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Easy to use and designed with our most recent fast nano-sec rise time truncated square wave pulse technology (creditable to NASA research). The use of pulsed magnetic therapy is recognized in Canada and Europe as a beneficial aid to many ailments, chronic pain and other health issues.

You may want to read a highly informative article on alternative health that appeared in a popular and respected magazine: the March 2015 issue of Scientific American.

NASA medical researchers have found fast rise time, high peak power, short duration pulses are more effective in PULSED MAGNETIC THERAPY. Our pulse circuitry does exactly this, generating a high peak power waveform with a fast rise time of less than 50ns. This feature also eliminates wasted power that only serves to heat up the treatment coil, yet allows higher peak power magnetic pulses to be applied to the treatment area.

The TDHP40 pulsers are powerful enough for the trained therapist or researcher, and are also available for individual consumer use.

Range of frequency control includes the beneficial higher frequencies up to 2500Hz, down to 1 Hz including the lower 7-8 Hz natural earth resonant frequency along with the alpha, beta, delta, theta frequencies used for sleep, dream control and relaxation states.

Adjustable power control from 20 micro Tesla to a level powerful enough to make a piece of metal jump! (see video below)

Feel The Life Force!

theramagnetic pulser

theramagnetic pulser

The TDHP40BAS is simple to operate and has the following standard features:

  • Includes 1 Archimedean-wound treatment coil with connecting plugs
  • Dual output jacks for 2 coils allow multi-users, or two-area treatment
  • Patented Polarizing Circuit for Magnetic Polarity Pure™ Pulses
  • Digital readout displays pulse rate, analog meter displays Gauss levels (magnetic field strength)
  • Continuously adjustable magnetic field strength from 10u Tesla (.1 Gauss) to .05 Tesla (500 Gauss)
  • The 1-2500 pulse rate has both coarse and fine adjustment for precise frequency settings
  • Pulse circuitry generates a high peak power waveform with a fast rise time of less than 50ns
  • Can be used with a wide range of coil sizes and windings, which can be purchased through us, or the user may build his or her own coil design
  • Reference material and instructions included
  • Size 10 x 8.5 x 3.5" @ 3 lbs 4 oz
  • 115/220 VAC operation uses regulated 12 volt wall adapter for safe and simple operation. Consumes less power than a 20 watt lightbulb

‡ Magnetic pulses produced electrically often contain a mixture of both NORTH and SOUTH pole directions. This is caused by circuit ringing, and decays over a period of time longer than the intended pulse duration time. Our design uses patented circuitry that nearly eliminates this undesirable effect.

- Turn-Key Ready Basic Unit (includes everything but the timer, synchronized light pulse circuitry, and sweep mode) ... $299.95

Feel The Life Force!

theramagnetic pulser

theramagnetic pulser

The TDHP40DEL is the deluxe version with added features, for those who want to experiment with meditation, dream conditioning, relaxation states, out of body experiments, mind conditioning, etc.

The TDHP40DEL has all of the basic features, with some additional ones:

  • Built in timer allows 1 to 10 minutes treatments, or may be bypassed for continuous operation
  • Synchronized light pulse circuitry allows for optical coordination with magnetic pulses (if desired) Includes a synchronized output signal for use with LED glasses (the LEDs are included with a connected cable and plug), the user then drills holes in some low-cost sunglasses, secures the LEDs in place with silicone rubber or equivalent for an illuminated pulse that synchronizes with the coil's magnetic pulse.
  • Unique automatic sleep and relaxation mode sweeps you through the alpha, beta, theta, delta frequencies of sleep from an adjustable 10-second to 6-minute full cycle period, with full sweep range in all periods, at a wide range of sweep speeds. You may choose this Sweep feature to auto reset and repeat, or just self-terminate after you hit the land of “nod.”
- Turn-Key Ready With All Features (includes timer, synchronized light pulse circuitry, and sweep mode) ... $349.95

TDHP30 Video (an earlier version of the TDHP40)

Further Information and Reading:
Additional Theramagnetic Pulsers Information
TDHP40DEL Instructions

Some other websites have useful information on Magnetic Pulse Therapy:
Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Nerve Regeneration – PEMF Spinal Cord Injury Bibliography
Exciting Possibilities in Magnetic Field Therapy: A Physician's View
It is suggested to go to this web site (www.magneticpulsers.com) to see the many sanctioned features of our design.


Additional Coils Are Available: both the TDHP40DEL & TDHP40BAS each include one (1) PADCOIL50, but additional coils are available if the user wants more or larger coils -- or please contact us for any specific requests in coil design.

- extra "Standard Coil" an approx 2-inch disc coil to be placed on just about any target area ... $49.95
- "Pillow Coil" a flexible mat approximately 12"x12" in size, to be placed under a pillow or on the body for more coverage ... $295.00
- "Wrap-Around Coil" a flexible mat approximately 12"x24" in size, able to wrap around larger areas for greater coverage ... $595.00
We can make you a cylindrical tubular coil of any size for other applications, or larger flexible mats, etc. Contact us with your size requirements and we will send you a quote.

Theramagnetic Pulser
Our Lowest Cost Theramagnetic Pulser has been sold for 35 years and is the one that helped start this all-new alternative electrical health technology
thmag10 thmag10

Revitalizes and Rejuvenates!

This portable, battery-powered Theramagnetic Pulse Generator produces low power magnetic pulses at 2500 repetitions per second, with a pulse rise time of approximately 10-50ns, and a coil strength of between 1-2 gauss. Each pulse contains up to 2 millijoules of magnetic energy which is believed by some to have an effect on many ailments and afflictions. This device is designed so that it can be worn in a shirt pocket, belt, or otherwise attached or easily worn concealed.

Holding an aluminum can between your ear and this pulser will create a distinct ringing, as the can itself becomes the opposing polarity. Holding the coil in front of a TV will form lines on the screen, on some TVs as far as 3 inches away.

The components come mounted on a small circuit board wired into an electric magnetic coil, powered by a 9 volt battery or by plugging in an AC adapter (not included). A rubberized coating insulates and protects the circuitry. A small switch allows the device to easily be turned on and off. Weighing less than an ounce (without battery), it can be easily enclosed within a 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.25" container if so desired (such as with a snap lid for access). A round hole can be drilled putting the powerful magnetic coil flush with the bottom for contact applications. This unit costs much less than the 115 volt Magnetic Pulsers you may be familiar with, which are normally sold for $300-500.

Current non-pulsed magnets are sold for health applications and are accepted by the medical profession. These magnets only produce a weak stationary field and cannot reach to the depths in tissues to be as effective as the pulsed devices.

This pulser, as sold, is non invasive and is not yet FDA tested. We now offer the device as a fully functional product that is not housed, but is suitable for experimental testing.

Additional Information
THMAG10 Instructions
- Lab Assembled Ready to Use Board Level ... $39.95
- Kit and Plans ... $24.95
- Paper Plans ... $10.00
- Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

Pulsed Magnetic Machine Designed for People While They Work and Play
All New wearable shirt pocket size two part unit can be conveniently taken anywhere. Uses our Nanosec rise time as they are claimed to be more effective.

Feel The Life Force!

Two part unit (pulser & coil) is intended to easily be worn just about anywhere. Small 2-inch head is connected by an unobtrusive cable that plugs into the pocket-sized control box slightly smaller than a package of cigarettes. The control box contains all the necessary controls for operation, including a power jack for external 12V operation with a wall adapter (included), and an internal bay for a 9V battery (not included).

A slide switch allows selection of 2 different pulse rep rates including the SCHUMAN earth resonant frequency of 8 Hz, and 2500Hz.

Unit puts out healthy < 10 nano-sec rise time pulses with a coil strength of about 25 gauss or more, and will operate for about six hours of continuous use from a standard 9V alkaline battery. You can also use our BAT9LION for rechargeable portable use, offered as an option. And the device can be run from wall power with the included 12V wall adapter.

The head section has an attachable strap that allows positioning to most body extremities. For other body locations the user must either use Ace bandages, tape, or his own ingenuity for attachment.

This unit costs much less than the 115 volt Magnetic Pulsers you may be familiar with, which are normally sold for $300-500.

Holding an aluminum can between your ear and this pulser will create a distinct ringing, as the can itself becomes the opposing polarity. Holding the coil in front of a TV will form lines on the screen, on some TVs as far as 3 inches away.

Current non-pulsed magnets are sold for health applications and are accepted by the medical profession. These magnets only produce a weak stationary field and cannot reach to the depths in tissues to be as effective as the pulsed devices.

This pulser, as sold, is non invasive and is not yet FDA tested.

THMAG20 Instructions
Additional Information About Theramagnetic Pulsers

THMAG20 Video
- Personal Magnetic Pulser with 12DC/2AR wall adapter ... $99.95
- Spare coil for the THMAG20 Personal Magnetic Pulser ... $29.95
A coil is included with the THMAG20 and does not need to be purchased separately -- it is listed here only if a replacement or spare is needed.

If you will frequently be using this unit with the internal battery, you may want to consider our BAT9LION which includes a wall charger and 2 rechargeable 9V batteries.

Free Choice of any Plan with purchase of book where mentioned -- either type in your plans at the "special instructions" in step 4 of checkout, or contact us after you place your order and we will email your plans to you.
Alternative Health Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Health Effects
"Effects of PEMF on Tissue Trauma" Eur. J. Surgery by Jorgensen, MD. "Electrical Treatment of Severe Head and Neck Cancer Pain" Arch. Otolaryngology Wm. Bauer, MD. "Magnetic Field Bioeffects - Synopsis of Peer-Reviewed Studies" A. Pilla, PhD. Pulsed EMF Effect Article Abstracts selected JTom Bioelectromagnetics Journal. "Glen Gordon, MD Speaks on Pulsed EM Healing Developments". S. Allan NASA Study on Efficacy of EMFs to Stimulate Growth and Repair of Tissues (one-page summnary). "A High-Voltage Fight Against Cancer" IEEE Spectrum by E. Guizzo. "Medicinal EMFs" Science News by Janet Raloff. SOTA Instrument PEMF device information sheet.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.50
Alternative Health Medical Electricity CD
Four chapters totalling 250 pages of the classic 1916 illustrated text of Sinclair Tousey, MD. Tesla coil electrotherapy includes: high frequency currents, electricity through gases, diseases of the nervous system, and phototherapy. Convenient, menu-driven PC-based format. Two added BEMs slide shows as a bonus.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.50
Alternative Health Bioelectromagnetic Healing CD
Narrated BEM Healing PowerPoint slide show by Dr. Thomas Valone. Complete 84-page BEM Healing book - same as printed softcover edition by Valone. NASA 33-page study on nerve repair cited on Dr. Glen Gordon's www.em-probe.com website. "Biofield & Bioinformation" J. of Alt. & Comp. Med. by Dr. Glen Rein. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Bioelectromagnetics" by Dr. Thomas Valone. "History of Electromedicine" by Dr. Thomas Valone.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $37.50
Alternative Health Magneto-Encephalogram (MEG) with an ELF Magnetometer
Analog to the EEG, the brain's MEGs are 1000 times less energetic but can be measured with non-cryogenic instrumentation. Simple designs can easily be commercialized. 24 pages.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $9.95
Alternative Health Origin of Life Experiments of Andrija Puharich, MD
In the 1980s he documented the transmutation of elements and the creation of amino acids from basic electrolytes. This year Japanese scientists are working to replicate many of his research and experiments. 30 pages.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $9.95
Alternative Health Bibliography of Bio-Electromagnetism
E or M waves (ELF) and RF) affect the organs, nerves, behavior, histamine, calcium, and EEG. With over 600 references, two data bases of complete titles and citations. 44 pages.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $9.95
Alternative Health EM Fields and Life Processes
Why is our alpha rhythm in our brain the same frequency as the earthÍs ionospheric cavity? Articles show the relationship between EMFs and living beings. 24 pages.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $9.95
Alternative Health Bio-Electromagnetic Healing
The first book to provide a comprehensive, scientific explanations for the reasons why high voltage electrotherapy devices work. Includes a summary of the new findings of bio-photons. 90 pages.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
Alternative Health Anti-Aging Manual
The Encyclopedia of Natural Health Revised 2nd Edition
by Joseph B. Marion
This massive book, the thickest in our entire catalog, is comprehensively organized in seven chapters giving the most informed choices in natural nutrition into and beyond the 21st Century. The world's most comprehensive superbook on natural healing, there is information on 90 vitamins, 100 minerals, 55 protein amino acids, 450 power foods and 900 herbal healing plants. Other chapters are on body and brain anti-aging and conditions and cures, including 1,600 degenerative diseases and hundreds of toxins. This giant book has a bibliography of wholistic sources and a comprehensive index for unlimited health solutions anytime. 1489 pages in a 6x9 paperback with index .
- With Free Plan Choice ... $69.95

Alternative Health Royal Rife a Humanitarium
One of the few books on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, 1920s scientist, inventor, innovator, researcher, humanitarian; betrayed and persecuted by the people he tried to help. Rife was determined to study microogranisms in a live state. Since there were no microscopes capable of this reqirement, Rife set out to design and contruct such a microscope. After years of optical studies, followed by years of design and development, Rife was able to produce such an instrument. He called it the Universal Microscope. Rife went on to develop a unique method of destroying disease-causing organisms by electronically-induced frequency generation. Had Rife discovered the ultimate weapon against diseases in mankind?
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
Alternative Health Wave Therapy
Your Power to Heal by Samuel J. Winters. Winters shows how to apply the practical use of a non-touch, laying-on-of-hands method in a manner that's been used for centuries to assist others to heal naturally With wonderful illustrations, anyone can begin immediately in helping others to overcome pain from injuries, strengthen the immume system against illnesses and reduce stress-related chronic health problems by learning to release the waves of healing power that flow naturally through your hands. In this step-by-step guide demonstrating simple non-touch hand positions, you will learn how to take a more active role in managing your health through this spiritual science of enegy medicine. 220 pages in a 6x9 paperback fully illustrated.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $19.95
Alternative Health Common Sense Survival Guide
Compiled by Albert Sindlinger.
This handy, user-friendly compilation offers tried and true suggestions that tie in with humankind's innate common sense and the need to become more self-reliant in today's ever-changing world. Includes Natural Disaster guides; First Aid guides; Preparedness and Prevention guides; Social and Spiritual guides; checklists where necessary: plus sources, bibliography and where to get further information. The appendix includes all of the government and IRS forms relating to disaster and injury claims. 135 pages in a 9x12 paperback fully illustrated.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $22.95
Alternative Health Modern Meditation
Modern Meditation: Science and Shortcuts offers the most direct method today for learning the modern technique for easily learning meditation in four easy steps. With four basic exercises that anyone can learn quickly, this book provides the best and easiest path to the achievement of a new and improved you! With lots of science references, studies prove the long-lasting effects of the practice of modern meditation in a simple fifteen-minute exercise on a daily basis. Benefits include greater orderliness of brain functioning, improved ability to focus, increased creativity, deeper level of relaxation, improved perception and memory, development of intelligence, natural changes in breathing patterns, decrease in stress hormone, lower blood pressure for hypertensive people and a normalization of blood pressure for low blood pressure people, reversal of the aging process, reduced need for medical care, reduction in cholesterol, increased self-actualization, increased strength of self-concept, decreased cigarette, alcohol, and drug abuse, increased productivity and hearing ability, improved relations at work, improved health and longevity, more positive health habits. 110 pages, illustrated.
- With Free Plan Choice ... $20.00