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HOVER - Boards: Today's Research, Tomorrow A Reality
Engineering notes by Bill Butler available on this evolving technology

Hover Boards!

This technology is the property of BILL BUTLER. He references some of our products in his research papers but all credit for this data belongs to him as we did not participate in any of his research.

Demonstrate what could be the most revolutionary advance in transportation since the wheel! 35-page booklet explains how to construct a magnetic force field capable of containing a column of ionized air up to several psi.

Although the theory has been proven using complex simulation software, a fully-functional prototype will require additional experimentation. Join the research effort, and take part in the development of this exciting new technology! All parts are readily available. Also includes theory on how to build a hoverboard prototype capable of lifting up to 200 lbs.

HOVER - Design Notes ... $25.00
HOVER-D - Design Notes (downloadable) ... $15.00


MINIMAX70 - Plasma Power Generator
As referenced In Bill Butler's Hoverboard Design Notes

Used in above Hover Craft

7kV open circuit 10ma short circuit output requires 12-14Vdc @ 1 Amp input. Open frame with potted transformer, 5 x 1-1/4" in size (Free Instructions). Easily generates 30kV with our MULTI50 multiplier.

MINIMAX70 - Plasma Power Generator, Assembled & Ready to Use ... $34.95
MINIMAX7 - Plasma Power Generator, Paper Plans ... $5.00
MINIMAX7-D - Plasma Power Generator, Downloadable Plans ... $3.00


ANT1 - Mystery Anti-Gravity Device
Provides an interesting desk or conversation piece. Simple concept produces neat effect.

ant1k3loop.gif - 18.09 K

Remember those Martian space ships from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".........?
Uses simple concept. Objects float in air and move to the touch. Defies gravity, interesting gift, conversation piece, magic trick or great science project.

ANT1 - Plans ... $5.00
ANT1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00


LEV1 - Anti Gravity Generator Plans
Shows electronic circuitry on how to suspend objects as world globes and other items.

Allows you to suspend an object using magnetic lines of force. Simple circuit is easy to construct and operate. New and unique - an excellent science fair project. All specialized parts are individually available.

LEV1 - Plans ... $10.00
LEV1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00