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Ion Ray Guns, Motors, Force Fields, Detectors


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IONMOT10 - Ion Motor
Excellent science project, classroom demonstration device, desk piece. Performs many interesting feats. May be special ordered to provide copious amounts of beneficial negative ions
ion-mot10.jpg Generate a Real Force Field
  • Concept propels a space ship to near the velocity of light!
  • Spins a 6 to 7" rotor to high speed using strictly ion propulsion.
  • Generates a positive force field. Produces considerable pressure. You can feel the effect!
  • Transmits electrical discharges up to several meters.
  • Can induce electric shocks to those nearby.
  • Freezes motion by stroboscopic flashing.
  • Experiment with snow and ice, pieces of Styrofoam.
  • Many other experiments possible. Use your own intuitive abilities.
  • Great science fair project as uses batteries or low voltages.
  • Operates from 12VDC battery or wall adapter (not included).
  • Kits can be made to produce positive or negative ions by simple reversing of the diodes.
  • Removing the rotor will greatly reduce the ion output and the device will instead produce ozone.
IONMOT10 - Assembled & Ready to Use ... $129.95
IONMOT1 - Paper Plans ... $9.00
IONMOT1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
12DC/1.5 - 12V 1500mA Wall Adapter for IONMOT10 ... $16.95

SS-013SD18 - Negative High Voltage Two Level Power Supply Intended for Air Purification
For Those Building Their Own Combination Air Purification And Ion Generator
Allows you to produce your own negative ions, dust and smoke collector. Operates at 115VAC input at only 15 watts for direct wall power use.
negative ion generator

Intended for the production of negative ions, and air purification for health and well being.

Multi Level output generates -18 kV and -9 open circuit at 100 µamps, with a 20 kHz internal operating frequency.

 Enclosed in a 4 x 2 x 1.5" potted box.

 SS-013SD18 Instructions
SS-013SD18 - 115V AC Power Supply 18kV Output ... $59.95

SS-015SD30N - Negative High Voltage Power Supply
Very versatile unit can be used for many applications. Operates from batteries or a 12 vdc wall adapter Allows the flexibility of being used for body electrification, telekinetics magic tricks and experiments.
negative ion generator

Intended for the production of negative ions, suitable for safe high voltage products.

SS-010SD1-1: Input is 12VDC at 400mA. Output is -20kV open circuit at 150 uamps. Enclosed in a 2.5 x 2 x 1.25" potted box.

SS-015SD30N: Input is 12VDC at 300mA. Output is -30kV open circuit at 80 uamps. Enclosed in a 3 x 1.4 x 1.25" potted box.

SS-010SD1-1 Instructions

This item is also used in several of our high voltage products: the TKE10 telekinetic enhancer, the EMA10 electric man, and the NEG30 negative ion machine.

SS-010SD1-1 - 12V DC Input -20kV Output Power Supply ... $34.95

SS-015SD30N - 12V DC Input -30kV Output Power Supply ... $49.95

Optional wall adapter:
12DC/2AR - 12V 2A wall adapter (note negative 12V lead must be connected to socket plate ground screw) ... $12.95

Ion Ray and Charge Guns / Force Field Generators / Wireless Energy Transmission
Excellent action science project, museum demo prop or useful electrical tool. Demonstrate the ability to project an electrical charge to an object. Many controlled experiments and demonstrations of electrical properties are possible.

Future Technology!

This series of ion ray and force field gun utilizes a self oscillating circuit with a current controlled transformer. The circuit produces a 10 to 15kv high frequency output voltage and an over current shutdown for safety when used in certain experiments as shown.

For science and research purposes, this charge Q=CV will accumulate on the object at the rate V=i(t)/C, allowing many controlled experiments and demonstrations of electrical properties. (A normal bolt of lightning only requires 10 to 20 coulombs but derives its energy from the high voltage producing kilo amps of current.) The ion generation would also make a great source of propulsion -- do the math!

The oscillator output is fed to a half wave voltage multiplier consisting of a number of stages that convert and multiply the peak value of the voltage waveform. Output resistors help control the high capacitive discharge currents that could damage the multiplier section.

The circuitry is housed in PVC plastic tubing. A 6" length is attached to the main housing to provide a butt handle like a hand gun. This section houses the 8 "AA" battery cell holder and has a strip of conductive metal tape to make contact to the users hand. This forces the users body to the system ground and provides a virtual ground for charge return. A simple push button switch controls power to the device.

  • Inducing shocks in people without contact
  • Causing lamps to flicker and ignite without contact
  • Causing paper to stick to surfaces, playing cards, etc.
  • Causing motion of objects/ion motors
  • Charging of objects to a high potential without contact
  • Static electricity experiments
  • Kirlian photography and ozone production
  • Strange and bizarre effects on certain materials
  • Effects on painted and insulated surfaces that require darkness
  • Effects on vapors, steam, dry snow, oil and other liquids.
  • Visual discharge of plasma force, corona, etc.
  • Effects on electronics equipment, TV, and computers
  • Can cleanse and disinfect air
  • Treats surfaces for special applications
  • Circuitry id adaptable to FLOCKING and ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING, etc.
  • Trigger Switch
  • Internal AA Batteries Holder In Handle, (Batteries Not Included)
  • Create an electrically charged atmosphere within a room where people start to get mild shocks etc
  • Effect on people with glasses when using causes hair to become charged

Conduct Many Bizarre And Interesting Experiments!

Experiment Examples


Information on Ion Ray Guns and Force Fields

The IOG50 puts out 50,000 negative volts/m and is our lowest cost fixed output series version:
iog30 2015.gif
IOG50(+) • Assembled 8 Stages - 50 kv/m ... $99.95
IOG50(-) • Assembled 8 Stages - 50 kv/m ... $99.95
IOG5 • Paper Plans ... $15.00
IOG5-D • Downloadable Plans ... $5.00


Highest Power Adjustable Ion Ray Gun

High powered unit uses a variable duty cycle clocked oscillator driving a FET field effect transistor in turn switching into a resonant transformer. The transformer output is fed to a half wave voltage multiplier consisting of a number of stages that convert and multiply the peak value of the voltage waveform. Output resistors help control the high capacitive discharge currents that could damage the multiplier section. Adjustable output with reactance limited current is open and short circuit protected.

Unit is housed in a combination gray and black PVC housing the multiplier section and batterys. Controls are safety switch and charge field intensity adjustment with push button power control mounted in the pistol grip butt. This section also houses the 8 "AA" battery cell holder, (Batteries Not Included) and has a strip of conductive metal tape to make contact to the user's hand. This forces the users body to the system ground and provides a virtual ground for charge return. Unit is ruggedly built and can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Labeled use with CAUTION.

IOGHP10(+) • Assembled with Positive (+) Output ... $269.95
IOGHP10(-) • Assembled with Negative (-) Output ... $269.95
IOGHP1 • Paper Plans ... $15.00
IOGHP1-D • Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

IOD40 - Ion Charge and Electric Field Detector

Highly Sensitive, Detects Ultralow Background Disturbances

ALL NEW IOD40 hyper low sensitive DC amplifier detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, ultra low static fields, lightning, paranormal entities and other associated phenomona.

This very versatile tool detects both positive and negative electric fields produced by ions, and ultra low static fields This unit is sensitive enough to detect the minute charge produced by just rubbing a piece of plastic and bringing the probe in proximity. It easily measures the electric field during a thunder storm or other high static conditions long before the storm arrives.

Extremely useful for mapping the electric fields associated with high voltage generators. Indicates dangerous "E" fields that may damage sensitive electronic circuits or components. Detects those that can be dangerous to personnel. Detects the presence of weak to strong static charges from lightning, potential corona points and output of ion generators, leaking high voltage insulators and wiring insulation. A very valuable device for the high voltage researcher and experimenter.

Unit is built into a handheld 5" x 3" x 1.75" Plastic box with extendable detection antenna probe. Simple high performance circuitry is powered by a single 9 volt battery that seldom needs replacement.

Detector indicates field strength using an analog meter with a sensitivity control. Includes a potential dangerous high charge field condition by an indicating LED. Switch selects positive or negative charge fields. A response switch allows fast or slow response. A simple external terminal provides a connection point for a grounding lead. Front-mounted RCA phono jack provides a facsimile out for remote monitoring or trigger circuitry for alarms, x/y recorder, etc.

It has been observed that certain paranormal activity is often accompanied by a distortion of the electric field. These changing fields are usually too weak to be detected by conventional detectors. The IOD40 has on several occasions detected unexplained fields in coincidence with other events. At the time of this writing a study is being done at several selected grave sites to see if the distortion in these weak fields can be detected and correlated with other unexplained events.

IOD40 Instructions

IOD40 - Assembled ... $149.95
IOD4 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
IOD4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

IONMETER10 - Ion Detector and Meter

This small, lightweight, portable ion meter can measure positive (+) or negative (-) ions in the air, and can also measure the electrical (ionic) charge on textile materials like clothing, curtains, sheets, or any other fabrics. It covers a good middle range of ion concentrations from 10000 ions/cc up to 20,000,000 ions/cc.

To measure high ion concentrations, you can move the ion detector farther away from the source and extrapolate near-field ion concentrations by the ratio of the distance cubed (r3).

To measure low ion concentrations, you can move the ion detector closer to the source and similarly extrapolate far-field ion concentrations with the same distance cubed (r3) formula.

(For very sensitive and precise ionic measurements, our IOD40 is recommended.)

• compact size: 3.1 x 1.2 x 0.4" (80 x 30 x 10mm)
• lightweight: 1.6oz (90g)
• operates on 2 LR44 (1.5V) button batteries (Not Included)
• resolution sensitivity: approx. 10,000 ions/cc
• ion detection range: approx. 10,000 - 20,000,000 ions/cc

IONMETER10 - Ion Meter & Tester ... $64.95