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Chapter 8 - Burning CO2 Gas Laser

As a convenience to those who have purchased the first book, Electronic Projects for the Evil Genius, we offer the specialized parts for this project if they cannot be found at your local electronics store:

CL190 - In Rush Limiter
PCLINE - Printed Ciruit Board
.001/15KV is replaced by .001u/20KV - .001mfd 20 KV Capacitor
VG10HC - 10kv 100ma FR Diode
FLYLABURN - LABURT10 Switching HV Transformer
12DC/.1 - 12 volt .1 amp Transformer
LABURL10 - Current Control Choke
COOLER - Transmission Cooler
PUMP - Window Washer Pump
CO2TUB2 - Completed Discharge Tube per Fig 8-15
SINE150 - 150 watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter
BAT12/5 - 12 volt 5 amp/hr Battery
MENC5 - Zinc Selenide 5" Focus Lens
LABURNBOARD - Assembled as per Fig 8-5 - not listed as available