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Solar, Wind, and other "Free" Energy


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There is a lot of information on the website regarding free energy possible from the use of Tesla coils and other Tesla paraphernalia. If you are interested in pursuing this direction using our coils or our related equipment we must refer you to other websites showing this material used for free energy.

There are several reasons: Number one; a lot of this material encourages actually cheating the power companies or going against their local regulations.

Number two; is because of our workloads in other fields. We have not been able to do any investigation on this subject material whatsoever. So it is suggested that those who want to use some of our equipment for this reason find a reliable source of this information elsewhere on the website. See what they have to offer to assist you in the use of these items for these functions

SOLPROJ1K - Solar Energy Project Kit
Excellent classroom science project
solar energy

Includes high output solar panel with motorized reciprocating arm mechanism and high speed motor to build many solar projects. See who can build the most ingenious device. 

SOLPROJ1K - Solar Science Project ... $19.95

7002-1 - Solar Multifunctional Kit
Highly recommended educational for grammar schools and younger hobbyist.
solar energy

To demonstrate the effect of Solar Power. Kit comes with a mounted Solar Cell 3-1/2" x 3-1/2", with terminals. A motor, a LED, a Rechargeable Battery and an Ammeter are mounted on a base 8" x 4-3/4", each with its own pair of terminals. When the Solar Cell is connected to the base and power generated from the Solar cell, on exposing it to the sun, is given to either one of the components, it begins to function. This demonstrates that Solar Power can be converted to Mechanical Energy, Light Energy, Battery Power and Current.

7002-1 - Solar Kit ... $34.50

ATM1 - Automatic Tilt-Adjust For Solar Devices

This device will track the motion of the sun to get the most efficient and effective use of your solar devices (panels, collectors, furnaces, mirrors, etc.).

ATM1 - Paper Plans ... $5.00
ATM1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

RFS1 - Reflective Solar Furnace
solar furnace

Plans on how to construct a solar furnace with a 4' diamater parabolic mirror, capable of reaching temperatures of 2000F, and boiling a quart of water in minutes.

RFS1 - Paper Plans ... $5.00
RFS1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

ST1 - Solar Therm
solar therm

Plans on how to construct a device that can produce in excess of 1000 watts of energy for the direct heating of water, making an excellent pre-heater for any hot water system. Includes ATM1 (Automatic Tilt-Adjust) plans.

ST1 - Paper Plans ... $8.00
ST1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $4.00

FREEHV1K - Free High Voltage Energy From Charges In The Air
Research is currently being implemented in this potential source of free energy.
solar therm

Obtain free high voltage electrical energy from air currents using a corona free probe and capacitor integrator. When properly installed as shown in an active area, voltages of over 30 kv are possible. The current can charge a capacitor to a value producing energy of W=1/2CVE2. This is a demonstration of another means of free energy. As shown it will not supplement your current energy demands. It could be expanded on in those highly active areas to produce more. Construction is simple and basic using available construction materials. A parts kit is available for all the specialized items.

FREEHV1K - Kit of special parts ... $49.50
FREEHV1 - Paper Plans ... $5.00
FREEHV1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $3.00

CP6 - Converta-Power Electric Generator

Use any internal combustion engine with an alternator (such as those on cars, trucks, and boats) to generate 115VAC output power up to 6000 watts, depending on the rating of your alternator. Great device to have onhand when you need 115V electricity "in the field," or to keep around the home as an emergency backup generator.

CP6 - Converta-Power Paper Plans ... $5.00
CP6-D - Converta-Power Downloadable Plans ... $2.00

BAT12/5 - Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) Batteries
BAT12/7 12 VOLT at 5 or 7 amp hours is great for charging with above cells, and powering our PV175 power inverter for emergency 115 vac use, or any other 12V power needs. Can be charged from any 12V power source, such as our CHARGER1 that runs off 115vac wall power. Size: 3.5 x 2.75 x 4" (5A) or 6 x 2.5 x 3.7" (7A). Weight: 4lbs. BAT12/5
BAT12/5 - 12V 5AH Rechargeable SLA Battery ... $24.95
BAT12/7 - 12V 7AH Rechargeable SLA Battery ... $29.95
CHARGER12 - 115 Vac Battery Charger at 2/6/12Vdc Output ... $14.95
INVERTER150 - 150 Watt 12 Vdc to 115 Vac Inverter ... $39.95
INVERTER400 - 400 Watt 12 Vdc to 115 Vac Inverter ... $59.95

BOOKLET2 - Free Energy Data Package
Includes the following 19 useful free energy projects:
  • ATM1 - Automatic Tilt Mode for Solar Panels
  • AW1 - Old Wooden Windmill (like grandpa built)
  • CD9 - Capacitor Discharge Ignition (replaces Kettering)
  • DCR2 - Dry Cell Battery Recharge
  • DCT1 - DC Transformer (makes great science project)
  • DD2 - Cold or Hot Draft Detector
  • ET2 - Extended Range Electronic Thermometer
  • FCL1 - Organic Fuel Cells
  • LAB1 - Lead Acid Battery Rejuvenator
  • SALT1 - Make a Saltwater Battery
  • SF10 - Solar Furnace (reflective type)
  • SG4 - Spark Gap Transmitter
  • SMB3 - Scrap Metal Battery (free electricity)
  • ST10 - Solar Therm Hot Water Heater
  • TES1 - Auto Temp Sensor for Solar Devices
  • THF1 - Thermostat Fuel Saving Device (Cost Saving)
  • TSC1 - Temperature Sensing Circuit
  • WG1 - Wind Info on High Speed Prop/Pressure etc.
  • WSI1 - Electrical Wind Speed Indicator
BOOKLET2 - Paper Plans of 16 Energy Projects ... $19.95
BOOKLET2-D - Downloadable Plans of 16 Energy Projects ... $10.00

Books on Energy Projects and Reports

Energy Policy Recommendations
These Policy Recommendations for a Comprehensive National Energy Initiative looks at the cutting-edge energy technologies. It recommends the adoption of an aggressive future energy program of short term, intermediate, and long term goals that will revolutionize our country's landscape. 70 pages, illustrations and photos.
PLENERGYPOLICY - Energy Policy Recommendations ... $20.00