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Hypnosis, Mind Control, Brain Wave Enhancing

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Power of Hypnosis
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PROTEUS - The Proteus
Let the magic of current technology bring your mind into states of thought and awareness you never thought possible or ever even dreamed of. This fantastic machine has features unheard of and will be an asset to any purchaser!



All new revolutionary brain wave enhancing machine will turbo charge memory, boost mental powers, uncover hidden potentials, control stress, accelerate healing and recovery processes, etc.
  • 100 Program Capacity With 50 Of The Most Popular Factory Preloaded
  • Real Time BicolorTM Controls Two Color Output Channels In Real Time, Uses Super Bright Emerald Green And Ruby Red LEDs
  • Totally Programmable Via Hosted Windows 98+ Programming Tool
  • Wave Table Audio With Stereo Audio Digital To Analog Converters
  • Enhanced AudioStrobeTM Provides An Intense Experience
Includes: Control Console, Ruby/Emerald Light Frames, Delux Head Phones, Stereo Patch Cord, PC-Connect (Serial DB9 To Stereo Mini) Cable, Software Suite And Session Library (Via Download). AudioStrobeTM Sampler CD And Manual

PROTEUS - Proteus Ready to Use ... $155.95

HYP20 - Electronic Hypnosis
Used on myth busters and was considered plausible as being able to induce a somnambulistic state of hypnosis. This low cost device is a valuable tool for one who wants to learn this fascinating subject. The item is always a winner at get togethers who will experiment trying their hand at hypnotizing some willing subject.
hyp20 Electro-Hypnotizer: All new highly effective device produces programmable audible and optical stimuli capable of inducing various levels of hypnotic and somanambulistic states. System quickly places subject (or subjects) completely under users' control!

Please Take Note: Use Of This Product Requires Caution And Common Sense
  • Ultrabright Monochromatic Light Source
  • Internal 9V Battery (not included)
  • 7-1/2"X2" Cylindrical Enclosure
  • Cushioned Headphone
  • Glasses Not Included (you must provide your own)
  • Controls: Pulse Rep Rate * Pulse On/off Time * Light Intensity * Sound Shape * On/off Switch
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(glasses not included)
HYP20 - Assembled ... $79.95
HYP2 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
HYP2-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

MIND20 - Mind & Brain Control
A unique device that uses electrical stimuli to induce modes of relaxation using a bio-feedback circuit. Unit is easily adaptable to a very effective lie detector and is certainly an excellent entertainment product at parties.
Mind Control, Hypnosis Electronic circuit allows synchronization of one's brain waves to produce controlled states of relaxation or weird and bizarre hallucinations. Simple to adjust and use.

  • Headsets Included
  • Glasses Not Included (you must provide your own)
  • Internal 9V Battery (not included)
  • Incudes Two Ultrabright Emitters Easily Retrofitted To User's Choice Of Eyeware
  • Biofeedback Hand Contact Probes For Alpha Brain Wave Synchronization
  • Hand Held With Accessible Controls And Built In Battery Compartment
Glasses.gif - 2.17 K
(glasses not included)
MIND20 - Ready to use (requires minor assembly) ... $79.95
MIND2K - Easy to assemble kit and plans ... $39.95
MIND2 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
MIND2-D - Downloadable Plans ... $7.00

TKE10 - Telekinetic Enhancer
Mystify and amaze your friends by creating motion with no known apparent means or cause.
tkeloop.gif - 2.59 K A neat electronic device that uses no direct electrical or mechanical connections, no special gimmicks, yet can produce motion and other effects. Excellent for science fair projects, magic shows, party demonstrations, to amaze & confound your friends, or even for serious research and development of this strange and amazing psychic phenomenon.
TKE10 - Assembled and Tested ... $99.95
TKE1K - Kit With Plans & All Components ... $69.95
TKE1 - Paper Plans ... $15.00
TKE1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $7.00

MDD40DELUXE - Disorientation Device
Experimental device uses moderate powered magnetic pulses believed to disorientate many fauna from their normal life styles of migration, mating instincts, etc.. Theory is currently being tested for ridding areas of bothersome animals and insects. Increased energy fields have long been known to confuse humans. We now offer a special portable laboratory pulser intended for use by qualified R&D personnel to study this phenomena.
  • Variable Pulse Rate from 1-150 pulses per second
  • Variable Pulse Energy Output up to 1 Joule
  • 115 VAC Operation
  • Higher Powered Units on Request
MDD40DELUXE - Assembled and Tested ... $399.95
MDD2 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
MDD2-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00
Please note that the MDD2 plans (both paper and downloadable versions) are from an earlier version of the Disorientation Device, the MDD20, and are not plans for the MDD40DELUXE as shown. The MDD20 disorientation device operates on the same principles, but at a reduced power output and pulse rate variation from the MDD40DELUXE.

HYPDISK - Hypnodisk Rotating Spiral
Produces Weird and Bizarre Effects - creating motion and balance instabilities, optical illusions and enhanced inducement of hypnotic states.
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Variable speed, quiet reversable motor rotates a 12" diameter disc. Battery or 115 VAC operation with included 12DC/2AR wall adapter (battery holder is located inside base).

You can easily change to other disks designs you may have.

HYPDISK Instructions

HYPDISK - Turn key ready to use ... $249.50


Purchase of Any Book Will Include Our HYP2 Plans or You May Choose Any $10.00 Plan From Our Catalog
Mind Control, World Control
Mind Control, World Control!

256 pages of text and illustrations on information, experimentation and implementation of mind control. Discusses CIA projects of implants, assasins, project Artichoke, Sirhan Sirhan, Candy Jones etc.

MCWC10 - 256 Pages ... $14.95
ESP Extra Sensory Perception

Excellent book discusses telepathy, clairvoyance, ghosts, dowsing, fortune telling, precognition, telekinetics, ESP.

ESP1 - 108 Pages ... $6.95
What It Is and How to Use It

A concise guide to the merits and limitations of modern hypnosis as an aid to health. It takes you behind the mysterious image of hypnosis, enabling you to make rational decisions about pursuing this form of therapy. Written in a clear and easily understood style, using case studies and Q & A's.The book answers such interesting questions as: Who can be hypnotized and who can't? What does it feel like to be hypnotized? How can you tell when a person is hypnotized? It also contains a summary of the fascinating history of hypnosis, and a complete glossary of terms.

HYPNOSIS - 308 Pages ... $15.95
hyshc.jpg - 3.06 K
A Conditioned Response Technique

Informative book contains 250 pages of many different self-hypnosis techniques. Included are demonstrated experiments such as ambiguous stimulis, pencil experiment, semaphore, pendulum, phantom weight, rubber band, magnitized finger, hard clamp and much more!!

HYSHC - 250 Pages ... $15.95
hymod.jpg - 3.20 K

TOPICS: Bodily harm to themselves or others, waking, regression, anesthesia, resisting artificially induced association, aid to adjustment, personality traits, post hypnotic behavior, out of body experience, plus more.

HYMOD - 340 Pages ... $19.95

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