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Intrusion Detection, Home and Property Alarms


RC10 - Universal Radio Remote Control Module

Control Many Electrical Devices Covertly From a Distance

Remotely control just about anything up to 300 feet away using our all new universal radio control module. Internal batteries (8 AA providing 12VDC, not included) power the items being controlled. Also includes a 115/220 AC wall adapter for more permanent installations not requiring batteries.

Control items such as our Pest Shockers, Squirrel Birdfeeder Shockers, Shocking Jokes, ultrasonic products such as our Sonic Nausea Machine, various Alarms & Panic Devices, Security Alerts, Lasers, Video Cameras, Tesla Coils, LED Arrays, Portable Devices, or just about any electrical system covertly and safely from a distance. Unit provides internal power for devices allowing complete freedom from power feed wiring.

< More Information >

RC10 - Universal Radio Remote Control Module ... $79.95

JC-G02 - Home Alarm System

with LCD Display & Keypad Programmable
telephone security system

This central alarm system coordinates multiple sensor inputs and sends alerts of activity directly through the system, sets off audible alarms, can also call up to 6 phone numbers and send out SMS text alerts whenever 1 or multiple sensors are triggered. If you want phone alerts and text messages to be sent, you can install a SIM card (not included) with your preferred carrier that will relay these alerts through cellular towers, so a wifi network and internet access are not necessary.

Available Sensors that interface with this Home Alarm System:
IR-G02 infrared sensor
DS-G02 door/window sensor

The Home Alarm System includes (1) central GSM Alarm System, (1) wireless IR sensor (IR-G02), (1) wireless door/window sensor (DS-G02), (1) audible alarm siren, and (2) wireless key fobs to remotely control the system: with settings for arm/disarm, "home" (activates peripheral sensors only), and "silence" (stops an active alarm). Additional sensors can be purchased to interface with the system and cover larger areas. Can also be interfaced with gas leak and smoke alarm sensors, and send out alerts accordingly.

Types of sensors include IR (heat & motion) sensors, door/window gap sensors, vibration sensors, broken glass sensors, smoke alarms, natural gas, liquid propane gas, carbon monoxide sensors, and water level sensors (for basements or areas where pipes may burst). For example, in addition to a normal security setup with motion detectors and door and window sensors, this system can also be interfaced with gas leak and smoke alarm sensors, and send out alerts accordingly.

This is an excellent programmable home alarm system which is expandable to provide coverage for a small home with a few rooms, to a large multi-room estate with sizeable grounds. < More Information >

JC-G02 - Home Alarm System ... $150.00

DS-G02 - Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Works with the JC-G02 Home Alarm System. These sensors activate whenever a door or window is opened, and then send a wireless signal to a central alarm system, such as our JC-G02 (which can track up to 99 wireless sensors). This sensor does not emit an audible sound that can be heard.

  • Internal antenna with a range up to 300 feet (unobstructed)
  • Power: DC 12V/23A Battery (included)

Place these sensors on doors or windows and they will trigger whenever the door or window is opened, and your central alarm system will then alert you when there is activity -- you can then view the area if you have surveillance cameras established, or be alert to take other action. < More Information >

DS-G02 - Wireless Door/Window Sensor ... $8.95

IR-G02-EXT - Infrared Sensor

Works with the JC-G02 Home Alarm System. These sensors detect infrared heat signatures and then send a wireless signal to a central alarm system, such as our JC-G02 (which can track up to 99 wireless sensors). This sensor does not emit an audible sound that can be heard.

  • Auto temperature correction
  • Triple IR pulse technology
  • Uses 9V battery (not included)
  • Weather-resistant enclosure (but not waterproof)
  • Best for indoor use or outdoors at night (sunlight may give false alarms)
  • Wall mount and securing screws included
  • Sensor detection range: up to 36 feet, width 110° (up to 30 feet)
  • Range of wireless signal: up to 300 feet (open distance)
Infrared Sensor Infrared Sensor

Use several of these sensors to establish "zones" of coverage, and your central alarm system will then alert you when a zone has activity -- you can then view the area if you have surveillance cameras established, or be alert to take other action. < More Information >

IR-G02-EXT - Infrared Sensor (external antenna version) ... $7.50
IR-G02 - Infrared Sensor (internal antenna version) ... $10.50

PPG300RC - Generation 2 Ultrasound Pain Field Generator System with Remote Control for Home Protection with Special Issue High Powered Transducers
Produces a feeling of intense pain and disorientation. Excellent for Home and Property Protection; can be activated with the included wireless key chain transmitter, or automatically when connected to your security system or other detection methods.

capacitor capacitor

PPG300 Instructions

The Ultrasound Pain Field is a low-liability system capable of protecting your home, family, and personal property. Gives you precious time to prepare with more active force if necessary.

  • Easy to install with basic tools. Uses included low voltage wiring and universal mounting brackets
  • This powerful sonic deterrent can be triggered by multiple sensors, or integrated with an existing home security system (see our Radio Control and System Interfacing for information on remote control and examples of available addons like panic alarms, shockers, and other deterrents that can be interfaced to this system).
  • System may be activated manually at the control panel, by radio control, or triggered automatically through any of the three (3) inputs for intrusion detection sensors
  • Uses four (4) high output Military-issue Directional Ultrasonic Polarized Piezo Transducers
  • Covers four multiple areas up to 5000 sq ft, or concentrated on specific target areas & rooms (such as gun rooms, safes, etc.); coverage may differ depending on layout and absorbent material in the protected area
  • Runs from a 12V battery (not included) or included wall adapter for normal 115VAC home power
  • Control console is 3 x 4 x 6” and contains all controls and connection jacks to other systems, power, and transducers
  • Alarm may be activated or Reset remotely by radio control, or on the device by Manual Switch

Full Feature List

The Ultrasound Pain Field Generator is a low-liability system capable of protecting your home, family, and personal property.

Note: there are circumstances where a physical force back up may be justified and is highly recommended in certain situations if all else fails.

PPG300RC - Assembled, with Remote Control ... $399.95
PPG30RCK - Kit, with Remote Control... $299.95
PPG30 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
PPG30-D - Downloadable Plans ... $7.00
  pain wave

PGD4 - Laser Property Guard Fence

Protect Your Home & Family!

Intruder Triggers Alarm When Laser Beam Is Broken

Build your own laser perimeter protection and control system to cover up to 1000 feet (a little over 1 square acre), or use multiple systems to cover larger areas. This system can be set to trigger any number of deterrent or warning systems (such as our PAIN FIELD GENERATOR deterrent). This laser guard system includes a laser, collimating lenses, three front-surface mirrors, optical receiver with audible buzzer, and visible LED and external function control relay. The PGD4K version requires assembly of the laser receiver and transmitter. The PGD40 version comes with these modules assembled. Both require electrical and mechanical installation skills to setup the laser guard system on your property.

8/2/2016: This product is being refined & redesigned. Please check back for updates!
PGD4 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
PGD4-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

SENSEALARM - Sensor Guard Alarm
sense Home Alarm & Travel Protection Monitor

Detects intrusion by sensing body heat up to 30' away. Whenever motion is detected, it provides either a "Ding dong" chime, or it can emit a piercing 80db siren. Includes a 10-15 sec exit delay. 80-degree coverage. Includes adjustable wall bracket. No wires required (operates on 3 AA alkaline batteries, not included). Low-battery warning.

SENSEALARM - Ready to Use ... $19.95

Personal Security And Protection

DM-PROL - Dummy Camera with LED
Security for Geniuses Adjustable angle, authentic cable and flashing LED give the Dummy Camera a realistic appearance. Its weatherproof anodized aluminum housing is rust-proof and will last for decades. The flashing LED operates for over a year on a set of AA batteries (not included).

(See our other dummy cameras with different designs to suit your needs.)

  • Dimensions: 10-3/4" x 4" round
  • Weatherproofed Anodized Aluminum
  • Batteries: 2 x AA (not included)
DM-PROL - Ready to Use ... $23.00

CAMDETECT10 - Video Camera Detector
Feel like someone's watching you?

The Camera Detector is so small you can take it anywhere. When a wireless camera is detected, an LED light flickers and an audible alarm sounds. Advanced circuitry reduces false alarms from background interference. A sensitive tuner allows you to automatically scan variable distances and channels. The unit detects frequencies from 50MHz to 3GHz.

  • Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 3/4"
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Batteries: 2 x CR2032
  • Coverage: 50 Mhz - 3 Ghz
CAMDETECT10 - Ready to Use ... $29.95

AUTOEMERG10 - Automobile Emergency Tool

This lifesaving tool is the most versatile on the market. Its four functions include a SUPER BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT can be used at night as a signaling device or just plain illumunation. The blinking emergency light activates automatically upon removal from its base. The hammer easily breaks a vehicle's windows providing escape, while the blade easily cuts through the seat belts freeing one to escape.

  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 2"
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA 1.5 volt battery
AUTOEMERG10 - Ready to Use ... $14.95

CHILD10 - Child Abduction Alarm
child10 Worn by the child, the cartoon animal-shaped transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, which is held by the adult. The signal is adjustable - from a distance of 6 to 30 feet, so when the child goes beyond the set distance, the adult's receiver starts to beep, letting them know that the child is starting to wander off.

Frequencies adjust themselves automatically to alert the proper receiver if more than one adult is in the same area using the Child Guard monitoring system.

CHILD10 - Ready to Use ... $29.95

NAPZAP - Anti Sleep Alarm

May Save Your Life!
Life saving little device fits on your ear and is intended for long distance driving. Sounds alarm if your head starts to nod from drowsiness.

NAPZAP - Ready to Use ... $12.95


This device acts as a burglar alarm and a personal alarm. Hang it on any door knob (non-metallic doors) and it instantly and automatically sounds when an intruder touches the door knob. Carry it with you and just pull out the metal chain to sound the alarm and deter an assailant. The alarm is 120 db. Requires one 9-volt battery (not included).

AL-2 - Personal/Door Alarm ... $10.95


Use this alarm to block a door from being opened. If anyone tries to open the door, this 120db alarm will sound. Alarm stops when pressure is released from door stop plate. The alarm is pressure sensitive and also works as a door jam. Uses one 9-volt battery (not included).

DSAL-2 - Personal/Door Alarm ... $14.95

motion alert system

The 105 dB MOTION ALERT ALARM passive infrared system detects motion in any selected area. It mounts easily (vertically or horizontally) near any entry area and is battery operated, eliminating any need for wiring.

Unit can be coded with a personal security code and can be set to utilize a two-tone entry chime, instead of the alarm sound. Mounting screws included. 9 volt battery (not included).

HA-125 - Motion Alarm ... $32.95


MACE WINDOW ALERT is a 95 dB glass breakage alarm that attaches to windows and is set off by vibrations caused if someone tries to break through. Installs easily on any window. Solid, state-of-the-art design. Battery included.

80202 - Window Alarm ... $9.95


Help protect your children in your home with the MACE® KINDERGARD® CHILD PROTECTION KIT. Don't let your baby become a statistic when most home accidents can be avoided. Kit includes 12 items in all: 2 Cabinet Latches, 4 Outlet Plugs, Cabinet Lock, Door Knob Guard and 4 Corner Cushions.

00512 - Child Protection Kit ... $9.95


This compact, attractive MAGNETIC DOOR ALARM uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 dB siren. The base of the alarm is bolted to door or window frame, the actuator is connected to the window or door. The alarm is activated by opening the door or window. Great for any door or window, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors. Includes three lithium button cell batteries.

SLAW2200W - Magnetic Door Alarm (white) ... $7.95
SLAW2200B - Magnetic Door Alarm (black) ... $7.95