 KW peak power pulses in the UV range at 370 nm. Great for exciting multicolored lasers, the ionization produced is being studied for use in directed energy beam weapons! Simple to construct device for the results obtained.
LN1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
LN1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Copper Vapor Laser
Capable of a high peak power over 400kW, with an average power in the 10's of watts. The beam is visible green light, with high coherency and spectral quality similar to an argon laser but easier and less costly to build and far more efficient. This particular design was developed at the atomic energy commission of Negev in Israel.
CVL1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
CVL1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

All Five Laser Plans
All of our Class IV laser plans (CVL1, DYE1, LAG1, LC3, LN1) in one discounted purchase.
5LASERPLANS - Paper Plans ... $40.00
5LASERPLANS-D - Downloadable Plans ... $12.00

Note: please be sure your mailbox can handle large attachments (some web-based emails have a size limitation of 10mb), as these 5 plans are 14mb in size.