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Pyrotechnics Like Grandpa Used To Make


This page shows some very interesting projects

these are very rewarding but unfortunately can be dangerous. Projects are not recommended for those who cannot follow instructions and are a little bit on the foolhardy side. If procedure is followed and care is taken the outcome will be very rewarding. However some are dangerous and are labeled as such. You must use your own judgment when selecting one of these projects and before implementing. Read the instructions carefully and fully understand what you are doing and getting into.


The implementation and actual use of the following data can be very dangerous to the inexperienced. These products use materials and substances that are hazardous to health and life. - Do not attempt to implement or utilize the information contained herein unless you are experienced. Although all possible measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, neither Information Unlimited, Amazing Concepts (the company) or any member of its staff is liable to damages or injuries, misinterpetation of directions, or misapplication of information. This data is sold for educational and informational purposes only.


Backyard Ballistics Handbook

Second edition, 240 pages of information and plans. This bestselling guide has been expanded and updated, enabling ordinary folks to construct even more exciting ballistic devices in their garage or basement workshops than ever before. Clear instructions, diagrams, and photographs show how to build projects ranging from the simple (a match-powered rocket) to the more complex (a tabletop catapult) to the classic (the infamous potato cannon) to the offbeat (the Cincinnati fire kite). Four spectacular projects have been added to the fun arsenal: the spud-zooka, the powder keg, the electromagnetic pipe gun, and the sublimator. With a strong emphasis on safety, the book also gives tips on troubleshooting and now goes deeper into the physics behind the projects, with profiles of scientists and extraordinary experimenters such as Michael Faraday, Alfred Nobel, Henrik Lorenz, and Isaac Newton. This book will be indispensable for the legions of backyard toy-rocket launchers and fireworks fanatics who wish every day were the fourth of July.

PLBALLHB1... $21.95

Plans: Make Your Own Fireworks



A compilation of fireworks plans showing 19 pyrotechnical projects ranging from aerial shells to cherry bombs, plus the 8 plans below listed for sale individually (Fireball Gun, Tennis Ball Cannon, Beer Can Mortar, M80/Cherry Bombs, Pocket Flame Thrower, Flash Cotton, Potato Cannon, & Magic Exploding Paint).

That's 27 plans in total, at over 80 pages of information, for only $20.00!

This information shows some class B and C material. Check with your local law enforcement before implementing any of this data.

FIREWORKS - Paper Plans ... $40.00
FIREWORKS-D - Downloadable Plans ... $20.00



FireBall Gun

Shoots flaming ball - two shot capacity. Great for special effects and remote fire starting.


FIREBALL - Paper Plans ... $10.00
FIREBALL-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Tennis Ball Cannon

Novel device propels a "tennis ball" hundreds of yards.


TBC1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
TBC1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Beer Can Mortar

Hours of fun and amusement. Lobs beer can hundreds of meters.


BM2 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
BM2-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
cherry bombs

M80's / Cherry Bombs

Secrets from the masters. Make your own - May require licensing in your state.


M80 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
M80-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Pocket Flame Thrower

Produces a cone of flame. Great for eradicating insects - NOT intended as a weapon.


PFM1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
PFM1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
flash cotton

Flash Cotton

Seeing is believing on this one. Neat trick to pull on those bothersome smokers.


FC1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
FC1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00
potato cannon

1000' Potato Cannon

NOT A TOY- Great for the fun loving adult and young of heart. Uses electronic or piezo ignition. Works with apples and other veggies.


POT1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
POT1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00

Magic Exploding Paint

exploding paintGreat gag for the magician or practical joker - Discretion required. Disappears in a puff of purple smoke. Simple to make from easily obtainable materials.


TRI1 - Paper Plans ... $10.00
TRI1-D - Downloadable Plans ... $5.00