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Induction Coils



Induction Heater This induction heater is capable of heating metals to over 1500 degrees F. It can be used in the processing of gas discharge tubes often used for plasma, neon displays, laser discharge tubes, spectrum tubes, etc. Output power of the heating element is approximately 150W with an operating frequency of about 50kHz, and is intended for intermittent use of up to about 30 seconds heating at a time. This unit is not intended for high-volume industrial production, as the MOSFETs will overheat under extended use. (Users may choose to experiment with oversized heatsinks and active cooling of the MOSFETs, but this is not recommended and not covered by our warranty.)
  • Heats Thru Glass Tubing Without Contact, Cleaning And Out Gassing Electrode
  • Two Parts Construction Consists Of Donut Shaped Head That Fits Over Electrode
  • Head Is Easily Replaced for Other Sizes of Tubing
  • Compact 4 x 5 x 2" With 3-Wire Line Cord
  • Includes HEAD58 (5/8" Insertion Hole for Glass 10-13mm)
  • Operates From 115VAC (220VAC version also available)

IND50 Instructions

IND50 - Ready to Use with HEAD58 (For 10-13mm Glass) ... $179.95
IND50-220V - 220V version for international use ... $179.95

Optional/Additional Heads:
HEAD12 - 1/2" Insertion Hole (1-1/2" outer diameter) for Glass up to 10mm ... $49.95
HEAD58 - 5/8" Insertion Hole (1-1/2" outer diameter) for Glass 10-13mm ... $49.95      **Included with IND50
HEAD34 - 3/4" Insertion Hole (1-1/2" outer diameter) for Glass 13-17mm ... $49.95
HEAD78 - 7/8" Insertion Hole (1-3/4" outer diameter) for Glass 17-21mm ... $49.95
HEAD100 - 1" Insertion Hole (1-7/8" outer diameter) for Glass 21-25mm ... $49.95
IND5 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
IND5-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00